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  1. interesting, which type of bus will be the future training units for new hires? d40lfr or older NovaBus?
  2. Train 137 and 153 NongShim noodles
  3. 3 more left pending for service in this order
  4. 7466 another LFR unit outside of trollies for Specsavers
  5. 5 more to new ones left to complete the order in service
  6. 9715 a NovaBus unit for specsavers
  7. That's interesting, I think it's better idea to create a route run Lander thru Tillbury industrial to Scottsdale like old 310 and also new routing what you've talked about which can make RTC easier to sent their buses to service for 555 at Lougheed Skytrain
  8. someone already mentioned about it at garage transfer section
  9. 7473, 7485, 19141 and 19142 have stacked for 324 and 503 Aldergrove one , if they have blocks run 316, they have it
  10. few more units left to complete 2021 articulated order to service
  11. that's why the training units train new hires are cummins units now
  12. STC's KPU units unwrapped I messed up, sorry, s7451 unwrapped from KPU, s7455 wrapped KPU
  13. R1's s18024 unwrapped clean from kid ride free
  14. that one changed to full-time block replace 21007's block today
  15. Double stacked programming for 324 on few units
  16. s19142 has stacked sign programming for aldergrove
  17. shuttle units 17522 and 17545 unwrapped from Tap in to Win
  18. wow, i haven't even predict about 503 yet
  19. 9467 returned to hamilton
  20. 21024 in service today on morning part-time block
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