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  1. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/translink-suspicious-network-activity-december-2020 Tapping with credit cards has also been disabled and debit/credit cards have also been disabled at CVMs.
  2. Why would anyone want to hack TMAC? Lol
  3. I think it would be a bit difficult to light up 8 black reindeer noses.
  4. 8010

    Canada Line

    Capstan Station is expected to be in service in early 2023.
  5. So every transit centre except Poco is getting reindeer buses this year? I thought Poco usually ran the reindeer shuttle.
  6. Just saw 2512 dewire on Marine just past Lord St, not even sure how that happened since there’s no switch and they got rid of the insulator there a few years back. Now it looks like a supervisor is checking it out.
  7. I saw them at both sets of rear doors on one of the 180XX XDE60s, not sure if they have them at the front doors though.
  8. The only shorter route I can think of that the 145’s resources (and possibly the 143’s, depending on bus integration) can be shifted over to make a RapidBus route is the 555/Hwy 1. Which wouldn’t be a bad idea considering Lougheed is one station away from the Gondola (again, using my route option 1 assumption for the Gondola) and the 555 was super busy prior to COVID. Plus you could either increase service on some suburban/decker routes or add a new suburban/highway route elsewhere by using some of the 555’s current resources like a direct route from Phibbs to Lougheed or Production via Highway 1 for example.
  9. I know this should probably be put in another thread, however this is somewhat Gondola-related, but how many buses did the 145 use prior to COVID? I assume if the Gondola’s route 1 is pushed into the Phase 3 plan (I’m assuming that majority of people will choose option 1 in the consultation survey) that by removing the 145 there may be enough buses (or at least some) for a new RapidBus route. I could be completely wrong though.
  10. 8010

    Canada Line

    Trains X25 and X29 also have cameras.
  11. Is it just me or does the SkyTrain/RapidBus chime on the 190XX XDE60s have the same raspy-ish speaker quality as the D60LFs?
  12. Design for Capstan Station: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/capstan-station-design-renderings-canada-line-skytrain
  13. I think the R6 will be running every 10 min or better throughout the day, that being said the 319 shouldn’t be running any less frequent than every 10 min. However, judging from the R4/41 planning, the 319 will probably be reduced to every 12-15 min and experience overcrowding in an effort to push the new RapidBus route. The R6/319 relationship will probably be somewhat similar to R3/701 in terms of the 701 clearly having more demand than the R3, partially because the R3’s stop spacing is so imbalanced that the route isn’t particularly useful to a lot of people, but also the fact that more people do use the local stops along Scott Rd/72nd Ave (much like Lougheed Hwy/Dewdney Trunk Rd) compared to people using the local stops along 41st Ave, as the 41st Ave corridor is mainly used to transfer to various North-South routes. The main reason why Scott Rd/72nd Ave isn’t necessarily used to connect to other routes is because there really aren’t many routes to connect to in the first place (due decades-long neglect from planners, like the North Shore) and Scottsdale Exchange is the main connection hub along the 319’s route, so the demand is mainly for local transit users.
  14. Quote in regards to the R6 not stopping at Scottsdale Exchange: "The new R6 RapidBus route does not enter Scottsdale exchange to ensure fast and reliable travel times. The R6 will not loop behind the mall or go around the bus loop and will therefore be able to provide a more direct service. Customers can still connect to other local routes as the R6 will stop at the Scott Rd and 72nd stop, or other along the route that share the stop. By not stopping in Scottsdale exchange the R6 RapidBus is able to stop on 72nd and Scott road whilst keeping to an 800M distance between stops. This means there is a shorter walking distance to access major destinations such as the Guru Nanak Gurdwara or the Scottsdale Centre mall." The R6 would connect to every local route that stops at Scottsdale Exchange, but I still think having a single key transfer location is better than 3 separate areas (84th Ave for 329, Scott Rd @ 72nd Ave for 310, 311, 312, 316, 340, 364, 391, and 124th St for 322).
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