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  1. I’m kept crackers mountain dews monsters 5 hr energy’s and didn’t eat much didn’t want to fall tired from a full stomach
  2. I worked coach USA for 2 years trust me I know the technical behind driving a bus I did city transit and over the road I just didn’t understand what you meant but now I do. Greyhound is different from most bus operators because the drivers come and go at all times and all different schedules.
  3. I wonder what happened to the driver that made the news last week
  4. Well sooner or later they will all be gone. Greyhound needs more maintenance shops will be interesting to see how the prevost retro fitted buses will be
  5. I’m waiting on my background to clear so I can get into Greyhounds driver class for April 23. I already took physical and drug test last week
  6. The South Georgia Florida The Carolinas have their own beautiful MCI coaches. Interesting they have state buses
  7. I guess the order is coming in slowly very slow
  8. Interesting I wonder if they take people with misdemeanors
  9. No the new Prevost are like the original order. Supposed to get 365.
  10. They are buying 365 new buses from Prevost
  11. Anyone know about the new Prevost
  12. MatthewGr


    Does anyone know where I can find good pictures of the NFTA fleet.
  13. MatthewGr


    Thank you i checked it out. I think the ugliest bus nfta has is that 29 ft Gillig most company’s do the 35 ft buses in my option that would of looked better. Interesting seeing they still have 2 nfta cars in the old style which I wonder if they run often. Shocked they only have 27 cars
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