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  1. I think you're right. It was probably the closest available replacement bus, and not enough run time left to bring in anything smaller. Now if we could just see a slinky on 6/7/8 some day...
  2. The artics were definitely being used on King back in '07, pretty much as soon as they entered service. Mind you, it was mainly on weekends, when there was no B-Line, but they were never really completely exclusive to B-Line.
  3. "I'm not comfortable not collecting fares without a shield. What if I get a passenger who insists on paying?" (Credit where credit is due, I heard a 99 driver make a joke to that effect. That wouldn't even be the strangest thing to happen on a bus.)
  4. The actual site is immediately north of the old Wentworth garage. It is a new lot with Hillyard, Brant and Birch on three sides. The HSR will get a brand new garage/office facility, and the existing building will likely remain a City Works facility.
  5. But the 51 is only running half service in peak hours, so there should be a few 60-footers to spare.
  6. True. Transit 55 shows 913 in service in Jan/Feb, and pics are floating around on Facebook. I have witnessed 932 in service, and it was active as recently as yesterday.
  7. Not only was it retired due to a fire, it caught fire again on Red Hill while being towed away after it was sold off.
  8. Well, something is up, because a Delaware is on Albright right now. Update: Don't see anything on the Fire Dept. Twitter. Police activity, maybe? It would not be out of place down there.
  9. For real? If so, nice research, Urbanicity.
  10. According to Transit 55, both were in service as recently as Wednesday.
  11. Maybe they can do a neater job of it. 1426, for example, has an ad that partially covers the HSR logo. It just looks sloppy. Either leave the logo exposed or cover the whole thing.
  12. Normally, I'd say the HSR might want to look at this, but this one is on GO Transit. 1:20 has been the known final departure for decades. If it meant tweaking one HSR bus schedule, fine, but you don't extend several schedules for one connection, you change the single bus schedule, ie. GO 16. There are fourteen(?) departures from downtown at 1:20. Now, should the HSR run later into the evening? Probably, but that's a different issue. (BTW, last Cannon bus is at midnight)
  13. So does that mean that 616 is already considered replaced by a Nova?
  14. I think those stickers are good until the end of the sixth month from the indicated date.
  15. I thought something was off with that list. To begin with, Waterdown is alternating 15 out of Aldershot, not 20. And synching routes with different frequencies and different days of service would be a task. Technically, the Ancaster/ Dundas stuff would be true in year 3 as part of the Delaware improvements, which I believe was okayed by Council. Maybe you can clarify what those Delaware changes would be. I'm guessing that rush-hour improvements would mean every 5C continues to the Meadowlands. As for Sunday enhancements, it's already 12-minute common service. The only step up I could see would be 10-minute common service with 30-minute service to each end. Again, I'm just asking, not spreading rumours. As for any major changes to the Waterdown service, I would think it would be wise to run a bus from downtown Hamilton eventually, but it just seems to make sense to wait until the Clappison's Interchange is completed.
  16. No, that was a friend of mine, just a regular passenger who would normally sit at the back of the bus. He never cared about what type of bus he got on before the Novas hit Hamilton. Now he knows those buses because: - it's way too hot at the back (so true) - they rattle too much (true again) - the seat layout is stupid (actually, I disagree with him on that one) The foamers/ fanners seem to overlook the shortcomings.
  17. And judging the "merits" of the recent Nova purchases, I'd have to say New Flyer would be back in the running for 40-foot purchases. Passengers may not notice all the flaws, but they do notice things like bad A/C. When even the passengers go, "oh no, not a Nova," in the summer, that might make buyers think twice.
  18. But it's in "excallant" condition! And, fittingly, it has been viewed 505 times so far.
  19. Reinforcements for the festival crowds, no doubt. They were running 3 40-footers earlier in the day.
  20. The extension hinges on them "finding savings" to pay for it, which they won't find... until just before the provincial election. Then, surprise, the money will be there.
  21. Given that ridership goes down with every improvement, not doing anything might actually turn things around.
  22. The printers are part of the Driver Control Unit, so unless those are being replaced with standalone units (which is a rumour that was floating around last year), the printers can only be disabled. If the HSR got rid of paper tickets and monthly passes once-and-for-all, then the amount of paper transfers required would be quite low.
  23. The 1/3 door that stays closed until needed is to direct people closer to the front of the bus, for ergonomic reasons. Drivers would have to turn more than 90 degrees to interact with passengers on the older Novas. That doesn't sound terrible until you remember that the driver is belted in - or should be - so all that turning is done from the waist up. That could lead to neck/ shoulder/ back issues.
  24. Interesting. Not a bad thing, but I didn't think that they could get that specific with options when ordering buses. Otherwise, I would have expected them to also request that the 4-ways not flash when the doors are open, something they have disabled on all previous models.
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