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  1. Anyone training at Eglinton division? How are the instructors?
  2. They will ask about your professional career. 12 bahvioural questions, u can google about this type of interview. And be prepared because they want to know ur behavior in a certain type of situation. My interview took a little more than an hour.
  3. Congrats. My training starts on May 7, mode is bus and division is Eglinton which is 45 km away where I live in Mississauga. I know another person from Mississauga sent to Eglinton.
  4. It's bus and division in Eglinton
  5. Anyone has idea where to park when we go to Hillcrest complex for documentation?
  6. Ok thanks. Ya I got the email with attachments.
  7. Hi everyone My documentation for transit operator is on April 18. They have for a form TTC form # 3889 which is for health benefits for dependents. In the email it is mentioned that I can get this form from TTC intranet but there is no link in the email. Can anyone help with this?
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