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  1. i think they will be issued SA or SC block license plates, there were few issued with new shuttles and reissued
  2. 19552 had decoration down in recent weeks
  3. h9482 unwrapped from brentwood, not sure it was from amazing(v1) or joy one(v2)
  4. same to STC, they booked their XD40 and XN40 for normally used articulated one like 503 and R1 this weekend
  5. t-comm isn't reliable just now, doesn't show any blocks in service on any buses today
  6. Which garage will be provided for 310's conventional one? Surrey or Hamilton?
  7. 8116 fresh backed again service yesterday
  8. 8116 back again in service at PoCo
  9. s7451 KPU switch from Fruiticana
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