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  1. Does anyone know what are the buses with this wrap other than 2470 and 2549?
  2. That depends if they reinstate service on those routes...alot of the routes have been suspended due to the pandemic such as the 417, 910, a couple of the Pickering routes.
  3. Does Whitby also have a shuttle?
  4. ok so that pic must be a fake Those other routes will only get reintroduced once ridership picks up again
  5. so they really aren't "exclusive" to the 900 Pulse - Highway 2...also I do recall someone tracking one of the LFSA's on the 902 King one day
  6. New YRT 305 route that goes from Box Grove to Finch coming November
  7. it happens alot on DRT buses...
  8. Yes I know...they never update stuff immediately...I've seen CNE ads last year the day after CNE ended.
  9. Kind of expected it from Durham Region Transit.
  10. That is what happens when the transit agency screws people over.
  11. or just drive or have your friend to drive you
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