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  1. spot s18137 and s18145, they have BCIT one
  2. I haven't spotted any 2018 xn40 with that wrap yet in Surrey but I spotted lots of them have roofline one
  3. all units of this order completely in service, thank you
  4. s18162 for FreshCo Chalo
  5. interesting, which type of bus will be the future training units for new hires? d40lfr or older NovaBus?
  6. Train 137 and 153 NongShim noodles
  7. 3 more left pending for service in this order
  8. 7466 another LFR unit outside of trollies for Specsavers
  9. 5 more to new ones left to complete the order in service
  10. 9715 a NovaBus unit for specsavers
  11. That's interesting, I think it's better idea to create a route run Lander thru Tillbury industrial to Scottsdale like old 310 and also new routing what you've talked about which can make RTC easier to sent their buses to service for 555 at Lougheed Skytrain
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