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  1. I just spotted this one at Edmonds skytrain earlier this morning running 112
  2. H9443 new version brentwood
  3. s7492 unwrapped clean from fruiticana
  4. S7466 unwrapped and having a roofline ad on the left driver side
  5. I had seen there was one of a member put up on instagram few weeks ago
  6. S7503 changed wrap from Fruticana to KPU
  7. There's no 18 series RapidBus unit assigned for today, R1s have majority of their 18 and 19 series Natural Gases, R3s have D60LFRs and R4s have 2009 Nova Hybrids and 16 and 19 series Natural Gases
  8. 21535, 21537 are in service right now today
  9. R1's 18024 -Another one for Kids ride free
  10. It's unwrapped today, that was wrapped for PNE fair, too bad
  11. 9675 to Burnaby from Richmond
  12. 9474 also another Brentwood
  13. An idea is getting direct and express service from New West to Langley central
  14. Hopefully translink should make 340 going to Langley central as an express route, keep 342 as local between Newton and Langley central
  15. S7451 another fruiticana
  16. I had taken picture on that one, looks similar to 7112 18036 also had Reconnect campaign when it had press conference at White Rock
  17. this one returned back to Hamilton
  18. here's mine, how is this quality
  19. Wooooowwww, I'll go take a picture for that one, thank you
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