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  1. You seriously think every bus is going to stop at westboro and dominion. Back in the old days, if no one requested the stop, the driver automatically skips it.
  2. OC Transpo has published the GTFS file until December 21st. https://transitfeeds.com/p/oc-transpo/30/latest
  3. It looks like a private event. I did see it. Everyone had their own tickets that they showed to the O-Train Ambassadors and they were let in. TVs were on showing Transitway history and LRT. They didn't invite me though.
  4. We have 109s, they are extras. They are typically placed all over the city. But with the shortage of drivers and late trips, the 109s are practically now assigned work before they even start their shift. I expect them to keep them.
  5. Can I point out closing all the gates at tunneys and making everyone walk 1km around a bus stop to the front exit is a mistake? Lots of angry people Monday.
  6. Passengers can head transfer at King Edward / Templeton. Just how passengers can transfer at Rideau to get from St Laurent to Bayview.
  7. Bayview Line 1 Line 2 Pimisi Line 1 (Old Lebreton stop) Lyon Line 1 Parliament Line 1 Rideau Line 1 (for all Rideau Centre stops) Waller / Laurier (Laurier 1A stop has been renamed in GTFS, not NSAS) Hurdman Line 1 St Laurent Line 1 Blair Line 1. All the stop announcements have been changed for O-Train stops.
  8. Used my eyes. Thanks, you're the best! I'm always doing my job, providing news before the website. I'm reliable. I might get reported for this comment.
  9. Tunney's Pasture will be adjusting for the new route changes on September 8. Good luck everyone!
  10. N39 noted on Oglivie on previous thread too. Also posted a photo of night map.
  11. For those interested: here’s a photo of the night service.
  12. If you walk along Queen, the N signs are blocked by various objects
  13. N57, N75, N61 signs all over Albert and Scott streets. Who is ready for LRT? Damn, good name change, got me!
  14. Sad day for oc transpo master! The flags on Gladstone are now replaced.
  15. Btw, there's a traffic light between Westboro and Tunney's Pasture now in the trench, not active yet.
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