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  1. nagaBus

    Current TTC Wraps

    1676 and 1796 - half wrap, driver's side - LG G7
  2. nagaBus

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    9102-9104 have moved to Mount Dennis
  3. nagaBus

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 9229 was being towed by Abrams. It was at Birchmount Road just south of Ellesmere Road when I saw it. 1550 - 21 Brimley 1667 - 38 Highland Creek 1825 - 85 Sheppard East 1684 - 133 Neilson
  4. nagaBus


    W276 has been rebuilt in new livery. I saw it along Ellesmere Road.
  5. nagaBus

    Current TTC Wraps

    8210 - half wrap, driver's side - Wrapped for the Darren and Mo, two radio hosts
  6. nagaBus

    Current TTC Wraps

    There is a half wrap on the driver's side on 1306 but unfortunately I forgot what it was advertising.
  7. nagaBus

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 1825 - 39 Finch East 1577 - 133 Neilson
  8. nagaBus

    Current TTC Wraps

    1825 is no longer wrapped for Hotel Transylvania 3. It is now wrapped for the FBI drama series. The wrap is still a half wrap on the driver's side.
  9. nagaBus

    Missing in Action buses

    TTC 8197, 8198, and 8217 have been gone for a very long time. They don't track also. Have they retired?
  10. nagaBus

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 1787 was on 133 Neilson this midnight.
  11. nagaBus

    Current TTC Wraps

    1604 is now unwrapped.
  12. nagaBus

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 8888 was using the 925 Don Mills Express signs.
  13. nagaBus

    Today's Sightings

    No problem. To be honest I should have used better wording. Anyway, back on topic: TTC 1707 had its destination sign set as "Don Mills Station," no route number though TTC 9070 was on 85 Sheppard East
  14. nagaBus

    Today's Sightings

    I did see them with my own eyes. I thought that it was odd that these buses are using the new signs even though they haven't formally introduced them yet. I'll edit the previous post to clear the confusion.
  15. nagaBus

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 1641, 1673, and 1812 were using the 985 Sheppard East Express signs. YRT 1506 NIS on Fairview Mall Drive