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  1. Today: • 40-224 was on the 420 this evening. It has a new front bumper. • 37-050 was on the 105 this evening. It is missing its rear fleet number.
  2. I was referring to the distance between the airport and Dorval terminus. But yes you are correct, airport buses end up on the 485 because of its short runs. ————— Yesterday: • 30-080 was ET on Sherbrooke street in the morning with a rear fleet number in the new font style. • 28-067 was on the 138 this afternoon.
  3. I am also confused as to why we have so many airport configured buses that are only most effective on the 747 (and to some degree the 485 due to Dorval terminus being close to YUL). They end up dumping these buses on some busier routes at rush hour and the luggage racks makes it quite difficult to circulate and stand in the bus. 37-003 does the same noise and I can remember 37-086 sounding similar when slowing down. Last time I took 37-054 (couple months ago), it did sound kind of odd. ————— • 31-166 was on the 24-O this afternoon with the old oval NovaBus emblem at the front. • 31-032 arrived at Du College as the 72 at 17:55. • 28-112 was on the 204 this evening near YUL. • 28-081 was parked at Lionel-Groulx as the 211 this evening around 19:40. It has the FR rear bumper.
  4. Yesterday: • 26-031 was on the 24 at morning rush-hour. • 26-017 was on 427 near Guy-Concordia metro at around 8:30. It wasn’t tracking.
  5. I took 30-001 about two weeks ago and it did not have a luggage rack.
  6. Today: • 37-034 was on the 105 this evening. It wasn’t tracking and it has been listed as inactive since July. • 31-001 was on the 105 for the whole day. I’m glad that I didn’t take this unit. Yes I know, very interesting sightings!!!
  7. Yesterday: • 25-220 was on the 161-E in the evening at around 20:20. Today: • 26-068 was on the 24 this evening.
  8. 40-232 was on the 77 this evening. This may be the last bus to run this route as it will be removed from the fall schedule.
  9. I saw 2 unidentifiable 40-9xx buses heading west on Monkland/Cavendish, probably ET for Montreal-West about 20 minutes ago.
  10. Today: • FR’s 26-034 was on the 109 this morning. • FR’s 27-024 was on the 113 at around noon. • 30-002 was on the 37 at around noon. It does not have a luggage rack anymore. • I took FR’s 26-035 on the 104 early this afternoon. Their 26-057 was on the 138 at the same time. • I got on 29-031 on the 179 this evening. Some of its seats have the old blue leather padding.
  11. I agree with you on that one. I also hope that SN gets a break from that hot potato that is called the 747. Yesterday: • MR’s 37-085 was on the 105 in the evening. • FR’s 26-044 was on the 138 around 19:00. • 30-010 and 30-011 were on the 105 at evening rush hour. Both don’t have the luggage racks anymore, as mentioned previously.
  12. Today: • 37-018 was on the 105 this afternoon. It is not tracking. • I caught AN’s 28-001 on the 810 shuttle bus this evening, most likely running out of SL. • 30-001 was parked at Vendôme doing the 102. It has that very underwhelming new front display patterns when “En transit”.
  13. Yesterday: • 40-064 was on the 138 yesterday in the afternoon with a blue spaced out rear fleet number like on 29-081. • 31-060 was being towed on Lucerne street headed for SN at around 16:15. • SL’s 28-114 was parked inside SN and I saw MR’s 36-010 heading there a little bit before. It has a helvetica rear font fleet number. • 37-004 was parked outside SN with missing parts around its front headlights. Sadly I wasn’t able to take a sufficiently good picture to show. Today: • LE’s 30-866 was on the 165 this morning. ————— Buses that I’ve seen with a functional new card reader in the past days: 30-005, 37-066, 40-017, 40-115
  14. 25-248 was ET on Sherbrooke street this morning at around 8:40, most likely having finished the 51-O.
  15. I don’t like to spread hearsay but someone on the MdeM forum saying that they might have seen 40-254 last fall. I walked by SN2 yesterday but the door was closed so I couldn’t see anything. Would be interesting to see if the VIN numbers of the remaining undelivered 40s would correspond to those with some of the 41s. Link: https://www.metrodemontreal.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12430&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=4480 40-911 was parked inside SN next to door 12 and an unidentifiable fellow New Flyer bus in STM livery was parked outside at the back.
  16. Thursday: • FR’s 26-060 was on the 78 close to noon. Today: • I caught 40-017 early this morning on the 90. The new card reader was in working order for passengers to use. The screen displays few information including the route number and displays a yellow screen when the fare is accepted (IDK for refused fares). There was no chime on the new reader unlike on the farebox. Unrelated, this bus has a helvetica rear font fleet number. • MR’s 30-058 was on the 104 around 11:30.
  17. Wednesday: • 25-243 was on the 51-O in the evening at Fielding/Cavendish around 17:10.
  18. I’ve seen that before but the numbers were 680 and 681. I have no idea when or where it was used. ————— Thursday: • 36-014 was on the 51 at PM rush. It was not tracking and was last seen in service about a year ago according to FleetStats. Saturday: • FR’s 26-051 was on the 105 in the afternoon. Very odd sight but the only nice bus at SN while it was there. Sunday: • 30-044 broke down on St-Jacques/Cavendish early in the morning. • 31-217 was on the 78 at around noon. It may have been a renfort and looked like it wasn’t tracking. Monday: • 31-081 was on the 105 in the afternoon, not tracking.
  19. Do they still send retired buses outside St-Laurent? They did that for the 21s 22s and 23s IIRC. If it’s the case then maybe we can still have hope for 24-301 to stay for a little longer, unless it’s broken down or at SL. I am probably misinformed but can someone clarify?
  20. Wednesday: • AN’s 27-002 was on the 105 in the morning and their 30-131 was on the 103 early in the afternoon. • MR’s 26-059 was on the 102 in the afternoon. Thursday: • SD’s 31-010 was on the 105 at PM rush hour. • I took 38-027 on the 24 in the evening. The engine picked up revs faster, similar to the TTC hybrids.
  21. Stalker bus for me seems to be 37-002. For some reason, every time I come out of Vendôme to take the 105-O, this bus appears more than the others. I generally try to avoid it lol. ————— Sunday: • I caught 37-058 on the 105. It doesn’t have a functional iBus. • SD’s 31-020 was on the 105 early in the evening. Yesterday: • AN’s 30-131 was on the 105 in the evening.
  22. According to FleetStats, SN’s 37-069 would have done the 46 for the whole day. I know SD doesn’t have the facility to store hybrids but could some of their drivers have already been trained to drive them since they split ways their operations between LE and SN in ‘19? EDIT: I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just parked at SN, but it does seem that the bus runs out of SD, currently doing the 18 (accessibility run) on St-Laurent/St-Zotique according the tracker app.
  23. Yesterday: • AN’s 30-104 was on the 105 in the evening. Today: • 40-048 was on the 110 in the afternoon. It has a helvetica font rear fleet number and is missing its priority shield. • AN’s 39-089 was on the 105 this evening. • MR’s 27-020 was on the 102 in the evening. • 31-059 was also on 105 this evening. It’s tracker wasn’t working. • MR’s 30-060 was on the 90 in the afternoon.
  24. No sightings for me so far, but I went to check FleetStats for fun and noticed that a large chunk of LS 29s are inactive.
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