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  1. STC R1's 18023: translink's wearing is caring campaign wrap, WRapidBus revives again
  2. s7479 also fresh in service this tuesday, june 16
  3. s7495 freshly refurbished in service from today
  4. def 18000's, Surrey doesn't have any 19000's rapidbuses for R1
  5. the license plate on that one was reissued last summer
  6. t-comm schedule for stops not working today😥
  7. s7490 also fresh in service for a week
  8. s7473 fresh in service for 2 days
  9. i think it tests 321 for R1 going to white rock central? probably
  10. I have a question, where can I spot any training units like Detroit powered D40LFs?
  11. maybe Richmond is getting ready for their brand new not in service double deckers
  12. Hopefully get the rest brand new double deckers ready to service for those routes would be the best idea
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