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  1. Gequanne Cabey

    Feature Photo Submissions

    2016 Wmata new flyer xe40 electric bus 1001 at friendship heights station the bus was turned off but it was on the n4 to Farragut square and the n2 back to friendship heights
  2. Gequanne Cabey

    Paperbus Thread

    I found this from the older uploads I hope that's what you were looking for
  3. Gequanne Cabey

    Paperbus Thread

    Hello guys here's my wmata Metrobuses I made hope you guys like it😊😊😊 Hello guys here's my wmata Metrobuses I made I was having a hard time posting it hope you guys like it 😊😊😊
  4. Gequanne Cabey

    Paperbus Thread

    Hello does anyone know how to make a template of the proterra catalyst be40 because I would like to have one in the dc circulator colors I’m starting small dc circulator paperbus fleet
  5. Gequanne Cabey

    Paperbus Thread

    Hi my name is gequanne cabey I'm new to this website and I made a couple of paper busses recently most of them are the wmata metro buses. I recently made the xde40 in the express livery. I was wondering if can anyone make the wmata new flyer xde60 and the xe40 both by wmata that would be nice 😊😊