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  1. That would be nice if the C88 is split in September, since there is currently no way of telling the difference between the clockwise and the counterclockwise routes unless you're at a stop with a schedule panel, which may just be Ladner Exchange if I remember correctly. It may be too early to know but will routes 280, 281, and 282 have frequency increases? From what I know they run every 60-120+ minutes, which is pretty bad if you ask me. I understand that the reason their frequencies are so bad is probably due to low ridership (even though I can't find any ridership data), but the ridership won't increase if the frequencies remain at this beyond minimal level.
  2. 8010

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Some LFS's will probably be pushed out to RTC as well for the 430 and SWATP changes.
  3. 8010

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    VTC currently doesn't have any air conditioned buses. Apparently they're supposed to go into service fall 2018 when we don't need the air conditioning.
  4. 8010

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    I just got an email from CMBC confirming that the new Novas' seating configuration has been updated to have more side facing seats and fewer rear facing seats. Also but the sounds it all of them will be going to VTC as the email mentions that they will be going to VTC and doesn't mention anything about HTC.
  5. Why is TransLink keeping the C96/416 route in the finalized SWATP? It's such a pointless route to keep, the 404 should've been extended to Bridgeport Station from Brighouse Station via Westminster Highway and No.4 Road instead.
  6. I saw trolleys on both the 4 and the 14 display "To Blanca" on Saturday, so yes the diesel service is only on weekdays.
  7. Light Rail lines in Surrey. But in all honesty, we'd probably see the Millennium Line to UBC between 2028-2030 and increases in bus service. Although a Millennium Line extension to Maple Ridge would be nice but that would probably cost more than $3.5 billion.
  8. I think the 603/604 could be rerouted to serve the Kinsmen Retirement Centre, though it may be a little tight for conventionals but it should be able to work, or it could just be hourly service like the 100's via Trapp routing. The shuttles could go towards more frequent peak service on the 310 and the 609 (since the 609 is supposed to merge with the 619). I'm hoping that the 609 will be extended to Ladner Exchange in the future if the 61X shuttle routes are discontinued to provide some additional service in Ladner Village as well as new service along River Road. I never really thought about this until yesterday, now I wish I thought of the idea earlier so that I could've mentioned it during the SWATP consultation.
  9. Would replacing majority of the Shuttle routes in Ladner/Tsawwassen shuttles with off-peak/weekend service on the peak-only routes a good idea? Examples: C84/614 would be replaced by the 603/604 South Delta Exchange/Beach Grove/English Bluff. C86/616 and C88/618 would be replaced by the 606/608 Ladner Ring, the 606/608 would also be extended to serve Admiral Way. The off-peak/weekend service on the 603/604 and 606/608 could be used with Community Shuttles if ridership is low. The off-peak/weekend service on the 603/604 would not travel to Bridgeport Station, but rather just end at South Delta Exchange.
  10. 8010

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    I saw 7112 heading NB on Cambie yesterday, it was probably headed to Car Free Day on Denman Street.
  11. 8010

    Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    No, TransLink has not retired a single SkyTrain car since it began operating in 1985, unless you count the demonstrator trains which were never used for revenue service.
  12. Since next week is the last week of spring I think it's safe to assume that the finalized SWATP will be released sometime next week. Unless it's going to be released late.
  13. 8010

    Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    Yes, the Mark I's are still in service, although TransLink is planning on replacing most, if not all Mark I cars with Mark III's between 2021 and 2032.
  14. Where did you find the results for the consultation?
  15. Is it just me or are the New Flyers usually a lot cleaner than the Novas?