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  1. There is public parking at both places. Around $15.00 at Bloor and $8.00 - $10.00 at Hillcrest.
  2. I absolutely love it. The instructors do a fantastic job at teaching the lesson without making it drag on. They are extremely friendly. Only day 5 but we've already taken the new streetcars out a couple times. It's a lot of information to take in but it's very structured. Currently training at Leslie Barns.
  3. Thanks. I know, I was surprised as well when I saw that. But I'm not complaining. Russell isn't too far, although I would have taken any division. Good luck to you and others in the process.
  4. I got my training date. Here's my timeline: Applied Online - November 4 2018 Recieved Invitation for Info Session/Test/Interview - January 11 2019 Info Session/Test/Interview - February 7 2019 Filled out Police Reference Check/ Signed Conditional Offer - February 7 2019 Medical Date - February 25 2019 Recieved Police Clearance Letter - March 4 2019 Recieved Documentation Email April 12 2019 Documentation Appointment - April 26 2019 Recieved Email for training date April 29 2019 Training Date May 13 2019 Mode: Streetcar Russell Division
  5. I asked for the earliest available date as I have the next couple weeks off work. From what I hear the VSC (police check) can take some time.
  6. I waited patiently at my seat all day, didnt even get up to go eat out of fear my name would be called and I would miss it. The anxiety kept me going. You were lucky my friend, there were still about a dozen or so people after me, and I left at 5ish. My medical is booked for Feb 25.
  7. I was also at the info session on Feb.7 and got my interview well after 4pm. It was well worth it because I signed my conditional offer at 5pm. I just got an email stating that we will have to complete the job shadowing assignment and present it at documentation. Good luck to everyone.
  8. Has anyone been invited to an upcoming information session? I applied in November and still haven't heard anything.
  9. Anyone apply in December 2017 and get an invite to info session yet?
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