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  1. Peter Pan apparently voluntarily went with Trailways to the new temporary stop in Albany since they interline together. https://www.busandmotorcoachnews.com/trailways-of-new-york-evicted-from-bus-terminal-by-greyhound/
  2. The city is working on building a new one and Trailways would be a tenant so Greyhounds move was essentially pointless.
  3. Greyhound has tossed New York Trailways out of the Albany terminal because “they are now competition”. Greyhound is the lease holder on the station and Trailways was a sub-lessee. Trailways has located temporarily on Green St. which is supposedly in the shadow of the terminal. https://www.streetinsider.com/dr/news.php?id=20923917&gfv=1
  4. The former station in Los Angeles is set to be redeveloped… my that was fast: https://www.connectcre.com/stories/prologis-unveils-plans-for-studio-campus-at-former-bus-terminal/
  5. One positive here… they have eliminated transfers and driver changes in Knoxville in an effort to minimize issues: https://www.wbir.com/article/news/local/knoxville-memorandum-of-greyhound-new-stop-issues-transit-center-costs/51-80e83486-cad8-4d32-9049-37cef7e4c41f
  6. It’s a heck of a gap between $42,000 which is a lowball figure let’s be honest and $600,000 which is maybe a little on the high side. Clearly Greyhound believes they can get something for nothing. Now the city is thinking of legal action against Greyhound for using their bus stop and interfering with their operations: https://www.wate.com/news/knox-county-news/new-knoxville-greyhound-stop-disrupts-city-bus-operations-mayors-office-says/
  7. That is correct… no cash in America but money accepted at the bus on every other country.
  8. I was always under the impression that they only accepted the currency that applies to the country where the bus runs.
  9. Well we have an answer on why Greyhound balked at the Knoxville transit center… the city wants $400-600,000 a year to let them use it at night. 6pm-2am is when Greyhound needs it. Greyhound is in talks with somebody to use their facility for a stop location. The city has not decided whether to pursue legal action against Greyhound for its illegal use of the city bus stop. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/local/2022/11/30/greyhound-knoxville-tn-charge-downtown-terminal-use/69677804007/ https://www.wvlt.tv/2022/11/30/knoxville-greyhound-station-moves-third-time-this-year/
  10. Saw this in Detroit today… this is the old 1302 now being used in the filming of Beverly Hills Cop 4. They didn’t cover up the scars for the old lettering or number at all.
  11. It was described to me that we get paid by the “lift” for a ticket where Greyhound or another carrier has the money. Instead of just having each company keep its piece of the ticket money which could easily be automatically split and sent to them (each individual ticket has a value as a portion of the trip) they all have to submit tickets to each other every month for reimbursement. No ticket received? You keep the money then. Pure profit. Note I didn’t say it was profitable as a company… their last fiscal year was a $1 million profit. Who cares if someone uses it or falls into a swimming pool of angry piranhas? You would think everybody would get the portion they are owed and actual ticket collection would be a matter of statistics about ridership. But Greyhound makes a lot of money off unsubmitted and unused tickets I suspect. This is yet another way the bus industry got to about 1950 and simply stopped developing or keeping up with the times. I once heard someone describe the intercity industry as a dinosaur… I’m starting to think he’s not wrong.
  12. FLIX seems to take any kind of currency except for U.S. Dollars. I don’t know why that is. But if you look at their website there are all kinds of currencies listed for cash options. Then it says “we are not able to accept U.S. dollars at this time” or something to that effect. It’s interesting.
  13. If you lose 20% and then have drivers and maintenance to focus on it’s a wash. The model seems to attract lower-end companies that probably wouldn’t make it on their own. That New York Trailways partnered with them instead of remaining independent is somewhat surprising. We can expect to see a lot more realignments starting in January. The changeover to the FLIX system and elimination of TRIPS is slated for January 23rd or so. Some of the companies that partner with Greyhound may balk at the terms laid out by FLIX to continue being partners.
  14. It’s far enough to trespass on the guys property right next to the bus stop and use his parking lot. Since it’s a driver change point keeping track would be really hard too… people have a tendency to walk away and you can’t watch them all the time. You could try to get everybody that isn’t going there to stay on the bus but a lot of their drivers don’t bring enough discipline to the table to convey that “we have to keep moving, we are gonna do this stop real quick, change drivers and get you going again so if you are not going to Knoxville please do not get off the bus”. Supposedly Greyhound balked at using it which seems really strange considering their buses come in what would certainly be off peak hours for the city bus (6pm-12am). I think it’s more telling of their mindset that they were denied permission by the barber and didn’t ask the city at all despite an issue over zoning and permits and just kind of did it anyways. They seem to think rules don’t apply to them or something. That will come back to bite them at some point.
  15. I honestly don’t think it’s the new normal at least in the middle of the country. All of the smaller companies can cover 2/3rds or more of the country and resist…. Well I’m optimistic that they can. I’m less optimistic that FLIX can fix Greyhound and make it work. But the other companies generally run all their runs everyday and usually within reason time wise. Greyhound cannot say the same and FLIX and co. with their curbside stuff simply confuses people.
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