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  1. 14 hours ago, Someguy3071 said:

    Talk to Sal. 


    Obviously I was being sarcastic 🙄

    Yeah tell that to the stupid ***** that called me a f****** bastard and gave me the finger because I played "no eating on the bus" message when she pulled out Tupperware with stinky food and started eating. 

    That is hilarious! Should have told her "ya same to you". I had my trainer tell me I was starting to piss him off...so in my most serious deep tone I yelled "the feeling is mutual!"...good times 

  2. 48 minutes ago, NoUse4AName said:

    LOL Yeah YOU @busmechanic I found and very old with you in it pertaining to Air Brakes,  I have my BZ already as well I just forgot to ask my instructor if I heard him right when he told me I would only have to do the TTC inhouse test for Z and the inhouse bus cert And not have to do the hands on testing 

    You will end up doing the practical air brake procedure everyday in training regardless. Your benefit will be having an understanding of air brakes before you start training.  The most tedious part about training is balancing everything in your life with homework every night. 

  3. 1 minute ago, NoUse4AName said:

    So during training you have no access to free employee parking? Or do the employees have to find parking and pay to park as well ?

    You pay to park at Hillcrest. Also you have to park in commuter lot and pay while at Wilson division.  Other divisions may be free but space is very limited. Lots of $$ to spend before actually making any here.

  4. 6 hours ago, NoobieRider said:

    This is something that I was thinking of. However I've literally only been working here for 2 months. It'd be pretty awkward asking for that and I'm sure they'd be dissapointed. At the very least, I will be seen as somebody who isn't loyal. 


    Its a shame. I never knew applying for TTC would be so hard. It's a shame that both jobs has to come and once. Also unfortunate that TTC Jams so much training into one month and expects you to pass or apply again in 2 years, leaving people with no options. 

    On one hand I have a job that I like. On the other hand I can take a gamble with a rare opportunity with TTC. Shame how things have to end up! I usually over think things and consider myself a good driver but it may not be a risk in willing to take. 


    Any ideas of where they're putting people? Perhaps Streetcar would be easier than bus

    Just get hired then start to make a decision.  No point in over thinking so prematurely.  Your hours at ttc will be completely unpredictable in comparison to your current job. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, Razeeb14 said:

    I had my med on 25 sep. they found sugar in my blood and hearing loss in my left ear. My right ear is fully functional though. The doc sent me to my family doc. M I in trouble?

    Their concern is diabetes when finding elevated sugar levels. Basically they will need to confirm you don't have diabetes or if you do the condition is treated adiquitly. Also you may be required to get a hearing aid in order to clear your medical.

    15 minutes ago, Razeeb14 said:

    I had my med on 25 sep. they found sugar in my blood and hearing loss in my left ear. My right ear is fully functional though. The doc sent me to my family doc. M I in trouble?

    They are stationing people all over. My class went to Wilson, MT.Dennis, and Malvern

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  6. 41 minutes ago, NovaBus76 said:

    Maybe they are filling spots of ppl that either dropped out of training or failed ?

    They are required to fill 1000 positions by the end of 2018. They must be hundreds short and year end is nearing.  This may explain the fast track hiring. Sucks for those who have been through the regular process but not much you can do.

  7. 7 hours ago, simpleform said:

    Finally got training date, October 1.

    Been in the process since February but had issues with medical which dragged me down.

    Just too bad I got Mt. Dennis when I live in Ajax.

    Don't feel too badly as I live in Oshawa and got Wilson division. I have been training out of Arrow, Mt. Dennis and Wilson. The commute is bad coming home at 3pm. Good job is worth the commute. Congratulations on your start date.

  8. 4 hours ago, Djliang said:

    Does TTC inform you pass or fail after reference check? If you fail the interview do they let you know or? Thanks

    You will know if you pass the interview if references are called as it is the next step in the hiring process. If you fail the reference check you will receive a polite email rejection. Usually takes 4-8 weeks after interview to receive anything via email.

  9. 1 hour ago, NovaBus76 said:

    I just received a phone call this morning for aptitude testing at 1130 today past it had interview on the spot they are going to email me for my medical this afternoon..

    That's strange, considering your pace your medical should have also been scheduled, completed and cleared today...

    37 minutes ago, Djliang said:

    Do you have hr numbers?? Thanks 



    Your recruiter will be the person that scheduled your interview via email. Just send an email directly to this person. Did you check with your references to see if they had been contacted? This generally happens days after to indicate you have passed the interview phase. 

