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  1. I passed by the Aviva office near Birchmount / Enterprise and saw a YRT branded XD40 kneeled and with it's hazard lights on in front of the AVIVA entrance (in their parking lot) It honestly depends... Purple line is essential especially for hospital workers. I for one was on a AG300 on the Purple A line and all the seats were taken with no social distancing what so ever...
  2. I believe the "pilot" phase is 2 or 3 months The one TTC is doing isn't available to the public yet (as far as I'm aware) so I suppose what they mean is the first to be available to the public
  3. Quick question - what's accepted to ride it (in terms of fares)? All DRT fare media (including U-Pass)?
  4. So um...GO already retired one of their 2014 units (according to the listing) and it's up for sale on Kijiji https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-other/mississauga-peel-region/2014-double-deck-bus/1593746177?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms (all attached photos are from the Kijiji listing)
  5. They do have peak trips but those run from Pick Pkwy Term to Simcoe and Founders.
  6. To answer your first question...no...its been happening almost every day. This is partly due to whatever units they have available in the event of a breakdown
  7. Probably at the same service level as right now or greater...they can't remove service / reduce service level and than call it a PULSE route
  8. 2101 and 2103 have been assigned to the 98 Yonge this morning - First weekend service!
  9. The same bus also broke down on the 900 - overheard the radio system where another op was calling in dispatch saying of a oil leak They are back going NB and SB on Brock / Baldwin...
  10. Believe it or not 8603 broke down yesterday at UOIT on the 901B! It was replaced by 8587.
  11. 1911-1914 have been found on routes 32/33/52 and on school tripper runs.
  12. See Sign Below isn't a typical YRT exposure so it's not for YRT/VIVA
  13. Depends whether or not they get changed off Prior to the pandemic, 915 buses and 916 buses interlined during rush hour in the east end, however 915 buses usually came from Ajax routes in the west end. But then again conventional have been making appearances still on the 915 (so it's just a matter of dispatch / luck) I attend Trent University Durham and the U-Pass has indeed been migrated into the Presto ecosystem. However the app can be a little buggy at times (i.e. claiming there was a error and kicks you out of the ticket). As well, for the most part, drivers rarely ever ask for a form of student ID. I've only been on one bus where one particular driver from Raleigh division (does the 11:25AM trip of the 405C) would ask me for an ID.
  14. No....buses get maintenance at TOK Transit and they do go MIA for a period of time. They could also be getting MTO checks
  15. 405/405C is so infrequent... 310 is nice...saves me about a dollar off the 56 There's still a ancient system map at the Oshawa Centre bus terminal denoting the 414 service
  16. Apparently 1914 was a stand by / cover bus covering one of the buses on 98. 571 did the 98E this afternoon The other "electric bus" that was on the 96 this week was 2101.
  17. The '8407' bus on transsee is actually 8514
  18. Was informed 8509 also has the wrap for the 917Z Bayly Consumers weekend service to toronto zoo
  19. MiWay 2151-2155 have completed production up in Minnesota, Abubakkar (Atlas Flyer on Facebook) was able to get photos from his friend who was picking up his own buses. (Photos were posted with Abubakkar's permission)
  20. Interesting, considering Whitby has a history of running their assigned units into the ground...
  21. 8407's tracker is out right now Local on Pulse and Pulse on local is pretty normal
  22. Sault Ste Marie Transit #168 is delivered. It is a 2020-2021 XD35. Photo by one of my friends.
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