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  1. Found Gillig 5258 on 52 Roeser.
  2. Found Giliig 5244 on 52-Roeser.
  3. Spotted 5236 headed south on 40th st from University Dr with destination sign "main link" "to sycamore t/c".
  4. Saw 8106 on 41 Indian School around 2:10pm, also 8110 "not in service" turn southbound onto 44th St from Indian School.
  5. Found #8113 operating on 60 Bethany Home today, Been noticing 60 footers on the 60 lately. At least 1 mostly on Fridays and once in a while during the week, most of the time there are Gilligs and 2007 D40LF. On the weekends sometimes there is a NABI.
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