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  1. I assume this is an old passenger counter? Noticed it on 7409 today after it and 2 other D40LFs arrived at King Edward Stn at the same time. Also, 7409's transmission is sounding kinda rough.
  2. The driver of 2202 had a slightly eventful first day on the 5/6 yesterday. He missed the turn onto Robson from Denman and was directed to go via Alberni and Bidwell to get back onto Robson. It's not every day you get to ride a trolley down the side streets lol.
  3. 8010

    Canada Line

    Might just be me but I'm pretty sure the speaker quality in the new trains is worse than the first 20 trains.
  4. It looks like they're trying to sneakily switch to paper transfers on the conventionals lol
  5. As much as I love the D40LFs, why are they doing this and why at VTC? Are they just trying to push whatever life is left in the training units?
  6. 8010

    Canada Line

    All stations from Marine to Yaletown have the new line diagrams. City Centre does not and I didn't see any at Waterfront. Haven't been on the Richmond or Sea Island portions of the line so I can't confirm anything on that side.
  7. Was there ever a reason why the first batch of L-drive Novas came with push-bars and sensors to open the rear doors? It could've been a mistake but I find it interesting that they are the only buses in the fleet that have that. After I found that out a couple years back I never touched the push-bars on those things ever again.
  8. To my knowledge drivers are technically not allowed to do much enforcement on anything mainly for the safety of themselves and the passengers, and we definitely don't have enough transit security/police to monitor everything. However, I do agree that masks should be mandatory. Once the passenger volumes start going up my transit use is going down even more than what it's been the last couple months.
  9. Plus the 9 will be the main route along Broadway between Main Street and Commercial Drive, sure it's probably less ridership compared to the Granville - Cambie segment, but it's still a considerable shift since there will no longer be any express service along that segment of Broadway and not everyone will switch over to the Millennium Line.
  10. That's true, but I was talking about after the Broadway extension begins operating. I don't really see them reducing much service on the 9 when it reverts back to trolleys as Broadway will still be very busy. I could be wrong though.
  11. Surrey-Langley SkyTrain project is delayed, not really surprising.
  12. 19301 was given more than a peak block on the 100 today.
  13. I find it strange that the Broadway trolley reroutes got pushed back to their original June date instead of May 18th, I didn't think much scheduling changes would be happening with the reroutes, except maybe the 14 as it has the most drastic reroute out of the 3 routes. I also don't see the 41 trolley conversion being a permanent change if they're still putting Novas on the route now unless they plan on ordering additional trolleys within the next 5 years.
  14. I can understand why most people think the Girardins are better than ARBOCs, but as a 6'4" individual my main complaint about the Girardins is the lower clearance compared to the ARBOCs. I understand the complaints on the overall design of the ARBOCs as well, they are far from perfect but IMO the interior layout is better. As @Express691 said, a bus is a bus. Even if I disagree with some of the choices they've made when it comes to ordering and managing their buses at least we are getting more and more buses on the roads every year.
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