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  1. 7 hours ago, menath said:

    We don't know Atm. But Maybe next month should seneca newham open to 100% capacity and should offices reopen to 100% capacity

    Honestly the purple really isn't that busy not surprised that both pink and green are temporarily suspended. I have ridden 8201 on the purple A. Not alot of people on the bus. I would say purple would need to get to viva blue ridership levels or maybe higher if they want to bring back suspended routes

    I passed by the Aviva office near Birchmount / Enterprise and saw a YRT branded XD40 kneeled and with it's hazard lights on in front of the AVIVA entrance (in their parking lot)

    1 hour ago, Waiting for 30 Minutes said:

    Purple never had Blue's ridership levels, and likely never will. Similar to other cities, a portion of lost ridership can be attributed to people afraid to return to transit--some of those people will probably never return, even if offices resume 100 per cent capacity.

    It honestly depends...

    Purple line is essential especially for hospital workers. I for one was on a AG300 on the Purple A line and all the seats were taken with no social distancing what so ever...

  2. On 11/24/2021 at 4:59 PM, J. Bullock said:

    The attendant isn't permanent, just temporary until the trial run is done, this is to ensure safety and reliability, in case the vehicle malfunctions and manual control is required.

    The child limitation also has to do with liability. The Region doesn't want the onus on them, and rightfully so. Children on public transport can sometimes be a handful... I'm sure these regulations will be dropped when the trial period is over.


    I believe the "pilot" phase is 2 or 3 months

    On 11/12/2021 at 8:44 PM, 2044 said:

    The West Hill shuttle was supposed to start in October, but I’ve heard nothing lately of a start date.

    The one TTC is doing isn't available to the public yet (as far as I'm aware) so I suppose what they mean is the first to be available to the public

  3. On 11/8/2021 at 11:42 AM, 110B West Pickering said:

    It was open to the general public as of last Tuesday.

    it then was not in service Wednesday-Friday.

    it ran on Saturday.

    and officially entered service today

    Quick question - what's accepted to ride it (in terms of fares)? All DRT fare media (including U-Pass)?

  4. 15 hours ago, TTC Birchmount said:

    I rode the 7:07am trip on the 920 from McCowan Station for the first time twice this week and both days there was a full seated load by the time the bus reached Port Union and Kingston Rd.


    I wonder if DRT will consider adding one or two more trips in the morning peak considering there seems to be the demand.

    They do have peak trips but those run from Pick Pkwy Term to Simcoe and Founders.

  5. 13 hours ago, FutureHeartsJunkie said:

    Out of curiosity (and sorry if this has been mentioned recently), but it is uncommon to see a non-Pulse branded DRT bus - to operate the 900 and 901 bus routes?

    Also, I was wondering if the OnDemand services will be expanded to serve the other areas where the pre-pandemic routes used to operate (notably the (theoretically) terminated 225 Audley North for example)? 

    To answer your first question...no...its been happening almost every day. This is partly due to whatever units they have available in the event of a breakdown

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  6. On 10/5/2021 at 7:38 AM, Gamer Studios said:

    Believe it or not 8603 broke down yesterday at UOIT on the 901B! It was replaced by 8587.

    8603 2.jpg


    8603 3.jpg

    8603 4.jpg

    8603 5.jpg

    The same bus also broke down on the 900 - overheard the radio system where another op was calling in dispatch saying of a oil leak

    On 10/1/2021 at 5:12 PM, John Oke said:

    For now the 302’s are diverting along Garden between Kenneth Hobbs(One block north of Rossland) and Manning. It’s weird seeing busses on Garden again for the first time in like 18 months 

    They are back going NB and SB on Brock / Baldwin...

  7. 21 hours ago, Articulated said:

    I've heard from other sources that there were 6 XE40 units expected for this year (so 2101-2106). They are supposed to be "long-range" eBuses with extended battery life, hence why we're seeing it deployed on longer routes like the 50 and 96; the first order (1911-1914) were "short-range" buses that require on-route charging after a few hours of service, which is why they are only assigned to short routes like the 44, 55, and 56, and more recently to other rush-hour runs that are only out in service for 2-3 hours.

    Despite a couple of people complaining, I have purposefully not made a Wiki page for the new units until the full fleet range is determined. YRT has an unfortunate tendency in recent years of having a different number of buses show up than what was initially ordered or approved in Council reports. It's just more annoying in this case because, unusually for YRT, one pilot bus arrived well in advance of the rest of the order.

    1911-1914 have been found on routes 32/33/52 and on school tripper runs.

  8. 18 hours ago, John Oke said:

    The Pulse busses seem to be there all day though, for example I’d be on one on the 915 at like 3:30 in the afternoon or 8:00 in the early evening 

    Depends whether or not they get changed off

    Prior to the pandemic, 915 buses and 916 buses interlined during rush hour in the east end, however 915 buses usually came from Ajax routes in the west end.

