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  1. Another day on the Hound: First there was a fight at a rest stop in Texas which resulted in the arrest of a Virginia man: https://www.ksstradio.com/2019/06/bus-altercation-at-cumby-rest-stop-results-in-virginia-mans-arrest/ Then a bus from Dallas had a noxious odor bad enough to require a new bus and 4 passengers to receive oxygen in Texarkana, Arkansas: http://www.texarkanagazette.com/news/texarkana/story/2019/jun/14/noxious-odor-greyhound-bus-texarkana-prompts-four-oxygen-treatments-another-bus-called-complete-trip/782796/
  2. To be blunt: The world would be far better off with them and their union liquidated and the buses, routes and computer system distributed to the various interlining carriers who already provide better service and equipment. Greyhound isn’t necessary in the bus world at this point... it absolutely is self defeating as an organization and all hope for a recovery left some time ago...
  3. I wonder if Southwest Airlines will finally buy it? First Group rebuffed them twice already...
  4. D45CRT and D45CRTle are the new commuter models. The D Series is alive and well.
  5. Yes the 102DL3 and D4505 lifts (about the same thing really) are more reliable. The D45CRT and whatever variants they develop are the future... the D4505 and the CT and whatever other alphabet soup MCI currently has should be gone in 2020 or 2021... it makes sense to just make a baby J like the D45CRT, it saves on parts and the like. Adding the DD13 as an option for intercity service is no problem... Too bad the 4505’s are going away, New Flyer finally got them right... I prefer these over the X3-45’s that can’t go a day without something going wrong...
  6. Denver’s 1975 built Greyhound station is for sale and Greyhound will be relocating by 2020... https://www.9news.com/article/news/local/next/downtown-denvers-greyhound-bus-station-is-officially-on-the-market/73-90c97a23-0c42-4e42-b766-780719d7137e
  7. It looks like the potential exists for interlining of some sort of it isn’t already occurring...
  8. Training and charters... both situations where lifts aren’t required but you can free up usable lift equipped buses that way.
  9. 12 of them are already listed above: 6075, 6079, 6106, 6110, 6111, 6128, 6172, 6193, 6200, 6272, 6321 and 60578... that leaves 38 of the 50 unaccounted for... It looks like a pile of worn out DL’s... you’d think with all the new Prevosts (already into the 869xx’s) they wouldn’t need to bring more junk in to fill in the gap but there it is... nobody wants to drive those 20 year old buses vs. a brand new Prevost... hopefully they stay at the various training centers...
  10. The former Penticton Greyhound Depot comes down next week: https://www.castanet.net/news/Penticton/252565/Demolition-set-for-bus-depot
  11. Turns out his license had been suspended 4 days before the accident...
  12. A greyhound driver was arrested for DUI after a crash on a run from LA to Seattle, looks like it’s Americanos USA 60590 that was damaged: https://www.yourcentralvalley.com/news/greyhound-bus-driver-arrested-on-dui-charges-in-fresno-chp-says-1/1873607468 More on the driver... he was a new guy as he had the white shirt on: https://www.yourcentralvalley.com/crime/greyhound-bus-driver-s-identity-released-after-alleged-dui-crash-in-fresno/1874097179
  13. In a transit world yes... in the intercity world it’s always 230am somewhere... there are a lot of places that wouldn’t have service if they didn’t come in the middle of the night. The two days a week thing is what would kill it...
  14. Somebody must have studied passenger counts and felt like it was worth it... so in their eyes somebody WILL pay for it. Whether that pans out as well as they think is another story...
  15. Red Arrow is adding another run from Grand Prarie to Edmonton starting today: https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/red-arrow-filling-greyhound-void-another-offering-from-grande-prairie
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