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  1. The forest fires and tourists are understandable, the COVID case hysteria isn’t, but I think you’re probably right that some people are probably trying to escape the case numbers in the interior even though no one is really looking at the fact that the death count isn’t mirroring the case count like it was last year.
  2. I like how people forget how to drive in the rain or snow when there hasn’t been any precipitation for awhile.
  3. Well... the transmission has been not great for over a year, that unit seems to have a difficult time changing gears, I noticed 7439 is starting to have similar issues as well but not as bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if 7409 gets retired, hopefully they’ll pull out one of the old DD50 training units to replace it (if they even bother replacing it) but they’d probably use one of the ISL units first.
  4. From my understanding of the notice at Main Street Station, the change is temporary due to construction.
  5. They wouldn’t always be falling short on their budgets if they were actually handling their money properly, and judging by how their planners implement service changes, how their entire online network can be fried (and half is still offline today), how a transit agency is being overlooked by both a board and mayor’s council with majority of the members having no background in transit or urban planning, I don’t think they’re putting their funds to the best use possible. If the mayors would stop acting like children and just let TransLink implement the changes needed the most, there’s a good chance they’ll make farebox/Compass revenue back much quicker, which would most likely speed up the implementation of the lower-demand service expansions (someone can correct me if I’m wrong). Broadway/UBC extension should’ve been done before Evergreen (how busy was the 97 if it was using mainly 40-footers?), but politics comes before actual “expertise” from the people operating and monitoring the transit network.
  6. If they expedite the order (which I have doubts about) they need to add more units to the order because a one-to-one replacement isn’t going to meet the demand for the trolley network.
  7. Or they could demonstrate it on the R5 and have it run on the Express wires along Hastings.
  8. Which aspects of my map are complex/confusing? I’ll be more than happy to address those concerns, I will add that many less-frequent routes are duplicating each other on certain corridors to provide FTN service, the stops will better reflect that when I get around to adding them, which will be fairly soon as I can see the confusion about some corridors looking like they don’t have frequent service. Oddly enough, I drew some inspiration from King County Metro, as well as other systems around BC, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto (no, I am not going to make a giant streetcar network, but some areas could benefit from it), Ottawa & GO Transit, New York (not a shining star in the “state of good repair” department to say the least), London (somewhat better with the state of good repair compared to New York, just a bit less accessible with big gaps that you’re told to mind), Riyadh’s metro system, and a few others I can’t recall at the moment. I honestly think Metro Van needs a widespread RapidBus network as well as an extensive SkyTrain network to meet 2050’s demand. TransLink has been short-sighted on nearly every project since the Canada Line (probably even before, though I don’t know how much oversight TL had over the line) and I wouldn’t be surprised if their “1 million” additional residents is a short-sighted estimate as well. Look at how the transit network was prior to the lockdowns, most buses were packed to hell during peak times (quite a few off-peak as well), even with the continuous 10-Year service expansion rollouts. In terms of formatting: ctrl or shift + enter. There’s also little drop boxes in the data table where you can add and edit columns of information, but it’s a bit tedious to get the information to go from one layer to another and once you choose the spot for your new column, you’re either committed to it or you’ll have to delete it and make it in a different spot because you can’t move columns.
  9. My response to the “overthought” comment is this: we don’t know how dense Metro Van is going to get in the next 30-50 years. We just don’t. So I’m overdoing it in a somewhat realistic sense in terms of ridership and end-to-end and all that. The 25 is busy and slow, RapidBus and a reduced 25 makes more sense to me, regardless of the Millennium Line and 41st-Willingdon’s existing. One thing people seem to miss when pointing out adjacent rapid transit routes is the actual demand along the corridor itself. In terms of SkyTrain expansion, I tried to look at it from more of a fast, frequent, one-seat ride perspective that has the highest overall potential to attract development to build up the ridership. Obviously, plonking a SkyTrain line down in Maple Ridge tomorrow would be a stupid and money-wasting idea, but that could change 20-30 years down the road. The Canada Line is a perfect example of this, although some will argue the Canada Line “isn’t SkyTrain,” even though both systems are automated light metros. In terms of service frequencies, just disregard those for now as I plan on updating the formatting to show more than just “Peak” and “Off-peak” frequencies, which will result in frequency adjustments across the board. Most of the frequencies listed are based off 2019 schedules and the TSPR, so there will be some adjustments required. I will look into off-seasonal service for the 423 (and possibly the 261 with the roller coaster-thing being built on Cypress (it’s not a roller coaster but I can’t remember the name of it at the moment) as I do remember that area being served by the C91 at one point. The CommuterBus routes are nowhere near done and many of the routes are just ideas for now, but I agree Whistler - YVR doesn’t make much sense. I just threw that there as a replacement for the Skylinx (idk if that’s how it’s spelled) current service. Just cut the Main Street Express off the ideas list because it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I think people going from UBC to Downtown would probably want a fast one-seat ride with the R4 4th Ave, I also put the R4 down to replace the 84’s frequent express portion while also repurposing the express potion to be a bit more than just a mere 99 B-Line mirror. I’ll improve the 212 to FTN as a frequent connection between Lonsdale and Deep Cove would encourage more North Shore residents to commute to Deep Cove. Don’t worry about offending me with your comments, there’s pretty much nothing that can offend me. Well, maybe TransLink’s overall planning and their somewhat lack of transparency.
