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  1. Yesterday: • 26-031 was on the 24 at morning rush-hour. • 26-017 was on 427 near Guy-Concordia metro at around 8:30. It wasn’t tracking.
  2. I took 30-001 about two weeks ago and it did not have a luggage rack.
  3. Today: • 37-034 was on the 105 this evening. It wasn’t tracking and it has been listed as inactive since July. • 31-001 was on the 105 for the whole day. I’m glad that I didn’t take this unit. Yes I know, very interesting sightings!!!
  4. Yesterday: • 25-220 was on the 161-E in the evening at around 20:20. Today: • 26-068 was on the 24 this evening.
  5. 40-232 was on the 77 this evening. This may be the last bus to run this route as it will be removed from the fall schedule.
  6. I saw 2 unidentifiable 40-9xx buses heading west on Monkland/Cavendish, probably ET for Montreal-West about 20 minutes ago.
  7. Today: • FR’s 26-034 was on the 109 this morning. • FR’s 27-024 was on the 113 at around noon. • 30-002 was on the 37 at around noon. It does not have a luggage rack anymore. • I took FR’s 26-035 on the 104 early this afternoon. Their 26-057 was on the 138 at the same time. • I got on 29-031 on the 179 this evening. Some of its seats have the old blue leather padding.
  8. I agree with you on that one. I also hope that SN gets a break from that hot potato that is called the 747. Yesterday: • MR’s 37-085 was on the 105 in the evening. • FR’s 26-044 was on the 138 around 19:00. • 30-010 and 30-011 were on the 105 at evening rush hour. Both don’t have the luggage racks anymore, as mentioned previously.
  9. Today: • 37-018 was on the 105 this afternoon. It is not tracking. • I caught AN’s 28-001 on the 810 shuttle bus this evening, most likely running out of SL. • 30-001 was parked at Vendôme doing the 102. It has that very underwhelming new front display patterns when “En transit”.
  10. Yesterday: • 40-064 was on the 138 yesterday in the afternoon with a blue spaced out rear fleet number like on 29-081. • 31-060 was being towed on Lucerne street headed for SN at around 16:15. • SL’s 28-114 was parked inside SN and I saw MR’s 36-010 heading there a little bit before. It has a helvetica rear font fleet number. • 37-004 was parked outside SN with missing parts around its front headlights. Sadly I wasn’t able to take a sufficiently good picture to show. Today: • LE’s 30-866 was on the 165 this morning. ————— Buses that I’ve seen with a functional new card reader in the past days: 30-005, 37-066, 40-017, 40-115
  11. 25-248 was ET on Sherbrooke street this morning at around 8:40, most likely having finished the 51-O.
  12. I don’t like to spread hearsay but someone on the MdeM forum saying that they might have seen 40-254 last fall. I walked by SN2 yesterday but the door was closed so I couldn’t see anything. Would be interesting to see if the VIN numbers of the remaining undelivered 40s would correspond to those with some of the 41s. Link: https://www.metrodemontreal.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12430&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=4480 40-911 was parked inside SN next to door 12 and an unidentifiable fellow New Flyer bus in STM livery was parked outside at the back.
  13. Thursday: • FR’s 26-060 was on the 78 close to noon. Today: • I caught 40-017 early this morning on the 90. The new card reader was in working order for passengers to use. The screen displays few information including the route number and displays a yellow screen when the fare is accepted (IDK for refused fares). There was no chime on the new reader unlike on the farebox. Unrelated, this bus has a helvetica rear font fleet number. • MR’s 30-058 was on the 104 around 11:30.
  14. Wednesday: • 25-243 was on the 51-O in the evening at Fielding/Cavendish around 17:10.
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