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  1. 2000 is the only one they have right now. It is in service. I’ve seen buses as low as 443 in service as well lately as they return to higher capacity.
  2. First is stepping up its efforts to sell Greyhound and has “a number of interested parties”. They’ve sold $98 Million worth of property already as they seek to slim it down and make it more attractive. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/greyhound-bus-owner-hastens-effort-to-sell-ailing-us-icon/ar-AAMCw9F
  3. Indeed. I may take a day trip down there and spend a couple hours there. Much interchange traffic still flows through there in several directions. Most of my southbound passengers go through or change in Columbus.
  4. Greyhound will sell its 1969 built Columbus terminal to city bus agency COTA with intercity service moving to a COTA facility by the fall. The station will then be demolished and a new COTA muti-use transit center will be built on the site. https://www.dispatch.com/story/news/2021/07/21/cota-buy-greyhound-station-redevelopment-transit-center/8038610002/
  5. Oh yeah… I completely forgot about that part… thanks for filling in the gap there. Who owned the buses then in those days?
  6. I doubt it. Bolt coaches had been in the regular pool as is for some time. They might put lettering or logos on them but many of Bolts coaches are kind of older. I wonder if they’ll wrap them in the blue scheme like the Canadian ones?
  7. It’s always been a greyhound service using greyhound owned coaches.
  8. Columbus, Ohio has declared the Greyhound Terminal to be a nuisance and will move to close it for a year if Greyhound doesn’t improve conditions… https://www.dispatch.com/story/news/crime/2021/06/17/columbus-takes-legal-action-against-crime-plagued-greyhound-bus-station/7730457002/
  9. They may have been. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen one unfortunately. I was more wondering if there was some underlying mechanical or other oddity that made them transfer them up to Canada because maybe they didn’t fit with the rest of the X’s or something.
  10. Was there anything particularly odd about the 8800’s as compared to the 86000+ units?
  11. 86235 was heavily damaged in a wreck on I-65 in Indiana today. Looks like an SUV crossed the median and hit the bus. 2 in the SUV were killed and multiple people on the bus were hurt. https://www.wishtv.com/news/local-news/vehicle-crosses-i-65-median-hits-greyhound-bus-in-fatal-crash-in-white-county/
  12. Oh good, they will fit right in amongst the smashed up X3’s they already have. Finding an X3 that isn’t bent all to hell is like finding a needle in a haystack. Some of that damage is mind blowing. Maybe the 0600’s aren’t all that bad on the outside, not sure if the Canadian folks could keep it between the lines but I seem to remember their stuff being better looking. But it won’t take long to redecorate if they need a good smashing, corporate image to maintain and all. I would imagine it’s gonna be the ones they wrapped in the Greyhound scheme mostly?
  13. 86875 was damaged near Birmingham Alabama when a FedEx delivery vehicle hydroplaned across the freeway into it and a sheriff’s deputy. https://www.wbrc.com/2021/06/08/fedex-truck-jefferson-co-sheriffs-vehicle-greyhound-bus-involved-crash-i-59/
  14. Effective 5/10/21 NEW: 8710 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Atlantic City, New Jersey ** Friday Only** http://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/25-21.pdf Effective 5/8/21 1435 El Paso, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona Will operate via Bylas and Peridot, Arizona 1438 Phoenix, Arizona to El Paso, Texas Will operate via Bylas and Peridot, Arizona Effective 5/9/21 NEW: 9619 Calexico, California to Los Angeles, California ** Sunday, Monday and Saturday Only ** 9620 Los Angeles, California to Calexico, California ** Sunday, Friday and Sat
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