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  1. what drives me nuts is phase one allows non essential retail to open..... but shuts out stores in a mall with no street entrances.... we went through this crap last year around this time and then eventually you could go in the entire mall with no vaccines in sight at the time........
  2. ive had this happen a couple of times with the PO box my dad uses for business stuff , normally i just hand to the people in the post office and they take care of it....
  3. Imagine if Nintendo and Microsoft mashed up mine craft and animal crossing….
  4. amongst other things, i enjoy going to see shows in stratford, they had annouced they are planning to do productions in a tent this year (which ironically is how they got their start) but they just annouced a delay in selling tickets, my guess is they dont want to sell tickets untill they know for sure,IF they can open
  5. Honestly I’d wouldn’t even have cable tv at all if it was up to me,I’d get the best unlimited internet plan and just subscribe to streaming services when required…. But my dad likes to watch hockey etc
  6. I’ve done everything we’re supposed to do, And I see people that don’t care (anti mask, vax etc) Sorry if that came off as whining
  7. Honestly I’m just tired of all of this….I’m really tired of seeing my friends on a screen… I’m tired of not being able of going to see shows and things that interest me… I could write a novel but I won’t…
  8. Yeah I just dealt with updating my series 3 ugh… for the most part you can get a about a day or so out of the Battery before it needs a recharge
  9. I’ve had an Apple Watch for at least a couple of years now , i still think it’s wierd to think/say “ I gotta plug in my watch”
  10. “Social distancing” is another I’d like to never hear again..
  11. am i the only one that thinks a thing that can potentially save lives, is just as hard to get a say a ps5? that you have to call around for is so insane....
  12. yeah.... i feel you......somedays i just want to go to sleep and wake up when this nonsense is over (if ever) "wake me up when the pandemic ends"
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