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  1. How long after documentation did you wait for training start date?
  2. This information is absolutely accurate. The amount of time it will take depends on how long it takes referral to get to sleep doctor and for them to book you for an appointment. It took me a month to get my appointment from referral date. I was already diagnosed so luckily I just had to provide CPAP report and wait for my letter clearing me. If you are not diagnosed with sleep apnea they will have to book you in for a sleep study. Then you will have to wait for follow up appointment with sleep doctor. Then you will have to obtain CPAP machine from supplier. Then you must use machine for 30 days and provide doctor with results before you are cleared. If you are from Durham region the whole process could take 3+ months easily.
  3. No reference check even though it states it in conditional offer. You fast track people have no idea how easy you have it getting the job so effortlessly. I did information session. Waited six weeks to find out I passed and had an interview. Made two trips into Toronto to complete rides for job shadowing. Spent a couple hours writing out reports. Waited a month for interview. Made another trip to Toronto for interview which was 1 hour. Waited ten days for third party to contact references. Then finally got conditional offer. P.s I'm jealous lol
  4. The same for my girlfriend...easy street eh lol.
  5. This is absolutely correct. Retirements were taken into consideration but the O.T thing is what's causing the hiring rush/fast track
  6. That would be acceptable as they do not require a certified copy of drivers abstract. Obviously make sure the date the abstract was sent falls into acceptable date range as requested in email from TTC.
  7. You may apply 1 year after your interview date. Or 1 year after the last time you asked if your references were contacted and proceeded to ignore advice/information. Whatever comes first.
  8. So you're saying there still may be a chance!? Lol!
  9. My opinion is if references have not been contacted after 3 weeks you are not being hired.
  10. Even if you are actively treated for sleep apnea they need a sleep doctor to write a note clearing you along with a 30 day compliance report. I think if you are overweight, indicate you snore, or you are drowsy at all they send you to book a sleep assesment. If you are currently diagnosed you still have to see the sleep specialist. It pays to be thin and healthy lol.
  11. Can you pm me the name of the doctor? I've called all around and the soonest I can get in is 1-2 months. They haven't even been able to give me an appointment after my referral. Total joke since I just need a note and have already been diagnosed and treated for 5+ years.
  12. If you got out of that office with no to do lists you are certainly being cleared as is
  13. How did you get referred to sleep specialist by doctor, get appointment with sleep specialist, get booked for a sleep study and log 30 days on your cpap in two months? I need the name of this doctor.
  14. There are a few things they are asking to try to establish if you fall into the sleep apnea category. There was one page in the paperwork asking about snoring etc. They also measure your neck as a larger circumference would warrant a sleep study. Also they take into consideration your BMI. My guess is maybe you raised no suspicion to even ask about sleep apnea. I'm guessing you are of average proportion and you answered desirably on paperwork I mentioned. You have absolutely nothing else to do but wait to be cleared. I however am overweight and disclosed my condition so just following their instructions. Its a damn shame since I am already treated with a CPAP I use every night. All I need is for sleep specialist to say I'm using cpap, not experiencing daytime drowsiness and that I'm fit to do shift work. Then I just attache 30 day compliance report from my cpap and I'm done. Problem is to get this three sentence note I have to wait 2 months for an appointment. You my friend are lucky and I am jealous lol. Good luck.
  15. Thanks so much for this information. I have an existing sleep apnea condition so my wait to be cleared by sleep doctor is frustrating. Your timeline is very helpful though. Good luck in training.
  16. You can't really prepare for this test as it's either you know it or you don't. Just remember you only have 12 minutes to complete as many questions as possible. Don't take too much time on any question. I had 120 people in my information session and it was the biggest snow storm of the year lol. The place looked like it could easily accommodate 200 people.
  17. They are fast tracking hiring! Absolutely this means on info session day you will have an interview. Providing of coarse you receive a satisfactory test score. My girlfriend just got the same email. I am at the end of the hiring process and it's been about 5.5 months. At this rate if all goes well they will have this shortened to a month. Your medical would be booked right after they assess if you passed the interview, your references check out and you get a conditional offer.
  18. When was your medical appointment? I'm just trying to establish an expected timeline for myself. Thanks
  19. The standard wait time they give is 4-6 weeks after the interview. This is at least true from my experience and what I have read here. Generally references are contacted before 2 weeks but every situation may be different. 15 days is too soon to lose hope though. Essentially if your references aren't called you aren't getting hired. So just keep in touch with your references and be patient.
  20. Did they ever get back to you and explain?
  21. I'm not entirely sure what the reason for the hold is but it is not something exclusive to TTC. The two weeks will be given to you at the end of your employment I would assume. My best guess is the two week hold makes it easier for payroll to be accurate. For example if you miss time or work overtime they would have more time to record and pay correctly with a two week buffer. Anybody here feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
  22. They hold 2 weeks pay...tough start but worth it long term obviously
  23. Thank you so much for all the details. This is going to be harder than I expected.
  24. I'm going in Monday as well. From what I gather from reading all pages of this forum is, if you can bend over, climb stairs, and lift 50lbs without issues you should be good.
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