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  1. 8010

    Random Photos - Vancouver and area

    I'm pretty sure they are the same seats, just with added headrests.
  2. 8010

    Random Photos - Vancouver and area

    They definitely look worse, but the seats in the 2008 Orions aren't great either.
  3. 8010

    Surrey Rapid Transit / Surrey Light rail

    I think 7 of 8 council members from the same party were elected.
  4. 8010

    Surrey Rapid Transit / Surrey Light rail

    I'd say the LRT is done, there's no way CoS will approve any Light Rail construction now that McCallum is in. As for the "other Surrey requirements", is this referencing transit or other City-based requirements?
  5. More like "250 Horseshoe Bay via Dundarave" because the 257 also travels via Park Royal, but that's just going to confuse people who end up catching a 250A Dundarave bus instead of a 250 Horseshoe Bay bus.
  6. I thought the Cemetery Service was just a 250 to Park Royal since it pretty much duplicated the route.
  7. 8010

    West Vancouver Blue Bus

    I would've preferred having the 262 renamed to the 259 but oh well, it's still better than having two route numbers serving the same route.
  8. Pretty much, although 5 of the 32 double deckers coming next year are for expansion.
  9. 8010

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    And no one is complaining about it afaik.
  10. The Woodlands Line is another SkyTrain Line because if it was another Millennium Line extension the line would be way too long. Most of the line would be above ground as it would be cheaper and easier, although parts of it may need to be below ground to minimize overall disruptions (between Golden Ears Bridge and Carvolth Exchange would probably be one of the possible underground parts). I am looking into bus routes from Vancouver to Whistler, as well as Commuter Rail.
  11. That's true, I could probably put the 100 and the Victoria Drive B-Line out on EB Marine Dr. Just curious as to where on Cambie there is room for NB buses? I suppose if the bike lanes were removed there would be room. I would like to move the 3 out of the loop and make another route layover in the loop like the 16 or the 32.
  12. http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/north-shore-wastewater-treatment-plant-north-vancouver Not really related to service but I find it funny that after opposing a new Transit Centre and Costco, the NIMBYs get a sewage plant.
  13. 8010

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    I'd say more like Spring/Summer 2019 because HTC is supposed to get 47 XN40s right after Surrey's 106 XN40s are finished arriving around December.