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  1. That is hilarious! Should have told her "ya same to you". I had my trainer tell me I was starting to piss him off...so in my most serious deep tone I yelled "the feeling is mutual!"...good times
  2. You will end up doing the practical air brake procedure everyday in training regardless. Your benefit will be having an understanding of air brakes before you start training. The most tedious part about training is balancing everything in your life with homework every night.
  3. You pay to park at Hillcrest. Also you have to park in commuter lot and pay while at Wilson division. Other divisions may be free but space is very limited. Lots of $$ to spend before actually making any here.
  4. Just get hired then start to make a decision. No point in over thinking so prematurely. Your hours at ttc will be completely unpredictable in comparison to your current job.
  5. Their concern is diabetes when finding elevated sugar levels. Basically they will need to confirm you don't have diabetes or if you do the condition is treated adiquitly. Also you may be required to get a hearing aid in order to clear your medical. They are stationing people all over. My class went to Wilson, MT.Dennis, and Malvern
  6. They are required to fill 1000 positions by the end of 2018. They must be hundreds short and year end is nearing. This may explain the fast track hiring. Sucks for those who have been through the regular process but not much you can do.
  7. Don't feel too badly as I live in Oshawa and got Wilson division. I have been training out of Arrow, Mt. Dennis and Wilson. The commute is bad coming home at 3pm. Good job is worth the commute. Congratulations on your start date.
  8. I am going to Wilson as well after training. I'm on day 5 and it's harder than I anticipated. Just keeping my eye on the prize. If this was easy everybody would do it.
  9. You will know if you pass the interview if references are called as it is the next step in the hiring process. If you fail the reference check you will receive a polite email rejection. Usually takes 4-8 weeks after interview to receive anything via email.
  10. Maybe you'll get lucky and be starting your first shift after you cross the last "t" in documentation.
  11. That's strange, considering your pace your medical should have also been scheduled, completed and cleared today... Your recruiter will be the person that scheduled your interview via email. Just send an email directly to this person. Did you check with your references to see if they had been contacted? This generally happens days after to indicate you have passed the interview phase.
  12. Excellent news! Good luck on the day. It took 3 business days after for me to get a start date. This timeline will most likely vary though.
  13. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anybody else will be starting on August 20?
  14. You don't need to send it but realistically there is zero harm in doing so.
  15. It took 15 days for me to receive documentation email after receiving my MTO letter in the mail. I also forwarded it to my recruiter who did not have any information about TTC having this clearance letter at the time. Hope this helps.
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