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  1. Does anyone know why the 9 to UBC is a peak-only seasonal service but the 14 goes to UBC all day, everyday? I always thought it should be the other way around considering the 9 covers all of Broadway with the 99.
  2. I'm just gonna put this here because I doubt it'll ever happen, but I think TL should keep all-door boarding on all routes after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
  3. It's definitely a pretty big improvement over the service that's currently provided. The trip towards British Properties will be a lot shorter for you since you wouldn't be going through the long and windy western half of British Properties. I've taken the full route myself a couple years back and that first half of the trip took forever.
  4. These are the proposed route changes mentioned for the 254/256. Personally I'd rather see the 254 travel to Dundarave from 15th Street rather than making a loop between Park Royal and British Properties as it would provide a more direct connection between Dundarave, 15th Street, and British Properties.
  5. Thank you for for your input on the ideas I shared, I'm glad that you like the overall concept. My reasoning/response for some of the things you've mentioned: Route 250 - I agree that the frequency could be increased a bit, however, my main reasoning behind the reduction in service is that I assume people traveling between Downtown and Park Royal (as well as 14th Street) would choose to take the faster, more frequent RapidBus that uses artics instead of 40-footers. Route 253 - I've taken this route a couple times and once it passes Park Royal the bus is about half-full or emptier for the rest of the trip and overall ridership is pretty low, which is why I suggested the conversion to shuttles. Route 254 - similar reasoning as the 253, plus it looks like in the Phase 2 plan TransLink wants to improve the directness of routes 254 & 256. I assume that they're going to be using the proposed changes in the North Shore Area Transport Plan, which includes the conversion to shuttles (there's no mention of frequency increases but I would assume some increases in service might be necessary), as well as restructuring both routes to provide two-way service in Britsh Properties and Whitby Estates.
  6. 8010

    Canada Line

    No, I don't know if they're going to or not. It would make sense to change them, maybe when all the signage is updated.
  7. 8010

    Canada Line

    New station signage and line diagrams have been slowly rolling out on the Canada Line, I'm not sure if they're going to be adding diagrams on each platform similar to the Expo & Millennium Lines but the diagrams on concourse levels now give the platforms numbers instead of inbound/outbound.
  8. I'm saying before all the remaining D60LFs transferred to Poco was probably the last time any artic made an appearance on the 430 (IIRC).
  9. I don't think there's been an artic on the 430 since RTC had D60LFs.
  10. Considering there isn't a single Orion out I'm guessing you're right.
  11. Here's the signs that'll be showing up on Monday. Passengers will be asked to avoid standing on the bus. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/wentworth-lands-west-vancouver-gondola An interesting concept. It would address some of the north-south connection issues brought up back in the North Shore Area Transport Plan.
  12. Now the 125 is being discontinued tomorrow apparently, although it looks like there's no service today. All school special routes were cancelled as of Tuesday and the 258 has been cancelled since the 17th. Routes 42, 150, and 179 are cancelled until further notice.
  13. I could only see them putting a charge at Marine Drive Station if they were gonna do short-turn trips. Knight is more likely because it's a time point and buses usually sit there for a few minutes. They could also just install another charger at either end of the route if they're planning on making it fully electric soon.
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