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  1. Go where they tell you. If the email says 250 Bloor, go there. Don't worry about where other people are going. This is also part of the process where they see if people can follow simple instructions. I don't mean to offend anyone but a big, BIG, part of this job is following simple instructions. Some times to the point of having tunnel vision. Just do exactly what the instructions say in the email from your recruiter.
  2. I left a 10 year job position with a family to support, mortgage to pay and just enough savings to get thru a few months should I fail with no back up plan or anything. For me this was a much much better job with better prospects and long term benefits (salary, benefits, pension, etc). In hindsight training was pretty easy as long as you pay attention, do the homework/readings and listen to the instructors. Reasons people fail are nerves or they find that the job is not for them (stress, pressure, comfort level of driving a large vehicle, commute, shifts, etc). Ask questions until you understand something. No such thing as a stupid question. The hardest part, to me, is split between two factors: operating the bus with passengers and knowing the routes. After a few days or weeks (everyone is different) you stop concentrating too much on driving the bus (you don't have to think 100x if you'll clear a corner or not). Not to say that you can be lax with checking mirrors or scanning. But your focus changes. With routes, I say the best thing once you know which division you're assigned to is to drive them and ride the bus. There's nothing better than seeing it in person. To see where the bus turns, how they enter and exit a station, where the platform is, tips of the routes, etc. I was pissing myself every time I did a new route and screwed up some due to nerves. But now I'm pretty comfortable with all the routes I've done. Only thing I worry about now is what time I start and finish and what's for dinner.
  3. Count yourself lucky...seems like you're getting fast tracked.
  4. After talking to fellow new operators your training experience depends on the instructor. Some are great and some are...well, I'll leave it at that. But they all want you to do well, pass and ultimately become great operators. Focus and pay attention and do all the homework. 25 days is not a lot. They're stuffing 10lbs of shit into a 5lb bag. As others have said, if you have questions just ask. You'll never know if you don't. Comparing my experience, so far, with a friend at Malvern I would say Mt. Dennis is super friendly. I've approached operators with 29 years of experience to 1 month's experience and they're all willing to help and answer your questions. Routes are tough because of tight turns, downtown routes, lots of things you can hit your mirrors/bus on, etc. After driving most of them it's not as bad as they first seem. I can only imagine how easy it would be to drive routes in Scarborough. And like others have said, call CIS as soon as you know you've screwed up something. You make it 10000000x worse if you try to hide it or fix it yourself. I'm not joking when I say I messed up every new route I did the first 2 weeks. But I always stopped, secured the bus and contacted CIS. They expect it. Good luck and welcome to the team.
  5. Like others have said, just listen to the instructors and put the time in. They practically spoon feed you and want you to pass. Those that fail choose to fail. Once they figure out it's not the job they thought it was or wasn't their cup of tea. This job is not for everyone.
  6. Not sure about streetcar but for trains they will specify to show up with safety shoes. So if they didn't say anything then dress shoes or as they say black or brown polish-able shoes. Just look at what some drivers are wearing and go with that. But they said no runners.
  7. Heard that all remaining people hired this year will be assigned west end divisions only. So all the east end people prepare yourselves. But things could change...who knows.
  8. For those training out of Mt. Dennis, just wanted to know if there's onsite parking? And if not, where would be the closest spot. EDIT: on street parking right in front for training members for now as majority of parking is torn up is what I'm told. Looking on Maps there's only a few spots until no parking signs are posted. EDIT 2: Passed day 3, yay! Group that just came in behind me are Arrow or Mt. Dennis. Group before me was Wilson, Birchmount and Arrow. Can't wait for the new master sign up so hopefully I can get something closer to home.
  9. Commuting along 401 for many years now unfortunately so I've got more than enough character already Just keeping my eyes on the prize but would've been a super bonus to get Malvern or Birchmount. Guess I'll put my time in then transfer. Funny thing is my in-laws live around the corner from Mt. Dennis but moving in with them is another can of worms I don't wanna open with a 20ft pole.
  10. Finally got training date, October 1. Been in the process since February but had issues with medical which dragged me down. Just too bad I got Mt. Dennis when I live in Ajax.
  11. Damn, I hope not!! Family friend lives in the middle of Malvern and Birchmount so he was super duper lucky to get either. Not liking that as I'm in Ajax. I hope it's to make room for us East enders
  12. Very nice. Thanks for the info. I'm out east so hopefully Malvern. Family relative just got posted to Malvern and training start Aug 20. Hopefully my medical finally clears. Thanks again.
  13. Many thanks. Appreciate the feedback. They never really got into the nitty gritty during the info session so it's always great to get feedback from people living it. Are the Blue line shifts harder to get as a new hire? Or I should ask, are there shifts that start around 7/8pm and end around 6/7am?
  14. Not sure if this is appropriate to ask here regarding shifts but for members working already what are the times for the night shift and how likely is it for new hires to get it? I'm just waiting to clear medical, I've been in the process since Feb 2018, but I would like night as it fits my schedule much better.
  15. Yeah, that's what I did and the recruiter acknowledged but was curious about the process and timeline.
  16. Has anyone asked for a delay to contact their references? At what point do they make contact?? I'm assuming they would contact references after successful medical and criminal checks. Interview was successful for me. Curious as I've been at my current position for 10+ years and only have 1 supervisor and I don't see things ending well so just want to time things right. TIA
  17. No idea about that particular position but at my interview they said only successful candidates will have their references contacted. Looks like you're in. I know another member mentioned wheel trans is out of Lakeshore and is pretty senior and tough to get in but can any operators comment on how the shifts are? I assume no late or graveyard shifts.
  18. I was part of that session. I got the interview email about 2 weeks ago. I remember they said that my session should hear back by end of April.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. If you don't mind me asking but how long did it take you to go from interview to first training day? I'm just curious how others are bridging the pay gap as it seems other people are experiencing several weeks between interviews and your first pay cheque. I know some are fortunate enough to have a boss or company that will let them stay as long as possible or take a leave but I will not have that luxury.
  20. This thread is a great help and gave me a ton of info. Not sure if this has been asked already but at what point are people leaving their current position for the TTC? I know they mentioned that they can delay contacting references but from reading others here there is a bit of time between interviews until training starts.
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