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  1. 8102-8104 do not have the B-Line branding since they were in West Van up until late-August last year.
  2. A bus that makes a whistling sound when it's being driven.
  3. They should've given ExpressBus a different name like CommuterBus or something.
  4. I think the main reason is similar to the cancelled Fraser Highway B-Line, TransLink doesn't want to waste money on RapidBus infrastructure on the 99 if half of the route is being replaced in a few years with the Millennium Line. Once it's shortened to Arbutus Station it could become RapidBus, but if they proceed with the UBC Extension a few years after Broadway then it most likely will not become RapidBus.
  5. I think there's some maintenance being done on the XDE60s in Surrey, but that's still no reason why they choose to send the 15000s to Richmond instead of Surrey. To me it seems like they just want to push the D60LFs out of Richmond as quickly as possible.
  6. Found an image of a mockup RapidBus bus stop sign on Reddit. Looks like the 41st Ave B-Line will indeed be called R4.
  7. Some info on the future of Route 23: • Additional seasonal service is being kept permanently starting this year • TransLink is currently working with CoV to explore ways to get 40-foot buses on the route, which includes moving the turn-around near Denman @ Davie, removing some parking spaces, and possibly some required road upgrades
  8. Is there a map of the entire proposed network like past ATPs? Also, I've noticed that there's no proposed frequencies on the service improvement table.
  9. I hope this isn't a repeat of the inspection issues the 2018 Nova hybrids had back in August.
  10. Have the Novas been wrapped yet?
  11. Consistency is definitely non-existent when it comes to TransLink's liveries.
  12. From the looks of it they moved all of their metro products under a single brand, the Innovia Metro brand has been discontinued but the actual product is still in production.
  13. Nothing big but according to Bombardier's website the Innovia Metro 300 has been renamed to Movia Metro.
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