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  1. BO line at STC, is that a parking space close to ICBC Newton?
  2. I was trying to say this unit hadn't been in service for long time, sorry
  3. S7458 back again to service yesterday, I think this one is refurbulished for a long time
  4. I've never seen this one for over a month or 2 😢, I also haven't seen 7415 and 7425 these 2 months
  5. 18002 returned to Burnaby running 95 and 99
  6. S7453 back again in service for a long time refurblishment
  7. sad that 95 and 96 are gonna renumbered, 95 was renumbered from 135 about 3 years ago and renumber again for next year😢
  8. S7451 back in service today, I think this one was refurblished, and also missed front numbering before refurblishment
  9. 7417 is now moved into Surrey, 16050 and 16051 also in Surrey
  10. No D40LFR are retiring, 7452 already back again today
  11. S7452 and S7469 back again to service today, I think they're refurbished
  12. it haven't moved to surrey yet right now
  13. their license plates are perfectly sequenced
  14. you're talking about this wrap?
  15. 18140, 18175, 18178 and 18201 are fresh these 2 weeks, they're unwrap from Guildford
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