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  1. Saw a 2018 XDE60 travelling south on Oak @ 49th. Didn't catch the number and have no idea where it's going.
  2. Is that a priority seating sticker next to the yield sticker?
  3. That 2040 Conceptual Rapid Transit Maximum Extent Network would be nice...
  4. If people would stop dawdling on and off the trains maybe people would stop holding the doors there wouldn't be broken train doors every few months.
  5. Why am I not surprised that both buses are 5-10 min behind schedule while the others running on the 100 are running the typical 0-3 min? Sure one could argue that both faced heavy loads and delays, but the ~5 min charge time is most likely the reason they're running late. Hopefully they add another couple blocks in the near future to fix this.
  6. Fair enough, whenever the distance-based fares are implemented I don't think there's really a point in keeping the 480, that's just my opinion though.
  7. Random thought but what about rerouting the 480 via Bridgeport, Knight, 49th, Marine, Dunbar, 41st, regular route to UBC? It doesn't make any sense to have it duplicate the R4 and it'll help alleviate some overcrowding along 49th.
  8. 49th Ave needs a 43-like service that operates during peak times, with the possibility of a RapidBus upgrade in the future. As great as R4 is going to be it'll barely take passengers off the 49, especially with the zone barrier still in effect between Joyce and Metrotown. If anything the 49 will get busier with the reroute through Wesbrook Village.
  9. Driver on the 100 announced that the electric buses are launching at 3:00p today.
  10. I wonder if that's what they were working on at 22nd Street Station today...
  11. Anyone know why these changes haven't been made? I don't think it would be very hard to redistribute the resources used on the 241 to the 230 and 240. I was also looking at the NESATP and the Evergreen bus integration is a bit different compared to what we currently got 3 years ago. Why do we have the 186 and 189 when the 186 was originally going to travel through the Lafarge Park area? There are other Evergreen integration changes that were never implemented or were altered as well... I'm not surprised considering Lonsdale Quay Exchange most likely won't be completed before the RapidBus launch date, and I don't know if construction at Phibbs Exchange has even started yet.
  12. UBC Exchange upgrades have been complete for awhile now, yet the 25 still stops outside the new loop at Bay 8, I'm assuming that'll change in January when the 41 is shortened to Crown Street. I honestly hate majority of the current bus bay assignments at UBC, but that's probably just me.
  13. That's the plan, but I can't access the schedules to confirm as I don't have a working link.
  14. A subtle change that will most likely start appearing on other route destination signs soon, I guess we'll find out in January if this is true when the 240 is extended to Lynn Valley Centre.
  15. I guess that's what happens when a North Delta route has sensor doors for the first time ever. (I think it's their first time) (I thought I put this in general sightings)
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