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  1. Golden handcuffs is the right term indeed. Its a tough decision
  2. I appreciate your input, i’ll look into those as well. My first hope would be CT so I don’t miss TTC much since its the closest match but till then I’ll settle for whatever is closest option other than CT. To be quite honest, I’m not sure if its a good idea to leave TTC and I’m well settled in Toronto and was born and raised here and if i should go on a limb, i can stay in Toronto but I have family and it’s a dream of mine to live in the west close to the rockies and outdoors This might be a bit much for my family, wife and kids wouldn’t be too happy, but I appreciate the input
  3. Got it, I’ll look into these, thanks for the help Thats very helpful information, appreciate the input, thanks.
  4. What do you mean by all “other operators” ? isn’t southland a School Bus company?
  5. I figured the transfer would be a long shot. Thanks for the link, i’ve been checking but nothing posted for a while, was hoping if anyone know anything about when CT hires or next anticipated hiring is
  6. Hi All I’m currently an operator with TTC and will be relocating from Toronto to Calgary area in 6-10 months (due to family) and I’m having a hard time leaving the job I love and seniority I’ve finally built up. however I’ve found some assurance in the hopes that I may be able to replace it all at Calgary Transit I’ve repeatedly looked online for job postings with CT but haven’t seen any posters would anyone happen to know how often CT hires, how many on average per year and perhaps when the next anticipated batch of hiring may take place? Or perhaps if theres anyway to be transferred in as an existing operator of another transit system? i could look at other jobs, but I really want to keep doing what I love, if i absolutely didn’t have to, I would never quit my job
  7. Just like everyone else has said in this forum, do exactly what they teach you, ask questions if you’re not sure and they will teach you everything you need to pass.
  8. Enjoy it buddy, streetcar guys have it super chill, most chilled of of the 4 modes except maybe wheeltrans, that and streetcar are a toss up
  9. Uniforms (depending on size and availability) won’t be issued until the end or near the end of training. Most of the uniform (because of sizes) will come few weeks to months after you start working, until then you wear whatever you have received (likely you will receive a few shirts, sweater, hats and scarves in the beginning) and whatever you haven’t received you can supplement with your own, for example winter coat or pants, these take some time for some people so until you receive them you can wear your own. Black slacks are fine, doesn’t need to be formal dress pants, basically you cant wear cargo pants or jeans. slacks or dress pants are fine, they don’t even need to be black or blue, you can wear any color.
  10. Congrats. Tip: do exactly what the instrctors tell you and you will pass, they don’t want you to fail and always remember saftey is priority over everything else. During your probation, follow ALL the rules and what you were taught in training regardless of what you see other operators doing, many of them have bad habits bit just ignore them and do as you were taught
  11. Depending on your division and what routes they have, but there are plenty of night buses, usually starting between 7-10pm and finishing between 4-6 am, shouldnt be too difficult to get as most people don’t want them, however some people do specifically sign only night buses by choice some due to preference of driving nights some due to their family schedule etc
  12. I had a social life on Thursday and Fridays, helping people pack their camping gear and plan their weekend ventures just before heading off to bef Friday night for next day’s work..... until last week i found out without any prior notice my ‘social life’ was forcibly changed to Wed/Thur
  13. YIPEEE.... we’ll be in 5th selection in no time. Lol. Been lucky, haven’t done a single night bus since I started, had a few late reliefs but that seems to have passed too now
  14. Yes, black (usually dress shoes cause they will go with your professional attite) but you could wear any black polishable shoes/boots
  15. I’ll second that. I just had day 16 yesterday, and was surprised at how over rated it is, it’s much easier than you expect and the trainers have trained you and taken you on much more diffuclt routes during your training so if you made it this far you have no reason not to pass. Just be sure to assess each turn even thou they may appear easy to do as a standard but if it’s supposed to be an alternate take it as such to show you understand how to assess a turn.
  16. @leylandvictory2 I haven’t had any interactions with the clerks yet (still in training, I was assigned to Eglinton however) but I found most of the guys who work there to be rather welcoming and friendly, in comparison to like queensway or malvern, those on the other hand didn’t seem too friendly of a bunch. what route do you typically drive? I know probably close to 15-20 people training for Eglinton, maybe more that I don’t know of. Any idea what kind of work will be available to us to start? I know you mentioned late relief/night bus, would that apply to us new guys at Eglinton as well?
  17. Just gonna ask the question...... April 30th interviews, anyone heard back yet? lol
  18. I heard of this while at hillcrest today, it’s true that some of the people invited for information sessions are being interviewed on the spot (if successful in the tests). This eliminates a lot of the waiting and fast tracks the hiring process in order to hire few hundred extra operators to meet demands. I heard they need close to 1000 new operators this year, rather than the 600 or so they initially planned on hiring They do a good job in training and teaching you, you don’t necessarily need previous commercial vehicle driving experience in order to succeed. Per the management, they have a 80% pass rate compared to MTO which has a 70% rate, they are investing a lot of time and money in training you and want you to pass
  19. I don’t believe its needles. I’m pretty sure its urine test but I could be wrong. Completely random, computer generates badge numbers and whomever’s badge is selected is tested (you can be tested several times, or not tested for a long time). If you’re involved in a collision you’re sent for testing, if a supervisor or wicket clerk suspects drug/alcohol impairment you can be sent then too. In terms of when, it’s also random, you may be told to do so before you take your bus out for your shift, or called sometime during your shift telling you to pull over and have a relief driver takerover while your tested etc. Best to avoid any sort of impairment prior to work and if you’re unfit for duty then report it rather than being caught including perscription medications too so if you’re tested and come back for a controlled substance (ei. prescription painkillers) atleast it’s reported before hand
  20. I have a BZ License already, does anyone happen to know if I still have to do the MTO Written test portion as part of the training? Or just the road test portion? i only ask because MTO recently introduced anyone writing a C or B Written Test on rules of the road are required to answer D (truck related) questions too, if I recall correctly that was a little difficult since the trainging (and my experience) is/has been strictly busses only
  21. Right now they seem to be moving much faster since union put a hold on OT. From the date of your medical (if all goes well) until documentation is somewhere between 5-8 weeks, and training start date usually 3-5 weeks later. (Some people whi didn’t require to give 2 weeks notice were called in much sooner, as early as 2 days after documentation. I know some guys who are still waiting much past those timelines, so nothing is certain
  22. Thanks for the pointers, will be sure to be mindful would you happen to know how many days training at hillcrest and division?
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