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  1. 863 or 865 something is the bus.
  2. A passenger from Marion, OH was arrested in Newark after being dumb enough to beat a guy up on the bus. The victim walked over to a NJ Transit cop and after a foot chase the man was arrested. He had some goodies with him including 2 9mm hand guns, 86 rounds of ammunition and crystal meth. Well... he almost made it. https://www.nj.com/essex/2019/11/greyhound-passenger-was-armed-with-2-handguns-when-he-beat-man-aboard-bus-cops-say.html
  3. FlixBus has no interest in buying Greyhound, First will give an update on the sale progress next week in an earnings report: https://www.bloombergquint.com/markets/flixbus-signals-it-s-not-interested-in-buying-rival-greyhound
  4. Marion, Ohio will be discontinued effective 11/1/19: http://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/64-19.pdf
  5. Commuting from Kitchener to Toronto on Greyhound is a nightmare apparently if you try it on a Friday: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/greyhound-delays-kitchener-toronto-1.5335162
  6. BoltBus just started a run from Portland, OR to Salem OR that runs on Friday and Sunday for now. Future expansion is a possibility: https://www.corvallisadvocate.com/2019/luxury-bus-service-adds-corvallis-with-an-eye-towards-students/
  7. 3 Stabbed last night on a bus in Pennsylvania: https://local21news.com/news/local/police-multiple-injured-in-late-night-pennsylvania-turnpike-stabbing
  8. An Italian named Mohammed Reza Sardari? Um... not likely... If anybody wants a snippet of the incident... Meanwhile to Kelso Washington and one hell of a hair pin turn that no Prevost can conquer: https://tdn.com/news/local/greyhound-bus-gets-stuck-on-narrow-kelso-street-wednesday-night/article_56e9e93a-d925-5a25-a36d-65c5190b990d.html Stuck is an understatement... Meanwhile in Roanoke, Virginia the locals don’t want Greyhound and the local transit folks moving into their backyard and wrote an op ed to prove the point: https://www.roanoke.com/opinion/commentary/hinshaw-garst-gilmer-and-prescott-no-bus-terminal-salem-avenue/article_729af14c-3f9a-5665-a9be-ed0fc4a0139a.html
  9. Greyhound has apologized to a middle eastern man thrown off a bus in Wichita, KS in 2017: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/2019/10/08/greyhound-kicked-middle-eastern-manoff-dallas-kc-bus-2017-just-now-apologized/
  10. I pasted the article text in this post because the details of this expansion are way too complicated to describe... https://www.thereminder.ca/news/local-news/bus-company-may-begin-offering-flin-flon-routes-1.23964566 “Another company may soon be putting together bus routes servicing Flin Flon. Maple Bus Lines, a Winnipeg-based company currently offering some bus transport routes in northern Manitoba, has reached a deal with Pimicikamak Cree Nation for the band to provide investment to the company. According to Maple, the investment from the Pimicikamak band will allow the company to expand its existing northern services, increasing direct and charter bus services to Cross Lake and extending bus use to the west and to the north. “The investment will allow Maple Bus Lines to add new direct bus and charter bus services to serve Cross Lake and other communities including The Pas, Flin Flon, Leaf Rapids, Lynn Lake, Brandon and Westman,” reads a statement attributed to Maple Bus Lines. “We’re also proud to play a part to deliver better transportation services across Manitoba’s north,” added Pimicikamak Chief David Monias in the statement. The company currently operates passenger services six days a week between Winnipeg and Thompson, as well as four trips a week between Cross Lake and Thompson and three trips a week between Winnipeg and Swan River. Maple also provides freight services to Brandon and through southwestern Manitoba. Currently, only one company - Mahihkan Bus Lines, formerly known as Kelsey Bus Lines - offers regular passenger bus transport service from Flin Flon. After Greyhound Canada shut down almost all of its western Canada operations in 2018, smaller companies have popped up around the west to serve areas in need of bus service.”
  11. The Depot In Courtenay, British Columbia is closing at the end of October. It is served by Tofino bus and also handles freight via box-by-bus which will cease service to Courtenay as well. https://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/news/courtenay-bus-depot-set-to-close-in-october/
  12. Very nice, I’m looking forward to driving these when I get the chance next year. I’m hoping the interior has had some refinements to go with the new front, is the back any different?
  13. 6935 caught fire today near Utica, NY: https://www.wktv.com/content/news/Greyhound-bus-catches-fire-on-Thruway-heading-westbound-561558111.html
  14. Another day, another fire: a Greyhound Connect cutaway caught fire in Troy, Illinois: https://www.kmov.com/news/greyhound-bus-catches-fire-on-i--outside-of-troy/article_9550450c-d823-11e9-b588-d35ac6cab6bf.html
  15. Greyhound is having its lease terminated in Detroit by the Michigan Department of Transportation effective October 13th and apparently the deadline has already been moved 3 times since Greyhound was notified in June. The State has offered to move them to the Amtrak Station in Detroit which is also MDOT Owned until a new station can be built in a few years. Greyhound is begging for an extension until the end of 2019 but MDOT claims Greyhound is taking little action to move or cooperate with MDOT. Indian Trails, which runs all of the Michigan contracted rural services has said it will immediately step in and take over Greyhounds operations if they decide to walk away from their Detroit-Chicago and Detroit-Grand Rapids / Muskegon Services. I imagine Detroit Toledo would be a part of that as well. Supposedly a developer or three has made them a sweet unsolicited offer in the rapidly gentrifying area around the station which opened in 1993 and MDOT says is not worth pouring money into modernizing at this point. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2019/09/12/detroit-greyhound-bus-station-demolished-new-development/2288216001/
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