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  1. 21504 in service today but could’ve been in service earlier.
  2. Still no transit system maps on the website but it looks like everything else is up.
  3. Not sure if any of you have noticed but... T-Comm is still down.
  4. For some reason only the 100 is serving the stop, not even the N8 or N20 are serving it. The stop looks like it can handle artics and the wires before the switch haven’t changed. Basically the wires go from lane 2/3 (can’t tell which lane they’re in) to lane 1 roughly 80 feet before the switch. Edit: NightBus routes serve the stop as well.
  5. AFAIK there’s no provisions for any future stations in the bored portion of the tunnel.
  6. Hopefully, it’s almost been five months. It looks like there’s some new alerts for today for a few other routes.
  7. According to the Alerts page the western terminus for the 23 moved across the street on WB Davie @ Bidwell. Not sure if it’s temporary or not but since it’s not back at Morton Ave after the new bike lane along Beach Ave was put in I’d assume that it’s not going back to Morton Ave, which makes the route one step closer to finally using conventional buses.
  8. I think they could do a combination of Networks A and B. I think 49th Ave will need RapidBus even after 41st Ave SkyTrain is built. I can’t really see them doing much, if any light rail as I doubt people would want a faster streetcar in this day and age. Fixed rails on roads today in Metro Van is not a very logical solution, maybe Arbutus Greenway to Waterfront, but even then the narrow roads in Gastown will not be able to handle vehicle traffic and light rail.
  9. IMO the PoCo extension should’ve been kept as a constant since it doesn’t look like there’s any routes serving PoCo in Network B. Also, I think Highway 99 should at least be on Network B.
  10. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/translink-transport-2050-rapid-transit-expansion-options Transport 2050 Phase 2 is finally up. Basically, your two choices for the future of rapid transit are a bunch of SkyTrain extensions and a few BRT/LRT routes or a few SkyTrain extensions and a bunch of BRT/LRT routes. Oddly enough, the only Richmond to Expo Line route I see is the Victoria Drive route.
  11. Yeah that’s similar to what they look like on Main & Marine. If I remember I’ll try to get some pics in a bit and confirm it.
  12. I’ve figured it out. The new insulators they put up have some kind of red wire going across them, since these are present on the left-turn wires, the wires that point towards Fraser, and the WB wires, I assume they’re some kind of power-killing insulators to avoid any potential issues with the construction crews. My issue with them however is the left-turn wires because if the driver isn’t going fast enough then the trolley is going to block up WB traffic until they switch over to EPU. Can’t they just go on EPU prior to turning left since they seem to accelerate through the insulators just fin
  13. Is it being restored to CMBC’s 7183 or is it staying as BC Transit’s 9753?
  14. The 3 is back to trolleys after a long weekend of diesels.
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