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  1. there's one more unit undergoes refurbishment for d40lfr offer
  2. I saw that one when I was at 341 in 4 o'clockish at Fraser highway
  3. s7497 fresh in service from yesterday, nearly all of D40LFR offer are refurbished
  4. will those 2 units be into service in september after labor day weekend?
  5. s7470 also fresh in service at the same moment last week, I think about all of D40LFR offers were refurbished in service
  6. well, that's pretty common for Burnaby's 99, 145, 257 and R5 and also Surrey's 503 and R1, sometimes they're depend on the schedule of the units, for weekend and holiday's 145, they must run one trip of R5 then transfer to 145
  7. s7462 fresh since this wednesday
  8. STC R1's 18023: translink's wearing is caring campaign wrap, WRapidBus revives again
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