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  1. Effective 2/5/21 1435 El Paso, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona Will operate via Globe (Miami), Arizona 1438 Phoenix, Arizona to El Paso, Texas Will Operate via Globe (Miami), Arizona http://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/10-21.pdf
  2. Effective 2/1/21 NEW: 3756 Naples, Florida to Orlando. Florida 3757 Orlando, Florida to Naples, Florida 1246 Houston, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia Will operate via Opelika, Alabama. http://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/09-21.pdf
  3. Effective 1/26/21 4727 Minneapolis, Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois... Will Operate via Lakeland Park & Ride, Minnesota 4737 Minneapolis, Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois... Will Operate via Lakeland Park & Ride, Minnesota 4916 Chicago, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota... Will Operate via Lakeland Park & Ride, Minnesota 4932 Chicago Amtrak, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota... Will Operate via Lakeland Park & Ride, Minnesota Effective 1/27/21 Abolished: 1127 Detroit, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee 2402 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. Interesting doings in Denver... Greyhound is putting its Maintanance facility (acquired in the Trailways merger in 1987) as well as 2 other bus storage areas adjacent to it up for sale and it need not be to the same buyer. They would like to demolish the buildings. This comes on the heels of the closure and sale of the Denver station in favor of using Denver Union Stations bus area. https://www.denverpost.com/2021/01/22/greyhound-denver-sale/ This sounds to me like First unloading assets as best it can before closure.
  5. It’s dying. The old dog is at the vet and the needle is being prepped.
  6. Absolutely. We had a camera system installed that they could tap into live for that purpose and a code word to use. Hopefully somebody could call for help. But if he has a gun or a knife he’ll get no argument from me.
  7. But you cannot simply drop them on the interstate. Greyhounds policy is irrelevant if it’s illegal to do so which it is. The nearest safe location should have been good enough.
  8. Because some people are extremely misbehaved or they get distraught and want off. The bus isn’t a prison and sometimes it’s safest to let them off. If I did it the way this person did I would find myself unemployed so there is a right way and a wrong way.
  9. Precisely how I was instructed. The area they are being dropped off in has to be SAFE! I think it’s by law but even if not can you imagine the liability?
  10. Part of me feels like having all of those divisions might have made each small enough to be able to be more customer focused and once they merged them it began to suffer. Any idea about when they consolidated everything together? Maybe mid-60’s?
  11. Well that one ranks right up there... wow. The sad thing is watching all the drivers (especially Greyhound) that wouldn’t do more than say “go inside and talk to the ticket agent” if such a problem existed. You start to quickly realize a big part of the reviews for the company like “NEVER AGAIN!” are from experiences like this where nobody cares and won’t help you at all. I even knew of one veteran greyhound driver who once sent a woman and her daughter inside because their tickets weren’t printed with about 10 minutes to go before departure in Detroit. Then I looked over about
  12. Effective 1/15/21 NEW: 4697 Washington D.C. to State College, Pennsylvania 4698 State College, Pennsylvania to Washington, D.C. ** Both operate on Friday and Sunday only and interestingly on MLK Day (Monday 1/18) as well ** http://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/04-21.pdf http://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/06-21.pdf
  13. Trips works well except that it weights heavily to Greyhound schedules with no regard for layover times. Here's an example from Indian Trails (one of the partner companies that uses TRIPS): I picked up a guy in Mackinaw City, Michigan at 8am that was going down to East Lansing which we would arrive at 430. If the system was built to help people get places fastest instead of prioritizing getting people on a Greyhound bus it would be simple to get him to his final destination of Jackson, Michigan. He would transfer in Lansing to our Chicago bus, ride to Kalamazoo and catch the Miller bus fo
  14. At least here in the states (and probably up north too) the coaches have been leases since sometime in the 80’s. Groups of investors own them and Greyhound runs them. Hence the “operated by:” on the side as opposed to “owned and operated by:”...
  15. There are times I wish that we didn’t have the computer control. I will keep the power steering if it’s ok with you.
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