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  1. Just saw a 250 reroute via Georgia, Burrard, Robson, Hornby due to some sort of incident on Burrard & Georgia. Also just saw a 2 going down Thurlow past Robson.
  2. The 17 and 25 are the next routes that will be seeing bus stop balancing. No date has been confirmed as to when the stop balancing will take place.
  3. How do they still have no route planned? If they want a route to Downtown Vancouver they could extend the Victoria Drive RapidBus to Bridgeport Stn via Victoria, Marine, Knight St Bridge, and Bridgeport Rd. I don’t think the 430 is the best route for RapidBus, but a route travelling from Brighouse Stn along Garden City and Cambie Rd to 22nd St Stn would probably gain the most ridership IMO.
  4. Then I guess it makes sense as to why they’re building MTC so close to VTC.
  5. Marpole Transit Centre. Or “siLvErtREE” as some people are still calling it for some reason, even though that name hasn’t been used for years.
  6. Judging from what I’ve seen in the Low Carbon Fleet Strategy, it looks like the plan is to move the VTC diesel routes to MTC when it opens in 2023/2024. I’m going to guess that they’ll move the R4 to VTC because I don’t see them ordering an additional 100+ trolleys to fill the empty spaces left from the transferred diesels, plus HTC is pretty far from 41st Ave. If they want chargers at Kootenay Loop they will have to update the layout to do so, which may require the acquisition of additional land. IMO Kootenay Loop needs to be expanded sooner rather than later as the current layout is con
  7. I’m fairly certain that the destination codes for the 10 haven’t been updated to the new stacked destinations as I’ve seen a couple training trips display the standard “10 Downtown” or “10 Granville.” I hope that they forgo the stacked destination signs and update the signs similar to the Express and RapidBus routes that aren’t using stacked signs (eg. “10 Granville St/To Waterfront Stn” and “10 Granville St/To Marine Dr Stn”). IMO that’s the best way to tell people who don’t know the system very well which area the bus will primarily run along and where it’s going while being able to read th
  8. I’m putting this here because I’ve never seen this before. 2532 is currently being pushed by a transit supervisor back to VTC after BO-ing on Marine & Cambie.
  9. I think the 15/50, 22, 100, 403, 405, 407, 410, and 430 will see the highest passenger volumes as a result of the strike, because they either serve multiple stations or connect to other routes at Knight Street Bridge. 5/6 (and maybe the 23) will see an increase in passenger volumes due to Yaletown Station being shutdown. 3, 10, and 17 will also see higher volumes due to the connection between Marine Drive and Downtown, as well as the 15/50 not running as frequently as those other three routes.
  10. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/canada-line-strike-update-february-1-2021 Canada Line may shutdown as early as 4pm today, nothing concrete has been stated yet. The 98 B-Line, hell even the 480, would be helpful right about now...
  11. So they’re going to have to add additional buses to FTN routes so drivers can get their somewhat-guaranteed breaks and enough time to charge the buses after each trip?
  12. Not necessarily related but I found images of D60LFs used by Rutgers University, definitely not a rip-off of our old pre-refurb B-Line livery.
  13. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to put a charger at every timed stop (bus bays and regular stops like Knight Street Bridge) served by BEBs to alleviate queues for the chargers? At least that way if a bus is late then it wouldn’t have to queue up at a terminus for charging, assuming whichever route the bus is on has a charger somewhere along the route between the termini.
  14. As someone who has lived in Edmonton for 10 years (a city that operated mainly D40LF and D40LFRs when I was living there), moving out to Van and experiencing the older Novas for the first time was disappointing and they never grew on me. To me they are still probably the worst buses in the entire fleet (although the DE60LFRs aren’t necessarily shining stars either) with their garbage ZF transmissions, (the newer buses with ZF seem better, especially the Nova Suburbans and Enviro500s), poor seating arrangement at the rear, and an overall not very pleasant riding experience. That being said, I a
  15. I will say the 2018-present Novas are much better than the 2007-2009 Novas.
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