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  1. I just got the call for documentation. I was asked to bring references again. Did anyone else have to and did they end up contacting your references again? I'm asking so I know if I should give my references a heads up that they may be contacted again.
  2. I got it on 26 April. Took me only a few hours to get my police clearance letter because I live in Mississauga and have to do it with peel police which doesn't have as much as a back log. I scanned and emailed it to the ttc Wednesday night and I'm just waiting to hear back now.
  3. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone here has some experience with this. I just emailed in my police security clearance letter and should be getting a date for documentation and then a start date soon. I am also an army reservist set to go on a course this summer. What are the chances the ttc will let me go on course this summer? Do you guys know if it will be possible to negotiate a delayed start with the ttc so that I don't start until after my course is over? The union I'm with is cupe local 2 which is different than most of you guys but any experiences from you guys will be appreciated. As far as I know the ttc is a military friendly employer. The only issue is I'm just starting out.
  4. Dude. Seriously, stop asking the same question every other day.
  5. I guess I'm just lucky I don't need to see a specialist...
  6. I guess only time will tell. Hopefully the MTO gives me the all clear as well!
  7. When I did my paperwork I mentioned I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea. They never measured my neck, just my BMI which I'm sure was standard for everyone. When they questioned me I told them I have the cpap machine but I also changed my lifestyle (more fat burning cardio instead of weightlifting, and cleaner eating), and that the result was my sleep apnea symptoms have decreased dramatically or are non existent on days I don't use the cpap. Hopefully they don't call back saying I need to see a sleep doctor.
  8. I have sleep apnea. I did my medical on May 10th but they never told me I had to do any follow up appointments for that. At what point do they tell you to see the sleep specialist, during the medical at medysis or did they contact you after? It's been about a week since i did my medical and haven't been advised to see a sleep specialist. When did you find out you need to be cleared by a sleep doctor? I have sleep apnea and did my medical a week ago and haven't heard anything about having to see a sleep doctor
  9. Forgot to mention they measure your heart rate after each task
  10. Just did my medical Thursday for a trades position. It was a vision test, hearing test, blood pressure, and piss test. The fitness was pretty simple. I had to carry a loaded tool box around a hallway and up and down a flight of stairs, push and pull a cart with wheels, and move some 5lb weights around. I think instead of a tool box, you carry around a fare box and the rest of the test should be the same more or less. As for the surgery, as long as you can perform daily functions, you should be good to go.
  11. I just got my conditional offer for Overhead Linesperson's Assistant and have my medical coming up. Anyone know the medical requirements for this position? Specifically the eyesight requirement? Do they fall under commercial drivers? I don't have glasses and my vision is good enough to drive without glasses in my personal vehicle as per MTO standards but would not qualify for commercial driver unless i get glasses.
  12. Thanks! As far as I know my references responded pretty well. They were all for me getting this job because I'm only working for them part time and seeking full time employment.
  13. Hey guys, I had my interview a couple of weeks ago and then my references got contacted a few days later. From what I've been reading, people who had their references contacted usually got an offer about a week later. It's been 3-4 weeks now since they contacted my references. Does anyone have any experiences waiting this long after their references have been contacted?
  14. Hey everyone, I'm going through the process right now. Looks like most of the people here are going for transit operator. I applied for Overhead Linesperson's Assistant. I wrote the aptitude test, got called in for an interview, and 3 days later at least 2 of my references that I know of were contacted. Is this a good sign that my references were called? Or does everyone's references get called after the interview? Also, lots of people here mentioned a medical test. What does that test consist of?
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