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  1. Perhaps that change is being implemented at a later date then.
  2. Is the 281's split still happening? I can't find a schedule or route map for the 282 anywhere.
  3. 8010

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Wouldn't it be 17 buses if 10 of the XD40s are going to West Van?
  4. Looks like the 418 is getting a small reroute/extension.
  5. 8010

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    I would assume so, depending on what shape they're in.
  6. 8010

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    All of the current 81 HEVs at VTC are going to be pushed out to other Transit Centres for service expansion.
  7. They would have to do the re-wiring before September 2019, which shouldn't be much work since it's only a very small portion of the wires that needs to be redone, it looks like the West Stationhouse will only be used for unloads and layovers for the 26 and 27. All remaining CXX routes are getting renumbered in September.
  8. Here is a design map for Joyce Station for when the upgrades are complete. (The 26 & 27's changes will be happening at a later date)
  9. Judging by what I see on the station designs, yes. It looks like the 28's Bay will be near the corner of WB Vaness & Joyce while the 41/43 Bay will be near the new bike parade at the east stationhouse. It also looks like the 26 and 27 will be pushed out of the existing loop and onto Joyce Street in the future while making the current loop a layover area.
  10. Joyce Station's new East stationhouse loop will open August 13th and will be the new permanent location for routes 28, 41, and 43.
  11. 8010

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    That's true but all of the trolleys have rear door Compass readers as well, I guess they're for the people who feel like getting on at the back and the 1 all-door boarding stop at Main & Terminal. (not sure if that's even an official all-door boarding stop) I've also seen people queue up for the 20 like it's an all-door boarding route and the driver opened all the doors.
  12. 8010

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    7197 currently has no Compass readers by the rear doors.
  13. 8010

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Apparently they're all going to Blanca today but they're still displaying 14 UBC. Not sure what the point of doing that is.