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  1. 7417 is now moved into Surrey, 16050 and 16051 also in Surrey
  2. No D40LFR are retiring, 7452 already back again today
  3. S7452 and S7469 back again to service today, I think they're refurbished
  4. it haven't moved to surrey yet right now
  5. their license plates are perfectly sequenced
  6. you're talking about this wrap?
  7. 18140, 18175, 18178 and 18201 are fresh these 2 weeks, they're unwrap from Guildford
  8. so all the 2018 Nova Hybrid offers complete?
  9. my bad, people thought that one was retired including myself for editing error on wiki, sorry, I already apologized on the retirement forum
  10. I'm so sorry guys, S7362 and S7428 are the one that we thought that were retired, both of them back again in service recent days
  11. S18178 also Guildford Town Centre
  12. S18175 another one for Guildford Town Centre
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