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  1. If they could get buses to operate on Granville Street 24-7 there could be some night trolley service without the cost of additional infrastructure.
  2. The idea with the 620 replacement is just to be a more frequent highway express with one less stop (Tsawwassen Drive as ridership at that stop is almost non-existent). The route would still stop at Ladner Exchange and more stops could be added along the route in the future (Highway 17A @ Ladner Trunk Rd, Highway 17 @ Salish Sea Dr, etc.). My problem with the 211 still servicing Fairway Drive is it basically duplicates the 212 and anyone traveling through Fairway an estimated extra 10 minutes of travel time every time they're traveling somewhere between Deep Cove and Mt Seymour Parkway. And bus braking has improved dramatically since 30+ years ago.
  3. If possible, they could install trolley wires on Georgia Street WB between Seymour Street and Howe Street and have artic trolleys use the West Van Blue Bus stop on Georgia @ Granville.
  4. I read that the Millennium Line will be using 4-car trains during snowfall, does this mean they're pulling trains from the Expo Line or are they coupling the Mark 2s running on the M Line and reducing frequency?
  5. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1WEjh1N0bnU_mzweeO2wG9MS2duHzy5GJ&usp=sharing I haven't touched my map for awhile, here's what I've updated and plan on updating: • New routes: 120, 284, 317, 330, 338, 420, 918 • Rerouted the 101 to travel via Cumberland Street, 10th Avenue, Cariboo Road, regular route, service along Armstrong will be maintained by the 120 • Reintroduced service along McBride Boulevard with the new Route 120 • Route 620 has been replaced by the 918 RapidBus (I'm keeping the 9XX route numbers for now) • Route 211 no longer travels along Fairway Drive • Extended Route 100 to Bridgeport Station due to space limitations at Marine Drive Station • Extended the 281 to travel further along Smugglers Cove Road • Rerouted the 282 to travel via Village Drive • Split the 337 into the 337 and 338 with the 338 now providing service along 112th Avenue and 164th Street as well as East Fraser Heights • Extended the 315 to travel to Sunbury to provide two-way service (when combined with the 314) in that area • Rerouted the 283 to travel along Salal Road • Rerouted the 281 to travel along Adams Road west of Bowen Bay Road and along Whitesails Drive west of Reef Road • Rerouted the 609 back to Tsawwassen Drive, Highway 17, Salish Sea Drive, regular route • Simplified Routes 606 and 608 to provide two-way service along Clarence Taylor Crescent • Rerouted the 129 to travel via Imperial Street, Griffiths Drive, Edmonds Station • Rerouted the 182 to no longer travel along David Avenue to reduce duplication with the 183 • Rerouted the 322 to travel via 76th Avenue, 128th Street, regular route • Added River District Exchange • Rerouted the 252 to travel via Keith Road, 3rd Street, and Inglewood Avenue • Removed 254 and 256 service along 3rd Street • Rerouted the 363 to travel through East Morgan Heights • Rerouted the 116 to connect to the River District • Rerouted the 726 to travel along Carmichael Street • Added Queens Station to the Millennium Line • Added Albion Station to the West Coast Express • Rerouted the 351 to end at Ladner Exchange to reduce duplication with other routes traveling along Highway 99 to Bridgeport Station • Extended the 215 to travel along Indian River Crescent to Hixon Place • Rerouted the 210 to travel via Dundas, Renfrew, McGill, regular route to improve connections between North Shore and PNE • Redesigned the 352 to travel between 22nd Street Station and White Rock Centre • Rerouted the 371 to provide service along 140th Street and reduce duplication with the 337 and 373 • Rerouted the 373 to replace 371 service along Grosvenor Road • Removed 360 service to 26th Avenue, rerouted to travel along 24th Avenue west of 128th Street • Rerouted the 380 to travel along 154th Street Under Consideration: • New routes - 138 Joyce Station/Garden Village & 139 29th Avenue/Garden Village (interlined routes) via Burke Street, Willingdon Avenue, Moscrop Street, 29th Avenue • Restructure South Surrey and Langley Network (in progress) • Possible route travelling between Musqueam First Nation and Southlands via Dunbar Loop • Redesign the 28 to travel along Boundary Road between Kincaid Street and Burke Street • Merge routes 161 and 169 into a single route • Two-way service along Parkway Boulevard • Possible route traveling along 256th Street, 128th Avenue, Katonien Street (possible reroute of 729) • New route traveling along 32nd Avenue and 148th Street in South Surrey • Possible route traveling along 176th Street, 20th Avenue, Croydon Drive, and 156th Street in South Surrey • Possible extensions of Routes 20 and/or 407 to River District • Remove Route 605 • Redesign the 253 to travel through the Westmount area • New service in the West Cloverdale area • Reroute and shorten the 320 to reduce duplication with the 501 • Shorten the 250 to Dundarave, add new route traveling between Park Royal and Horshoe Bay via Marine Drive I'm still looking for ways to introduce transit to areas that currently have none through reducing route duplication and adding new routes.
  6. R3 will probably be the fastest RapidBus route as it mainly just travels along Lougheed Highway, but when I hear the name "RapidBus" I think BRT, not a slightly fancier B-Line. I believe it was one of the recent Surrey-Langley SkyTrain documents I read that said RapidBus is TransLink's Bus Rapid Transit, which is technically not true.
  7. IMO the 595 should've been rerouted to travel through 203rd Street and still end at Maple Meadows Station rather than a random extension from Maple Meadows. I thought the whole point of ordering the additional 47 RapidBus artics was so that there would be enough non-RB artics on non-RB routes... The whole RapidBus launch seems like a mess for a service that isn't even BRT.
  8. But why? Also, is the 804 cancelled now or is it just the PM trip?
  9. A single XN40 transfers to PTC and your immediate thought is that they retired a C40LFR? Not sure why they wouldn't have just transferred one of the last 3 2014 units at HTC but consistency isn't key when it comes to transfers.
  10. My bad for jumping to that conclusion. The Phase 2 document has a list of the fares leading up to 2027. My big problem with these small fare increases every year is that there's usually some weird amounts for different fares. For example adult 1-zone fare will be $3.20 next year, the way I see it just round up to $3.25. Quarters, loonies, and toonies are the most common coins in everyone's wallets (judging from what I've seen and heard at least), and fare increases every year is kind of annoying as you're adjusted to these new prices just for them to be changed again the next year. I would personally rather see larger fare increases every 2-3 years with better rounding to the nearest quarter than small incremental increases every year with (this is just my opinion) strange cent values per fare. I hope that made sense.
  11. I don't recall ever saying increasing the fares was going to fully cover the union's demands. It's still a better idea than the idiotic comments I've read about decreasing the pay TL execs to help cover the cost, which I believe covers less than 1% of the union's demands.
  12. I'd love to hear your brilliant idea on how to fund what the union is asking for.
  13. 8010

    Canada Line

    Train X22 is currently testing.
  14. Honestly I would rather see them just do a one-time fare-hike instead of the small increases every year that they're currently doing for the 10-year plan.
  15. The latest one I guess. It's definitely not the best but it's still better than what they have now. I support the strike but at the same time I gotta question if the strike is going to be worth the $60 picketing days for the workers.
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