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  1. 4414 is tracking at Leslie so the truck was probably used because access between Leslie an Hillcrest is severed with the work on the Bathurst Station loop. When I got the photo and was told the directions I was really puzzled too. I made sure to verify that the building on the left (just to the right of the Canada Post truck) seemed to be in the right place. Note the front of the car was facing away from the truck cab. La Pocatière is served by CN so given the route it probably was pulled off in Brampton. Maybe there are some challenges with the height that made them go that way.
  2. I don't think it arrived by rail. I received a picture of 4414 on a truck at Dixie & Dundas. I'm told it was headed eastbound towards Toronto along Dundas. This was taken just before 11 AM.
  3. 4466 is the car you are thinking of and the wiki has all the dates save for the one it was sent back: 2018-03-20 according to my notes
  4. Coxwell and Queen intersection overhead didn't appear to be upgraded last time I was through there. I'd say trolley poles on the 503 is a safe assumption.
  5. Haha, more fun from the trackers. 4549 (not even here yet) is tracking in the lake!
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