  10. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1WEjh1N0bnU_mzweeO2wG9MS2duHzy5GJ&ll=0%2C0&z=8 I’m bored and transit hasn’t been all that exciting lately aside from the RapidBus Heat Wave Days at HTC (and technically the other 3 RapidBus transit centres as well), so I thought I’d revive this old corpse of a thread and talk about the map I’ll never stop talking about as I would like to hear what people think about any or all aspects of my map. I’ve decided to go slightly overboard with some rapid transit expansions but I’ll explain why I made those changes. Again, keep in mind that this is envisioned for 30-50+ years from now, so I don’t expect this to come to life tomorrow. Anyway, here’s the list of notable changes (there’s a good chance I altered every route in some way): • Re-numbered the transit network (making final adjustments). Currently updating formatting for route and station/exchange information to make the information easier to understand, this will take some time. • Expanded service coverage throughout the entire lower mainland. • Expanded out to Sea-To-Sky and Fraser Valley to improve regional and local connections. The networks are nowhere near complete. • Replacing the term “minibus” with “midibus” and “shuttle” to better differentiate the two vehicle types that would be serving lower-demand areas. • Exploring On-Demand Transit, sort of just going off Edmonton’s pilot model for now until I do more research. • Exploring CommuterBus, a new demand-based service that only stops at major transit hubs and major destinations to reduce overcrowding and improve speeds for regional commuters. The routes are kind of a mess right now. • Extended Hastings SkyTrain to Haney and Langley Centre. While the demand may not warrant it now, it could in 30 years. Plus, SkyTrain has proven time and time again to attract ridership and development (even if it’s 20-30+ years later like at some areas around some existing stations). • Added the 41st-Willingdon SkyTrain line back as I don’t believe the R4 will be able to support the demand, even with a RapidBus along 49th. Converted the 130 (now 120 after renumbering the network) to artics as a result of canceling the Willingdon RapidBus. • Extended the Canada Line along Railway Avenue to Steveston, mainly in response to their recent plans for major development to support rail rapid transit along that corridor, but also a maxed out Canada Line should probably be able to handle it, in my opinion. • Redesigned the Burrard Inlet SkyTrain into a loop line serving the Downtown West End and East Side, and basically the entire R2 route without the stop at Lonsdale @ 3rd due to the overall route design. Brought back the SeaBus. • Currently revising my Canada Line relief strategy. Originally, I was going to have the Arbutus LRT go to Bridgeport, but then I realized LRT isn’t going to attract many SkyTrain riders, especially from Downtown when they have to divert via Main Street Station and South False Creek. So I’m going to revise the LRT to serve False Creek to improve overall capacity and connections, especially between Arbutus, Olympic Village, and Main Street Stations. As for the actual Canada Line relief line, I’m envisioning a deep bored line with 6-8 car trains from Waterfront to Bridgeport via Granville Street (your new and improved 98 B-Line, if you will), as I believe there will definitely be demand along Granville Street. From Bridgeport, the route would exit the tunnel somewhere around Highway 99 and continue down the Highway to four branches connecting to Ladner & Tsawwassen, South Surrey & White Rock, Scottsdale & Newton, and Cloverdale & Langley. Still working on the route, probably the longest rapid transit route I’ve done but I think this is probably the best high-capacity solution to connect the suburbs to Downtown. • Working on rapid transit routes along Highway 1, King George Boulevard & 104th Avenue, and Scott Road & 72nd Avenue. • Extending some routes from Marine Drive Station to Marpole Loop/Station to address potential lack of layover capacity expansion. • Exploring SafeRide; a late-night, on-demand shuttle service that would operate throughout the region from 12am-6am every night, connecting passengers to their neighbourhoods (usually from a designated transit exchange). • Exploring additional SeaBus routes along the Fraser River. • Started adding standard bus stops to the map, the rest will be added once the network is closer to 100% complete to avoid PC slow downs while working on the routes. FTN stops will be added first to better show the FTN corridors that are served by combined transit routes every 15 min or better. • Greatly expanding Bike Parkades and adding new “Bike Repair Stations” (basically DIY bike maintenance stations, saw the idea recently in the recent engagement that I can’t remember the name of) in an attempt to reduce the overall number of bikes being used on transit. • Increased RapidBus off-peak to every 12 min, might increase it to every 10 min. • Restructuring transit in the Albion area as I believe there could be a surge in development in the next 5-10 years. • Exploring new duplicate routes to reduce overcrowding and improve overall network connections. • Exploring Commuter Rail extensions, including West Coast Express branches to Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Hope. • Adding washrooms to all stations and exchanges. These should be within a fare-paid zone or require Compass to enter and be regularly patrolled to ensure highest possible safety for customers. • Considering renumbering the RapidBus routes to 9XX. I’ll probably end up doing that and just leave NightBus (and maybe On-Demand Transit) routes as the remaining routes that use letters.
