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  1. 8473 on 915/N1 (One of the few active D40LFs left at DRT)
  2. Nothing to extremely special cause MiWay has a bus shortage
  3. The new YRT board period starts today. With that comes a introduction of the 720 Express from Hwy 407 Terminal to and from Wonderland via Vaughan Mills Someone spotted a new XD60 being built at the New Flyer plant in Winnipeg for YRT. It's likely those post secondary students as well as people in the area crowding 40 footer buses
  4. They both kept the wrap throughout much of the pandemic as well as late last year
  5. Wraps tend to stick around for a fair bit of time with GO Transit. 8452 and 8520 kept their wraps for a good few months...
  6. 4001 was apparently Pride wrapped in the Pride parade the other day
  7. DRT is running their Canada Day Shuttles today. Route 752 runs between Oshawa Centre and Lakeview Park. Route 750 runs from Pickering Station to Kinsmen Park. 8556 & 8518 are currently on the 752. I'd presume Westney would do the 750.
  8. 932 on 86 Newkirk Red Maple (a route that almost always get XD40s and LFSs)
  9. Anyone got any clue on a few buses... YRT 405, 407 and 408...they've been MIA for close to a month now...
  10. He said 8367 as the bus that had the 67 wrap...im just correcting
  11. 332 suffered a engine/transmission issue. The 9xx's eldorados are also due for retirement...since past retirement practices shows that YRT tends to not refurbish them (except buses dedicated to community bus services)
  12. Just noticed they extended the 901/901B PULSE-Simcoe to Windsfield Farm Drive / Throughbred but buses still go in and out of Ontario Tech University... There seems to be a duplicate of services in this area (i.e. 905 Thickson-Reach, 302 Baldwin-Brock, GO rt 52A/56A)
  13. Ye the initial plan is for route 34
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