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  1. Sault Ste Marie Transit #168 is delivered. It is a 2020-2021 XD35. Photo by one of my friends.
  2. They were spec'd to look like WMATA units...
  3. 8430 is the other D40LF being used for COVID testing / vaccinations
  4. There's a bus tracking as "999998" right now @110B West Pickering
  5. I thought the 917 uses 2 Whitby and 2 Westney units
  6. I think they need 8-10 buses at any give time (keeping in mind having 1 or 2 spares) with these service levels
  7. Do you realize how most of the units right now seem to be out of Whitby division?
  8. Trent is also planning for a return as well. A lot of Trent's students utilize the 910 Campus Connect to connect with the GO services at Ontario Tech
  9. Thornton between Taunton Street and Gibb Street was served mostly by the 910 prior to the onset of COVID. That route was mostly intended for students of Trent U Durham, Ontario Tech University and Durham College. It ran from Ontario Tech to Whitby Station via the Oshawa Centre Terminal.
  10. I think the 910 is mostly funded by the Ontario Tech, Durham College and Trent University anyways. Also the 917 does not use Thornton north of the Oshawa Centre.
  11. My University alone is planning to return to in person learning in September.
  12. If that is true, wouldn't the 910 Campus Connect be rebranded as Pulse when that gets reinstated hopefully in September?
  13. YRT 2010 New Flyer D40LF 1004 (refurbished) sitting at a No Frills parking lot today before a 304 Mount Joy Express run to Finch Terminal!
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