  10. 26 minutes ago, Carmello_87 said:

    Finally got my Documentation email. It's scheduled for this Friday Aug 17th. I'll let you guys know when my training date is.  

    Excellent news! Good luck on the day. It took 3 business days after for me to get a start date. This timeline will most likely vary though.

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  11. 13 minutes ago, Carmello_87 said:

    I received a letter back on July 27th. Before receiving the letter I asked my recruiter if I should send it to her and she said no because they receive the results also. I’m starting to think I should send it anyway just in case? Maybe I’ll wait a couple more weeks before doing so. 

    You don't need to send it but realistically there is zero harm in doing so.

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  12. 1 hour ago, The Patient said:

    Got a postal mail from MTO stating that my medicals has  been approved for Class C licence.

    Sent the email to HR and they said they haven't received any confirmation about it yet?

    Is that possible. anyways, Whats the next step guys?

    It took 15 days for me to receive documentation email after receiving my MTO letter in the mail. I also forwarded it to my recruiter who did not have any information about TTC having this clearance letter at the time. Hope this helps.

  13. 14 hours ago, Busguy87 said:

    Malvern is bumping alot of operators to Eglinton, she will most likely be one of them. A couple guys i knew in tr as training got forced out as well as about 40 others.

    Thanks for the information. I have passed it on. Eglinton would actually be more ideal as it is closer to Wilson. 

  14. 17 hours ago, simpleform said:

    Very nice. Thanks for the info.

    I'm out east so hopefully Malvern. Family relative just got posted to Malvern and training start Aug 20. 

    Hopefully my medical finally clears. Thanks again.

    Division assignments are definitely luck of the draw. I'm in Oshawa and was assigned Wilson division. My girlfriend who starts the week before is assigned Malvern.

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  15. 48 minutes ago, DontBeMean said:


    This is my first post here. I usually just lurk around, haha.

    I wanted to share with you all that my training starts on August 7th!

    I will be at the Malvern Division (I'm stunned! So far away from where I live!)

    I've accepted this, but I'm curious if anyone here has any experience with the division. Generally, how are the routes and such? I'll be operating a bus.

    Best of luck to everyone still in the hiring process!!

    My girlfriend received the same email but the dates in the email were unclear. She emailed them and they responded to her inquiry saying the training start date is actually August 9. I'm worried there is a miscommunication and either you or her are incorrect. Can you email them and let me know? Thanks

  16. 11 hours ago, Carmello_87 said:

    How long did it take to get the MTO approval letter? Medysis sent MTO my results on Friday. So I'm waiting to hear from them now.I heard some ppl had documentation on Friday July 20th as well.

    Once I sent my clearance note from my doctor to medysis it took about 5 weeks to get my letter. Not to worry though as your seniority is based on the date you did your medical. So even if you start later than some your seniority will be better than some. I'm just being patient knowing everything will fall into place soon. Hang in there.

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  17. 16 hours ago, Carmello_87 said:

    Where you at now?

    I got my medical clearance letter from MTO last week. I forwarded it to my recruiter and am waiting to be notified for documentation. Long wait since I did my medical at beginning of May. Just remaining patient. 

  18. 10 hours ago, Newbie ttc said:

    I applied on mar 20

    invitation received. July. 9

    information session on July 24

    let’s if see its normal process or fast track 

    Fast track would be explained in the email for the information session. I'm pretty sure hiring procedures have reverted back to normal.

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  19. 4 hours ago, The Patient said:

    Hi guys.

    Detected with severe sleep apnea. recommended cpap machine. Now, It gonna take few weeks for my doctor to submit my report to TTC if my sleep apnea will come within normal range.

    So, I am basically stuck in medicals. all  the best to all others.


    You will be required to use CPAP machine for 30 days. Your data will be extracted from machine's memory card and your doctor will have to verify your therapy is working sufficiently before a note will be released. I submitted my note two weeks ago and still waiting on documentation. Hang in there.

  20. 2 hours ago, havox said:

    The rumors are true. If successful at the session testing, the applicant will be called in to another room for an on spot interview. They will get a conditional offer and medical date right there and then. 

    I'm pretty sure they did this for a few info sessions only and have reverted back to normal hiring process. A person above mentioned he was scheduled for an interview on Tuesday. 

  21. 5 minutes ago, The Patient said:

    brother! you have to go for sleep test too?

    I was already diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been using a CPAP machine for 6 years. I was very forthcoming with this information and still was required to get a note from sleep specialist along with print off of CPAP data. It took me one month just to get in to see the doctor. Sent my note and documents in 10 days ago and not a word. So it's just a long process where you get great at waiting. 

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