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  1. It’s like closing the barn door after the horse escaped
  2. My favourite was a washroom in the waiting area of the car service dept in a Canadian tire saying basically “you can use it if you absolutely have to, but we won’t be responsible if anything happens to you” meaning “we don’t want to be bother properly cleaning it”
  3. I still don’t understand what a deep cleaning is going to do for An AIRBORNE virus after the fact…
  4. When they put in the “outdoor dining is allowed “ in January, I immediately thought this isn’t going away…. Again…..
  5. Lol I got one email from cineplex stating “due to new restrictions we have to close all our theatres in Ontario on Wednesday” followed by an email discussing “enhanced QR codes” required…. I’m aware it’s mass mailing system but….that’s bad timing
  6. Back to stage 2… everything indoors but malls have to close I can’t even …..
  7. Maybe some entrepreneur should setup a removal line for 1800 got junk ads because you know they are annoying and no one wants them either lmao
  8. I still think there should be combo wtf/fy thread ….
  9. My regions public health hasn’t changed the eligibility for the boosters(it’s only 50 plus) In the clinics despite the fact Ontario lowered the age bracket to anyone over 18th as of today…. Either my region has low supply and limiting it or it’s a mis communication between them and the province.. I know I could go hunting in other jurisdictions but I shouldn’t have to….anymore…. Supply should’ve been figured out by now…it’s a vaccination not a trickle me Elmo etc lol
  10. That’s incredibly stupid for a short trip (like 72 hours) you’d literally have to get tested the moment you arrived in your destination… i figured that’s why they didn’t require it for trips that were 72 or less hours
  11. im not anti vaxx, im anti goverment control BS, its gettting old, at first they had an excuse, it was new, they didnt know much about it, now they do and they dont anymore...i just got back from a mini vacation in florida and it was kind of refreshing, no mask mandates, no Vax requirements to do anything (at least the places i went to, afew resturants and a movie theatre) the stores dont require you to wear one if vaxxed (un vaxxed are suppoed to wear them, but theres no way enforce that obviously)
  12. I’m So sick of this, we all got our vax (my parents just got their boosters and like last time filtering down age groups…. Let people who want one get it… surely by now you got supply and logistics figured by now) we all grudgingly accepted the vax proof crap please kindly screw off dougie….
  13. Glad you found them, it sucks losing headphones… I lost some headphones somewhere on the national mall in Washington on that trip we took to see the dukes thing,they weren’t that expensive but they were ones I really liked at the time
  14. McDonald’s scanned mine (with an IPad no less) , they didn’t even ask to see my id that the other fast food places I been to since the mandate took affect have asked me for
  15. That guys videos are always entertaining and informative sometimes
  16. CIBC recently changed their logo to this: and all i see is this:
  17. can the stores get rid of the stupid one way aisle things, at stores like walmart they are rather pointless those aisles are huge! and no one follows those anymore
  18. The crazy Thing no one beyond people in the business world knew what zoom was before March 2020…. Though i will say this, zoom karaoke sessions with friends kept me sane..
  19. “Zoom” i never want to use that app or hear that name ever again. When things go “normal”
  20. Having to book a pew seat is just insane (to be fair having to book anything in advance is insane, the days of “ I want to go to hcrr etc today, spur of the moment decision is long gone and probably never coming back ) , what about for older church goers who don’t have any form of technology….
  21. But Rapido has connections to the ttc (I mean 8058 is why rapido even has a accurate ttc t6h 5307 model in the first place….. )and is on good terms with them
  22. Beg pardon,Discount? For shoving a kart with a something heavy in it or on it ….? That could be considered assault…
  23. yeah i couldnt help but think thats interesting it went down...... (i thought my internet was being stupid at first, it does act up but then youtube and tiktok were okay)
  24. it wont be long before malls take away seating in food courts if not already, enforcement would fall on mall security id imagine and they probabu have other things to worry about....
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