  11. Can’t you guys complain to the union reps? I can imagine driving around in a 45 degree hotbox not being very safe for the drivers as it can lead to heat strokes, fainting and other potential issues.
  12. Well, the heat waves don’t seem very “rare” this year, idk.
  13. Found an image of the interior of the Burrard Chinook. I’m so glad to see TransLink is continuing the trend of going backwards when it comes to comfortable seating. Is it really that difficult to make softer seats with vandal-proof seat covers?
  14. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/translink-transit-app-empty-bus-seats-capacity The bus seat predictions will be based on previous ridership data, let’s see how accurate this goes. If only there were passenger counters that counted each time passengers got on and off the bus in real-time...
  15. Either 8156 is at VTC or there’s a trolley on the 16 pretending to be a DE60LFR. My guess is the latter.
  16. 8010

    Canada Line

    Something about the terminal extensions does ring a bell. Capstan Station is pretty close to Aberdeen but I do understand there are provisions in place for it and support the station being built as the development around there has built up quite quickly. I’m sure many people will complain about the extra stop even though they could still be riding on a slower 98 B-Line bus today considering the line almost never got built in the first place due to short-sighted politicians. I don’t think the planners had much say in the Canada Line project as from what I’ve read around the internet it sounds like we could’ve gotten another Bombardier line but the Canada Line we got was cheaper and had a faster construction timeline to ensure it was open for the Olympics. That’s what I remember and I could completely be making that up, but I could’ve sworn Bombardier was at least a bidder for the project.
  17. 8010

    Canada Line

    https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/capstan-station-skytrain-canada-line-construction I find it a bit strange that the station between YVR-Airport and Sea Island Centre isn’t part of the YVR expansion plans (at least from what I could see). I feel like that would sort of balance out operations along the two branches, but obviously there’s really no demand for such a station right now or probably even 3-5 years from now due to the COVID variant scares and all that.
  18. Those are fair points. I never took into consideration of any CMBC employees living outside of Metro Van, and the employment thing reminds me of the 257 going to CMBC two or three years ago.
  19. I just looked at the basic distance from Waterfront to Hope and from Waterfront to Whistler, roughly the same distance so I’d say Sea-To-Sky shouldn’t be taken out of the equation when considering expanding the overall reach of the network.
  20. And I was on one of those, 19021. Sat on one of the front seats in the priority seating area and noticed the seats don’t have that 30% extra padding they boasted about during RapidBus’ launch. You can also tell which XDE60s have been working out of Burnaby because they’re already rattly as hell.
  21. Forgot to mention, I went to UBC Exchange this morning. No progress on the real-time displays but it looks like they’re doing something with the electrical wiring beneath Bay 3. Could be completely unrelated to the displays, though. Does anyone know if electrical work was done for the RapidBus displays?
  22. I’m fine with TransLink taking over the Fraser Valley transit if they keep First as the contractor because I don’t think many CMBC employees want to travel all the way to the Fraser Valley to go to work. I think Sea-To-Sky is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. I also think Park & Ride-oriented transit is fine if there’s no major developments planned for those interchanges as it will definitely improve transit access to many people who currently rely on their vehicles.
  23. All I’m going to say when talking about the conclusion of the survey is: Why the hell do they care about race? Seriously. What difference does it make if it’s an Asian man taking transit or a black woman? Never in the two years that I’ve been working on my map did I ever think “gee, I wonder what the white people of this particular neighbourhood are going to think of this change.” Metro Vancouver is probably the most diverse place in Canada, so I don’t think race is applicable here, nor do I think it should be applicable to any sort of transit planning. I have a politic-based theory for it but I know politics are a no-no so I’ll just say this: TransLink is more or less a government entity as I’m fairly certain tax dollars are used to cover part of their operating costs along with farebox revenue, so I think they’ll say whatever the government wants them to say. Obviously you can bring up isolated events that shouldn’t be overlooked that contradicts what I’m about to say, but I’ve always considered transit to be a very inclusive place, am I wrong? I’m also fairly certain TransLink was created as a way for the province to not deal with Metro Van’s transit, which is fair enough to be quite honest, except when we look at Fraser Valley connections in the forms of the infrequent 66 and the 21 that sounds to be running as well as the 749 according to what @Express691 said.
  24. This is going to sound very rude and inconsiderate but I don’t know how else to word it; but are we going to listen to the people who have less time on Earth or are we going to listen to the people who have more time on Earth for a long-term rapid transit plan? Plus, RapidBus is just a cheap excuse for BRT, so I don’t see why some of the street-level routes from Network B couldn’t be added to Network A. I mean, they never gave the rough budget estimates for the overall costs of either network even though they claim to have similar budgets. There’s a reason why I only take so much of the information they throw at face-value and question the rest.
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