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  1. Spin_AP

    TTC Application Process

    I asked for the earliest available date as I have the next couple weeks off work. From what I hear the VSC (police check) can take some time.
  2. Spin_AP

    TTC Application Process

    I waited patiently at my seat all day, didnt even get up to go eat out of fear my name would be called and I would miss it. The anxiety kept me going. You were lucky my friend, there were still about a dozen or so people after me, and I left at 5ish. My medical is booked for Feb 25.
  3. Spin_AP

    TTC Application Process

    I was also at the info session on Feb.7 and got my interview well after 4pm. It was well worth it because I signed my conditional offer at 5pm. I just got an email stating that we will have to complete the job shadowing assignment and present it at documentation. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Spin_AP

    TTC Application Process

    Has anyone been invited to an upcoming information session? I applied in November and still haven't heard anything.
  5. Spin_AP

    TTC Application Process

    When did you apply online?
  6. Spin_AP

    TTC Application Process

    Anyone apply in December 2017 and get an invite to info session yet?