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  1. Final names of the stations for the Broadway Extension: https://buzzer.translink.ca/2020/09/broadway-subway-station-name-to-feature-emily-carr/
  2. According to ARBOC's website the SOM bodies are fully laminated.
  3. I think I would support a SkyTrain line along the SeaBus route if there was an opportunity to further extend that line to Phibbs or Lynn Valley from Lonsdale, assuming that line was already travelling to Park Royal on opening day. SkyTrain also has more capacity compared to SeaBus, which makes it a better choice in the long-term should SeaBus ridership increase to the point that the ferry service is at-capacity during peak times. A Canada Line extension doesn't seem like a very feasible option, plus the existing line will probably be at-capacity during peak times before 2050 unless they rebuild the entire line to use at least 3-car trains (an actual middle car, not the small c-car that they currently have provisioned), but I would prefer to see 4-car trains used if they are serious about extending the line North of Waterfront or South of Brighouse. I'll also add that adding a spur down Burrard Street is pointless when the existing line already travels 4 blocks East of Burrard Street. IMO option 5B should be extended to Metrotown to provide a direct connection to the Expo Line. Once the Langley Extension is complete, I think they should leave the Expo Line alone and stop trying to extend it everywhere. I think it's a bit of a no-brainer that between options 2A and 3A, option 2A is the best option due to the connections at Park Royal and Lions Gate Village.
  4. I appreciate your comments on the RapidBus and local route changes. If you check out my map below you'll see that I've got majority of the local route changes you mentioned, right now I'm trying to figure out a better solution for routes 31, 116, and 146 (118 on map) when it comes to connecting to River District. You may want to filter out NightBus routes when using the map because I just started working on those routes last week and right now it looks like a bit of a mess. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1WEjh1N0bnU_mzweeO2wG9MS2duHzy5GJ&usp=sharing
  5. North Shore SkyTrain Study: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2020TRAN0144-001729
  6. 8010

    Canada Line

    Train X02 has been fitted with interior cameras around the middle sets of doors (L2/R2).
  7. Not sure why the conventional 562 trips are falling under the 509 since it doesn't look like any 509 blocks include the 562.
  8. Since before the 44 stopped running, the 84 may have been updated after but I do remember seeing the updated destinations for the route.
  9. Roughly how many deckers will be on the 351? I haven't really been paying attention to how many are currently used on the 301, 555, and 620 at one time.
  10. Waterfront Station and I believe Main Street Station have recently received Bay numbers as well.
  11. Having the Gondola end at Lake City would ease some passenger volumes at Production Way, but the station is currently served by a single infrequent bus route, plus Expo Line passengers probably don’t want to transfer. I’ll look more into this later today, but if they’re the same 3 options originally proposed I think I understand what you’re talking about in terms of the NIMBY mention.
  12. Forgot to mention that I saw a WCE train sitting at Pacific Central Station a couple days ago. Not sure how often this has happened so I don’t know if it would be considered a special sighting or not.
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