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  1. St. Catharines Transit

    Also the fleet number isn't under the "Driving Ahead"
  2. St. Catharines Transit

    I meant the whistle. I can usually tell its a voith based on that and engine
  3. St. Catharines Transit

    Ah, okay. I don't the whine but the whistle I hear when the other novas slow down. Not sure if you know what I mean though. Hard to explain
  4. St. Catharines Transit

    Ah, okay. Is it still voith as well? It doesn't have that same whine that voiths do. Unless its that Cummins L9?
  5. St. Catharines Transit

    1806 entered service today on the 316. I didn't get to take a pic, but I did ride it. It doesn't seem to have the usual Cummins ISL9 Voith engine. But it doesn't sound like Allison either. Anyone know why?
  6. St. Catharines Transit

    Damn I liked 0710 too... Also sad that we're losing 1160 and 1161. But what about 1163? Is that gone too?
  7. St. Catharines Transit

    Caught 1861 on 321 Confederation - Thorold the other day. Still has that new bus smell.
  8. St. Catharines Transit

    I wonder why they decided to add the weight limit. Perhaps the structure of the bridge can't handle artics?
  9. St. Catharines Transit

    The Artics only Serve Routes 321/421 Confederation - Brock, 323/423 West Brock Commuter (rarely), 324/424 Brock - Tupper, 328 Brock - Towpath (rarely, interlines with 323), 331/431 Brock - Richmond, 335/435 Brock - Pen (VERY rare) and 336/436 Brock - Glendale Pen Ctr. Not EXACTLY sure as to why not 316/416. Assuming its because the other Brock routes need it and on top of that because the 316/416 has increased frequency like every 5 - 20 min during the day and every 15 - 30 min during the evening.
  10. St. Catharines Transit

    I haven't seen them out in a while either. I think they're done sadly.
  11. St. Catharines Transit

    1860 has arrived (not my pic)