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  1. 9711, 9715 at Secaucus. Assigned to Manhattanvillle.
  2. Assigned and training. I think you missed what I said the other day. MCH is due 17 buses this month. Once they are done training with 9564 the rest of the buses in the production group will be delivered. They are expected to get at least 4 buses to start. Training for maintainers, and drivers. EN and GA batches are later on.
  3. 1387, 1392.. E'chester (Delivered) 1389, 1390, 1391, 1393.. Secaucus, enroute to E'chester.
  4. Small update: Manhattanville has acquired the following buses: 3965: Queens Vill to MHV 3996, 3997 Fresh Pond to Manhattanville 4172: Stengel to Manhattanville 4571: Grand Avenue to Manhattanville. Now, we have some severe teething problems with the HEV orders. Kingsbridge have not ran their buses within the last month. However, Manhattanville and TU are running their buses sporadically. In other news: 9563, 9564, 9565, 9566 are all in New York City. 9564, at Zerega. All others are at NEBR/Queens/JFK Airport. Hale is due for 17 production units later t
  5. 0012 is still at MQ at the garage. I don't think that's expected to be out today. if it is M42 would be the ideal place to catch it. You have pictures???? As I stated previously due to a serious mechanical issue that Quill is unable to fix, the bus had to be towed away from Quill and sent back to New Flyer. I'm not sure if it's the new flyer plant in Upstate New York near Rochester/Buffalo or in Minnesota. My guess is the latter, and not upstate. 6692- swing bus is now moved to East New York from Gleason.
  6. Before this rumor gets out hand. I will clear it up for you...... 0011 went back to New Flyer to fix a problem that Quill Maintenance is unable to perform so therefore New Flyer sent a tow truck to MQ and it was sent out. All others are still in service at Quill. So before everyone here thinks the buses are gone, they are not.
  7. Damm, good question. Probably it got banged up at the depot. That’s my guess.
  8. 1395, 1397.. Eastchester 9713, 9717-9719. Manhattanville. 9654. Kingsbridge
  9. All forementioned buses have returned back to JFK depot. No longer at LaGuardia. It appears that buses will be rented out by Stengel as always the case every year. Summer pick 6/27/21.
  10. That bus has been a ping pong for a while. It’s an apparent long term loan to Stengel. The other forementioned buses are for the extra beach bus service until Labor Day. They are in the system apparently for LaGuardia.
  11. That bus is at the ENY CMF getting repaired. Not retired or scrap. This has been confirmed by a few people at NYCTF including an ENY bus op currently working there. TTMG shouldn’t have taken that off their roster.
  12. 2218. Spring Creek 2222 no longer scrap at Eastchester. Maybe enroute to Spring Creek or JFK 2219, 2227 confirmed at JFK MORAL OF THE STORY: 2008’s are moving to MTA BUS and not hitting the scrap yard.
  13. 7851 is now in New York City. 6692, 6704, 6714, 6727, are at Gleason. Being used as swing/storage buses. Those buses aren’t officially for Gleason nor appears in Gleason’s roster. 6698 is at East New York. Has decals, and is also used for swing/storage bus purposes only.
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