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  1. Maybe the new 98 can via brighouse, oval, alpha Liang bridge, Granville to buruad station The bus service in Oval is not enough and there are lots of new apartment but just one bus route right now
  2. The performance of 95xx Novas are not as good as xd40
  3. But XD40 are transferring to wvmt
  4. In the future, RTC will operate with only Novas( exclude Articulated bus) ?
  5. How come 408 using shuttles ?A Always getting full in non peak hours or peak hours as I take it everyday I hope RTC can use articulated in this route ...
  6. Does anyone think that the chairs inside Nova Surbuans is worse than Orion V ?
  7. After all WVMT D40LF retired, maybe it is the day that transfer all routes to CMBC
  8. 8036 is on No.4 Road FS Williams Road in a few minutes ago. However,I can't see whether this bus is in service
  9. Is the 430 using articulated bus every day ?
  10. These buses sound are better than XDE60 XDE60 is hybrid and not that nice
  11. Will there any articulated buses operate on 406,408 in weekends or peak hours ? The old 410, 401 were very full in the past
  12. But we passengers can have choice to reduce the expenses monthly. If Translink open 49x express in peak hours, they don't need to exchange and reduce cost in their daily expenses.
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