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  1. TTC 8833 was also on the 953 Steeles East Express. I saw it arriving at Finch Station.
  2. That's weird, why was that bus partly repainted? (The rear "bump" is repainted)
  3. 1674 is no longer wrapped for MIB. It is now wrapped for Seneca Open House, still a half wrap on the driver's side.
  4. TTC 7944 is on 20 Cliffside this afternoon.
  5. 1674 and 8536 - half wrap, driver's side - Men in Black: International
  6. Although route 85 is no longer an artic route, it is rare, but it's not that special because 9071 is a Malvern bus and route 85 is a Malvern route.
  7. I noticed that some novas with electric doors (the ones that are hybrids at least) have alarms going off sometimes whenever the doors open. I assume that these are door alarms. Why do they trigger? Are they false alarms? I rarely hear these on non-electric door novas.
  8. I'm not sure if this applies for all units, but I know that 8411 has a subtle difference with the TTS. When announcing stops, it says "next stop", followed by a subtle pause, then the stop name. All other buses that I rode on don't have the pause.
  9. TTC 9000 was on 134 Progress this morning. TTC 1310 is on 131 Nugget this afternoon.
  10. 8560 - half wrap, driver's side - Wrapped for a dessert cafe, but I can't remember its name.
  11. 1531 also has the Toronto Hydro wrap.
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