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  1. Ari

    TTC Application Process

    Thank you Where are you in the process?
  2. Anyone suffering from Type 1 Diabetes go through the entire process and passed their medical? I have my interview next week and just wondering exactly what they would be looking for since i struggle with Type 1 in order to pass the medical Thanks for the help in advance
  3. Ari

    TTC Application Process

    I just got a call this morning for my interview which is next week Tuesday since I already completed my JOb Shadowing assignment...Thank God I chose to complete it early. But the guy said aparently their systems were down or something cus I should've gotten an email for interview long before
  4. Ari

    TTC Application Process

    How far along in the process are you now?
  5. Ari

    TTC Application Process

    Thanks for responding. Math was never my best subject I’ve always struggled and the practice tests I tried online there math questions were difficult for me so I was definitely freaking out. Thank you Havox ive tried questions on the wonderlic site and really struggled with the math ones but i’m Hoping it won’t be that difficult!
  6. Ari

    TTC Application Process

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. I have my aptitude testing on April 25, 2018. I applied for bus driver position. I am really nervous about it. I really want this job and just the idea of tests and exams freak me out so I am definitely panicking. I've been doing a few aptitude tests online but if TTC is like those i'm definitely not feeling confident anyone have suggestions or can give an idea of what the testing is like? Would really appreciate it. Thanks Ari I have my testing the same date and been wondering the same thing. So nervous