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  1. Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    There could be a station at Camosun Street as it would be right in the middle of the two stations and within proximity of the redevelopment area.
  2. SFU/Skytrain Gondola

    The SFU Gondola was listed as a potential project for the 10-Year Plan but now it isn't? It can't be any more expensive than building a Light Rail line out to Langley.
  3. Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    You're right, but I think the extension to UBC could be included in Phase 3 if the Arbutus Extension is constructed and talks about funding for the future extension go well between TransLink, City of Vancouver, Mayor's Council, and UBC.
  4. The Unloading Bay, nothing could go wrong there. Artics could work if a curb was cut and the 388 & C98 shared a Bay. But you're right about the Unload Bay, I hope that it would be fixed before artics are put on or else they might have to Unload in another Bay. I would assume a new hourly shuttle route would eventually be put in as it is never busy, yesterday I was on a via Trapp bus and he missed the turn onto Willard and had to turn onto the dirt road on 14th Ave to get back on route, he picked up one passenger along the via Trapp route.
  5. Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    I do agree that Vancouver is getting more service increases compared to the suburbs, or any other municipality for that matter, but Vancouver does have higher ridership. Although I will say that the suburbs seem to be the very back end of the 10-Year Plan, which is unfortunate. If the 99 was to be fully replaced by the Millennium Line there could be greater increases to suburban services, but knowing TransLink they'll just move all trips used by the 99 to other B-Lines.
  6. Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    That's true, but TransLink seems very hesitant to include it in the Mayor's Plan, even though they would save more money obtaining funding from UBC now and not waiting 10+ years when land value increases.
  7. I was talking with a driver on the 100 yesterday and he said that artics are coming to the 100 soon to deal with the overcrowding.
  8. Broadway SkyTrain Extension

    Projected Millennium Line to UBC Timeline: June 2018 (anticipated) – Launch Procurement for Extension to Arbutus – Relies on inclusion in TransLink’s 10-year Investment Plan 2018-2019 (anticipated) – TransLink identifies next round of investments through Regional Transportation Strategy – Opportunity to confirm extension to UBC as regional priority 2019 (targeted) – Secure Funding for Project Development for Extension to UBC – UBC to work with TransLink and City of Vancouver to advance business case and get ready for procurement 2021 (targeted) – Secure funding for Project Delivery of Extension to UBC – Relies on commitments from senior levels of government and regional partners, including UBC 2022 (targeted) – Launch Procurement for Extension to UBC – Relies on inclusion in TransLink 10-year Investment Plan 2025 (anticipated) – Millennium Line Extension to Arbutus Opens – B-Line Bus service connects Arbutus to UBC 2028 (targeted) – Millennium Line Extension to UBC Opens This information comes from the official UBC website
  9. I just shared DailyHive's article on the Service thread, hopefully they secure funding by 2021 and get the line running by 2028.
  10. To anyone who hasn't been to the 10-Year Plan website recently, here's how much of the 10-Year Plan is currently funded: SkyTrain Broadway Extension - 1% Surrey LRT - 1% Bus & HandyDART - 45% Rail - 40% Transit Exchanges - 31% Major Road Network - 25% Walking & Cycling - 33% SeaBus - 100% Mobility Innovation - 10% Current Total Amount - 32% http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/ubc-broadway-subway-funding-campus The 99 B-Line could end sooner than we thought. It also looks like there could be an additional station at UBC.
  11. The Millennium Line could probably be elevated along University Blvd to UBC as it looks like there's enough space to fit a Guideway in between the Eastbound and Westbound lanes.
  12. Should I add/remove anything to the suggested route changes? I was thinking of sending the suggested route changes to TransLink's Planning Department eventually since SoF (South of Fraser) Transit is currently not at a very ideal state.
  13. Canada Line train 01 is finally using the current announcements after I menioned to TransLink on Twitter that it was still using the old announcements.