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  1. 7110 & 8601 on 917Z Seasonal Service
  2. There's a few buses that I wonder if anyone here knows if they retired or not? 1087 - last seen Jun 17 2021 1090 - last seen July 11, 2021 1092 - last seen July 11, 2021 1391 - last seen July 19, 2021
  3. 6125 was/is doing service training on 502
  4. The bus that does the 812 AVIVA Charter after was YRT 1614 today. The bus starts on the 8 in both the AM rush and PM rush. Exterior vid:
  5. The GO Niagara Special this weekend features 561 and 563 (F59PH) coupled together "double header" with 12 car Bi-Level consist. 3457 was a RAD on the 172
  6. Another note, 8454 is stripped of system logos (may be up for auction soon). It was last seen at Westney Division in the back lot. It's parked near 8436 and the covid buses. 8452 and 8446 is also stripped of system logos. Photo credits to Richard Oldfield
  7. They are still new routes...probably haven't decided (idk) In terms of YRT, the overlap routes are actually for the convenience of the passengers...for example instead of having to walk to a specific stop...one can simply get off and wait for the other bus.
  8. Your best bet is the 901 that goes to Windsfield Farm
  9. Finally got a chance to ride a 2007 D40LF and record it on video:
  10. I believe so but @J. Hollingsworth may be able to shine some light on the 916 PULSE-sification. The scheme is to be expected...after all they aren't PULSE buses to begin with...maybe they may slap some hybrid logos on it...like they did with 6113 for the holiday bus and what not...
  11. So DRT is planning to add some new routes with some being reinstated (like the 409) in September. 916 Rossland is being converted into PULSE apparently and N2 will be extended to run till 5:30AM the next day (basically providing Simcoe St with 24 hour service.
  12. Apparently cause people complained the orions were loud along the route...doesn't mean they are generally banned...the other day a OG did the 30
  13. GO 8511 on 41 to Pickering GO at Woodbine / 16th Ave (not along the usual 41 route). I suspect the driver is either lost or was doing a long detour.
  14. I said "similar" Has alot of the same feel... Uses the same driver door, no seat directly behind the driver, etc...
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