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  1. Lol.....seriously. Hey Deepak, maybe send your coordinator an email and ask for an update. I asked mine a question by email after my interview and they responded right away. If they don’t respond to you then it’s prob a bad sign.
  2. Does anyone know how the random drug tests are conducted? Do they randomly meet you at the start of your shift or pull you off your bus? I figure it would be a swab test but maybe it’s urine or blood. I don’t care either way but needles stress me out lol.
  3. Thanks leylandvictory2, I was beginning to lose hope that anybody would respond.
  4. Which divisions would be considered best/worst to work at? Taking things like seniority, routes, crime, management, staff, fleet, as examples of criteria. Personal opinions is what i’m Looking for.
  5. Thanks ghost. At documentation they said the binder is like 10 inches thick. That’s crazy if it’s true lol. They suggested a wheeled carry on luggage bag. If there’s a hat and vest to carry too then the luggage bag is prob a good idea.
  6. Is a knapsack large enough to carry training materials once training starts?
  7. How do they typically contact you for documentation and/or to let you know you passed the medicals? Mail, email, phone call? I did my medicals about a month ago. My police clearance came back clear 3 weeks ago. Hoping to start training by mid May latest.
  8. Hey Ari, The aptitude test is about 50 questions long. They say you won’t have time to finish it so the goal is to get as many as you can right. Guess if you have to cuz you won’t be penalized for getting a wrong answer. I do know people that finished all 50 questions in the 12 min time limit. I only answered 25 questions and yet I still got to the interview stage. I would have done much better on the test but some of the questions have more than one answer and I wasn’t sure if I had to use a coma, & symbol, or just right the answer beside each other in the little space given for the answer. If that sounds confusing maybe it will become clearer once you have the test in front of you. I ultimately chose to use a coma.
  9. If you mean April 23rd 2017 then you def should have received a call for documentation by now. If you mean April 23rd 2018 then you must be a time traveler since that day hasn’t arrived yet for the majority of folks on this forum unfortunately.
  10. I’d stick with MiWay MarkyMark. Tough decision but I learned a long time ago that a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Unless you are certain that MiWay would hire you back if things go south at TTC.
  11. I haven’t been able to reach all of my references for the past 5 years & I left one of my positions on bad terms over a money dispute so I’d rather not use them as a reference. I have a few questions that I’m hoping someone can answer. Also, even though there’s almost 400 pages on this board I’ve been a little frustrated by how many repeat answers there are & really very few of the answers I was hoping to find are non existent. 1) How many references do they really ask for? Can I just give them my primary work reference or will they demand even short term part-time references? 2) I can obtain a police check in one day. Can’t I just provide them with a copy of my police check at the interview to speed up the process? What is the process for the vulnerable police check letter that people keep referring to? 3) What are they looking for with the medical testing? What if you have a medical issue that you are taking meds for but is completely under control but would like to keep private. Do you have to disclose it & would certain medical conditions deter them from hiring you? 4) Once hired, do divisions have free parking for employees? 5) Once hired, if you need to take a day off for a funeral or brothers wedding for example, is that possible? 6) I’ve had many jobs in my life & there’s no way that I can remember them all let alone the months that I started & ended each one. How would/did you handle this issue? I don’t expect anyone one person to answer all these questions but if you have info that may help answer any of the above questions it would be greatly appreciated.
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