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  1. Don’t worry about the measurements ‘coz there is someone who will do it for you during the documentation.
  2. Most trainings are from 7-3pm, Mon to Fri. However, there were some batches that were from 4-11pm. Also, for Days 22-24, it will be based on the schedule of your divisional trainer.
  3. I’m starting training on June 29th
  4. We just had the documentation last Friday. So it took 2 business days.
  5. Hi. I got my training notice today. Didn’t receive a call but instead an email.
  6. Anyone starting on June 29th? Division will be Mount Dennis.
  7. Is there a chance that I can commit to night shifts? If so, what are the hours and days off like? Thanks
  8. I think my reference was contacted after a week.
  9. Hi to all. New here. Attended the same session; was interviewed March 24th and got the conditional offer last April 16th. I’m doing my medical tomorrow- anything unusual I should prepare for? Congrats!
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