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  1. I was looking at the site in Google Maps and saw a GMC Newlook at the entrance to the site. No obvious clues as to who previously operated it.
  2. Some of the 3700s were on RapidRide duty this evening. 3708, 3721 and 3734 were on the E line and 3735 was on the C line.
  3. Former C-TRAN 2252 (29' Optima Opus) parked near Safeco Field, June 2017. C-TRAN 2252, 29' Optima Opus by LB Bryce, on Flickr C-TRAN 2252, 29' Optima Opus by LB Bryce, on Flickr C-TRAN 2252, 29' Optima Opus by LB Bryce, on Flickr
  4. I read somewhere (possibly in the Northwest Bus Fans group on Facebook) that some of the CT maintained ST artics were transferred to King County Metro (some new ST double deckers have gone into service recently). I'm guessing the 'C' hasn't been changed to a 'K' yet.
  5. Not necessarily. This is only temporary until the Kaleetan returns to service and from what I've heard there are still a few things that need to be done until she officially enters service next month. From a service bulletin sent this evening:
  6. So I was waiting for the 116 at 3rd and Bell this evening and this went by: King County Metro 3633 on RapidRide E by LB Bryce, on Flickr King County Metro 3633 on RapidRide E by LB Bryce, on Flickr This is the first time I've seen a D40LF on a RapidRide route.
  7. 8074 is now in service (not sure of when it entered service, but was spotted on the 132 this morning).
  8. Vashon gets Sunday service for the first time since early 2000. Also, weekday mid-day service will be handled by one of the on-island shuttle buses instead of the one that currently comes over on the ferry (late morning).
  9. A couple of night ago an operator on the 21 tried to do a u-turn on WB Lander near the RR crossing (east side of the crossing) with a DE60LF (there was a train stopped in the crossing). The attempt was unsuccessful (at the very least the bus would've ended up on the sidewalk and an adjacent building along with power poles would've been in the way as well). Fortunately the train finally cleared the crossing and the operator was able to back up the bus far enough to be able to head westbound again.
  10. Kitsap Transit wants fresh eyes to look at its routes http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/local/kitsap-transit-wants-fresh-eyes-to-look-at-its-routes-3722ba06-371d-03df-e053-0100007f4ad1-386219691.html
  11. As far as 2 and 3 go, be aware that trolleybuses usually don't operate on weekends (on some occasions, a few routes may have trolleybuses while others have DE60LF, Orion VII or D40LF buses instead). Regarding this: From what I've observed, the 8, 24, 124 and 62 use artics on Saturdays (not sure about Sundays). It seems like the 26X, 28X, 131 and 132 use mainly 40' coaches on weekends. Additionally, the 27 and 33 operate out of Ryerson (probably wouldn't see artics on those routes on weekends though).
  12. Both. At the beginning of the shakeup, DE60LFs were showing up on the C and E lines (I'm assuming this also happened on the D line as well). Some of the XDE60s were still at South Base (I'm assuming those have been moved to Atlantic). Due to the closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, some buses have been on standby in case of overloads. This most likely explains why Orion VIIs have been showing up on the RapidRide lines.
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