    But then again conventional have been making appearances still on the 915 (so it's just a matter of dispatch / luck)

    On 8/25/2021 at 9:49 PM, FutureHeartsJunkie said:

    For those who are attending (or returning to) Durham College or OnTechU (Ontario Tech University aka UOIT IUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology)), please note that the U-PASS has been "migrated" to a digital format - by the means of the PRESTO E-Tickets mobile app.

    Further information can be founded here: https://durhamcollege.ca/student-life/campus-services/campus-id-u-pass#universal-transit-pass-u-pass

    OnTechU has yet to provide a similar announcement - yet. It was a decade since I had graduated from Durham College and the UPASS was offered in the form of a sticker affixed to the student ID card. It would have been nice if the folks at Durham College and OnTechU (and to a lesser extent, TUD (Trent University Durham)) would have adopted a similar scheme that Carleton University, Algonguin College and uOttawa (not sure if La Cité (a francophone college in Ottawa) is covered) has.

    I attend Trent University Durham and the U-Pass has indeed been migrated into the Presto ecosystem. However the app can be a little buggy at times (i.e. claiming there was a error and kicks you out of the ticket).

    As well, for the most part, drivers rarely ever ask for a form of student ID. I've only been on one bus where one particular driver from Raleigh division (does the 11:25AM trip of the 405C) would ask me for an ID.


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  9. On 9/2/2021 at 5:24 PM, 110B West Pickering said:

    Durham Region Transit (ADDITIONAL) Service Changes Effective September 7th!

    These are some pretty big and unexpected additions to the network, in combination with what was previously announced.


    Route 112 - Valley Farm

    A north south route operating from Pickering Parkway Terminal to Zents and Tillings in Northeast Pickering Monday-Fridays. Two branches will operate opposite routings, but generally, one will travel north on Valley Farm and the other will travel north on Brock, using the other road for the southbound trip.

    This mean Pickering has 4 routes again, not including the regional routes

    Route 224a - Harwood

    The 224a will service parts on the former route 217 in peak periods to serve the residential and industrial areas off Monarch and Finley. I wish they posted the system map so I could comment on the routing itself, but nope. 

    Route 310 - Winchester

    The 310 is back! this time only in peak periods to serve students in Brooklin who would otherwise have to take the 302 to the 920 to get to class... DC, Simcoe, Winchester, Thickson, Carnwith, Baldwin, Winchester, then back to the college.


    Route 405 - Adelaide / Wilson

    Parts of the 412 and the 910 are back with this new service operating all existing 405 trips, the new 405 will travel (presumably) from the OC, along Gibb to Thornton to serve Trent U, continue up thornton to Adelaide, then take adelaide all the way to Wilson, where it will continue regular routing to Harmony Terminal, the C brach to Legends Centre will remain.

    405/405C is so infrequent...

    310 is nice...saves me about a dollar off the 56

    There's still a ancient system map at the Oshawa Centre bus terminal denoting the 414 service

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  10. 1 minute ago, yrt304 said:

    The 98E isnt operated by TOK Transit. It really cant go out there.

    Apparently 1914 was a stand by / cover bus covering one of the buses on 98. 571 did the 98E this afternoon

    1 hour ago, GTAmissions1 said:

    Noticed this week that electric buses are being shifted around to other routes. 33 Wellington and one of the longer routes, 98E Yonge because it finished the trip at Newmarket Bus Terminal earlier today. The only other time it terminates at Newmarket Bus Terminal is 98/99 Yonge late evening for the last three trips of the weekday.

    Another electric bus spotted on the 96 Keele-Yonge this week via Transsee.

    Considering they are still in trial phase expanding beyond the local routes. Difference with the 98E is that the first stop is Finch Station and it services all local stops after Yonge/Bernard to Newmarket Bus Terminal. A lot of distance to travel from North division to Finch and then back to Newmarket Bus Terminal before heading to the yard.

    The other "electric bus" that was on the 96 this week was 2101.

  11. MiWay 2151-2155 have completed production up in Minnesota, Abubakkar (Atlas Flyer on Facebook) was able to get photos from his friend who was picking up his own buses. (Photos were posted with Abubakkar's permission)
    No description available.No description available.No description available.No description available.No description available.

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  12. 3 hours ago, ORION said:

    This white New Flyer D40LF will be joining Cape Breton shortly. It is former Durham Region Transit #8450.



    Interesting, considering Whitby has a history of running their assigned units into the ground...

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  13. On 7/31/2021 at 8:11 PM, 110B West Pickering said:

    8466 is the only D40LF in service at Raleigh

    8407's tracker is out right now


    bandicam 2021-08-20 10-50-34-431.jpg

    On 8/13/2021 at 9:09 PM, John Oke said:

    I must be seeing things then, but I swear I saw a normal livery XD40 on the 900 today

    Also in Whitby along the residential side streets of Highway 2, there are a lot of Anti-BRT lawn signs up 

    Local on Pulse and Pulse on local is pretty normal

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