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  1. CanadaGoose

    GOA transit news, info etc

    June 22nd is the last day of this new booking.
  2. it's ok, this is not a personal attack. Famous quote from Canada goose: "There are three ways of doing things. The right way, the wrong way and the City way" * eye roll from everyone reading this post *
  3. CanadaGoose

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    All the fences are gone at bayview. Only one left is the platform.
  4. CanadaGoose

    The future of Buses is Battery-Electric

    I'm sure once they get the money for an new garage for this type of fleet (chargers and indoor) and they see success from the STM (other than la circuit 36 monk), the city will have this on their radar. For now, it's years down the road. The city is focused on an electric light rail service for the city, that's an easier win.
  5. Man, they changed like nothing in the API. All I had to is replace the digit two with the digit 3.
  6. CanadaGoose

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    come on man, let the other people here drive it. we only have 4 around.
  7. Good catch, the developer seemed to updated the ON to say Novabus. https://otttransit.ca/trip/OC_Transpo/86/57338700-JAN19-JANDA19-Weekday-26
  8. I can report the same at Tunneys Pasture.
  9. Yes, plenty along route 14 between Preston and Parkdale.
  10. I haven’t seen a working sign in days.
  11. CanadaGoose

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    Hey, that’s one of our forum members!
  12. CanadaGoose

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    God damn, you’re right!
  13. CanadaGoose

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    I’m confused where is Enviro1203 in these spottings.
  14. CanadaGoose

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    Just saw a 91 Orléans coming out of Dominion. https://otttransit.ca/paddle/OC_Transpo/6647838