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  1. Two men were stabbed on a bus outside Orangeburg, South Carolina on Saturday: https://thetandd.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/orangeburg-county-sheriff-s-office-man-accused-of-stabbing-bus-passengers/article_5ad94493-5a8d-5010-a84c-1fdba60f0b01.html
  2. Not anytime soon. They still have a bunch of the current fleet stored and about 30 2020 model Prevosts sitting in New Jersey collecting dust.
  3. I get that feeling too… though if there’s a reliable mine around town there Greyhound would be a good place to start looking if you need something.
  4. What trip around the country on Greyhound would be complete without a weekend stuck at that infamous gas station on Cherry Street in Knoxville? A group of passengers spent Friday and Saturday night outside before being put up in a hotel on Sunday. The news report is worth it. Knoxville is basically a symbol for everything going wrong now. https://www.wbir.com/article/news/local/greyhound-bus-never-shows-up-group-stranded/51-862b19f8-c294-4043-a85e-3e5140ad6b65 86982 Was involved in a crash in Midland, Texas when the driver failed to yield the right of way to an oncoming pickup truck. A few went to the hospital. The first article includes some comments about the driver at the stop they were leaving (pilot gas station). https://www.yourbasin.com/news/out-of-control-victim-in-greyhound-bus-crash-speaks/ https://www.newswest9.com/article/news/local/multiple-people-taken-to-midland-memorial-hospital-after-crash-on-wcr-127/513-8d67620f-3b5f-4685-9c9b-196e5de442fb
  5. Spotted Gillig 1937 in the new paint scheme a couple days ago. That Cadillac was kind enough to block my view but hey… it proves they are starting to apply the new scheme to existing buses.
  6. Saw a couple of 60 Footers headed east on Interstate 69 in Michigan headed towards Port Huron, Sarnia and beyond. Sunday 8/7. Can’t get numbers easily driving a bus at 65mph in the opposite direction. Sorry.
  7. Right now they seem to be suffering from putting more schedules on than they have drivers for… they’ve spread themselves too thin for no good reason. The new bid takes effect September 7 so the service increases will vanish and everything will magically work again. You’d think they would save themselves the trouble but I guess they do this every year. I started in 2017 and this year is probably the worst I’ve seen it.
  8. Boston-Philadelphia still goes there as well as the Atlantic City they just started. I seem to remember there was a run that went from Port Authority to GWB and that’s literally it. This was before the pandemic and some guy made a YouTube video out of it. I remember thinking a 20 minute run or whatever it was sure looked odd…. Then I started seeing tickets for folks going there connecting to the bus to New York City from my bus and it made sense.
  9. I would rule out 95th… it’s way too unsafe there… we used to have buses that had luggage stolen out from under them. A car would pull up on the left side and they would help themselves to bags while the driver was on the door side helping passengers. Terrible area. My money is on Union Station.
  10. If memory serves the original set were extensions to and from Port Authority. Which means you could go in literally every direction. Not terribly unlike what they do with their buses to and from Union station in Chicago.
  11. 86865 Went off the expressway, struck a guard catch fence and flipped on its side landing in the parking lot of a business near Visalia, California. There were several minor to moderate injuries, 21 of 34 were transported to hospitals, several of them were children. https://abc30.com/bus-crash-tulare-greyhound-highway-99/12095463/ The left side isn’t bad but the passenger side was heavily damaged: https://fox40.com/news/chp-multiple-people-injured-in-greyhound-bus-crash-in-tulare-county/
  12. Welcome to the Wild West my friend… there have been numerous shootings at (or more like among the loiterers) at the stations over the years…
  13. The Greyhound station in Philadelphia which opened in 1985 is going to be demolished in the next year or two to become part of the site of the Philadelphia 76ers new arena. Greyhound has reached out to the government for help finding a new site. https://www.inquirer.com/business/sixers-arena-expands-chinatown-greyhound-station-filbert-street-20220801.html
  14. Greyhound has been running out of there for several years now…
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