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  1. Please add to the fleet list that 0811 has been retired due to an electrical fire
  2. Please correct the last update on the 97xx series, 9715 had indeed Hector Balios destination signs, but 9708 was refitted with Pocatec Balios signs during summer of 2017, and is still in service unlike 9715. The way the sign thing is mentionned could make it unclear for someone who is not aware. I can also confirm that a few 01xx are indeed retired; 0119, 0102, 0116, 0118, 0121 are the ones I know of.
  3. On the "Zone Nord" section (Transcobec, https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Conseil_intermunicipal_de_transport_des_Laurentides), please add that 615, a '08 LFS HEV, has been retired and put up for sale according to a bus selling website (https://www.shopbuses.com/listings/2008-nova-bus-hybrid-ct625485) 614 also appears in a single side shot, nothing confirmed yet for this one so don't update for 614 for the moment EDIT: I spotted 615 myself at Montmorency today, even though it's for sale on the website. So either 614 is the actual bus for sale, or there is something wrong somewhere
  4. Major changes need to be made on the STL wiki page fleet roster section. Here they are; - all 1996s are retired, last was 9604 retired in February 2017. -all 97xx are retired except 9708, rebuilt somewhere during summer of 2017, reequipped with a Pocatec Balios sign instead of the original Luminator -all 98xx are retired except 9806, also rebuilt during June of 2017 -some 01xx are also retired as of April 2018, update awaiting for specific numbers -16xx first entered service without interior displays, these were installed progressively during summer of 2017 That's pretty much it for right now
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