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  1. ThomasCSX

    Modifying a page title

    Just wondering if anyone can fix the bus numbers and minor edits on the KVRTA page: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Kanawha_Valley_Regional_Transportation_Authority KVRTA #303-304 is actually #801-802 (Model year is correct.) KVRTA #305-309 is actually #303-307 (Model year is correct.) KVRTA #310-312 is actually #308-310 (Model year is correct.) (This also replaced buses 611-613*) KVRTA #311-312 had never existed KVRTA #608- 615 is retired (#611-613 got retired as the last 30' Phantoms on the system in 2017*) KVRTA #701-710 is retired KVRTA #s 711, 716-717, 724 (Owned by Yeager Airport in Charleston as a shuttle), and 727 are retired as well. Since KVRTA 716 just retired, I'll be looking out for it if it goes up for auction. KRT VIN #s for 1801 is: 15GGB2718J3188634,1802 is: 15GGB271XJ3188635, 1803 is: 15GGB2711J3188636, 1804 is: 15GGB2713J3188637, 1805 is: 15GGB2715J3188638, 1806 is: 15GGB2717J3188639, 1807(NEW) is: 15GGB2713J3188640, 1808(NEW) is: 15GGB2715J3188641. . That's all for now. Page got updated, thanks LegoNovaLFS2001‎!