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  1. How far do you guys live from the division you were placed?
  2. I live up near Newmarket. I'm just hoping to get a division which is the most north (Arrow, Wilson, or McNicoll).
  3. Any tips regarding parking near Hillcrest for Documentation? Mine starts at noon.
  4. How possible is it to receive two consecutive weeks of vacation?
  5. Just got my call for documentation on April 13th! Finally! That was a long wait. Lol
  6. Congrats! Hopefully I'll get the call soon as well.
  7. I think the best advice I have for people who are waiting for documentation calls or training date calls is to just send an email to the recruiter you were assigned to. That's what they're there for, to help you through the process.
  8. Got a letter from MTO stating that I passed my medical. Still waiting for documentation date.
  9. Did you receive a call for documentation?
  10. Anyone get any calls for documentation this week yet?
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