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  1. The crazy Thing no one beyond people in the business world knew what zoom was before March 2020…. Though i will say this, zoom karaoke sessions with friends kept me sane..
  2. “Zoom” i never want to use that app or hear that name ever again. When things go “normal”
  3. Having to book a pew seat is just insane (to be fair having to book anything in advance is insane, the days of “ I want to go to hcrr etc today, spur of the moment decision is long gone and probably never coming back ) , what about for older church goers who don’t have any form of technology….
  4. But Rapido has connections to the ttc (I mean 8058 is why rapido even has a accurate ttc t6h 5307 model in the first place….. )and is on good terms with them
  5. Beg pardon,Discount? For shoving a kart with a something heavy in it or on it ….? That could be considered assault…
  6. yeah i couldnt help but think thats interesting it went down...... (i thought my internet was being stupid at first, it does act up but then youtube and tiktok were okay)
  7. it wont be long before malls take away seating in food courts if not already, enforcement would fall on mall security id imagine and they probabu have other things to worry about....
  8. Yeah I’m annoyed when I have to force the splash page for the wifi
  9. this sounds intriging HBC is trying mini "Zellers" inside one of their hudsons bay stores, i wonder if this is to see if theres demand to bring it back? https://retail-insider.com/retail-insider/2021/09/zellers-store-in-store-launches-inside-of-hudsons-bay-location-photos/?fbclid=IwAR1sT2Hl4WRjQ2PjoSQnijZUBotIMn5FWzHeXUqYDpzqHoNaYFxdLeFMKZk
  10. on friday i met up with a friend i had last hungout a week or two before everything blew up.... said friend is immune comprised but simply couldn't deal with not hanging out with friends in person anymore especially on her birthday , she was willing to take the risk while taking precautions the best you can, and honestly it was good to see her again in person instead of a facetime/zoom call
  11. depends i guess, luckily im not in that boat (my 11 is only a year old and i paid full (i have a good plan you cant get anymore and i wouldve had to forfeit it) so yeah thats not getting replaced anytime soon lol)
  12. my dad would perfer costco canada would adopt visa instead of having a mastercard just for costco (he hated having an amex card just for costco as well )
  13. cineplex took a big hit in the pandemic, this doesnt suprise me, they made a premium version of their timeplay trivia game (alongside a free one) they did online
  14. I was like you, I wanted to wait for supply of either Pfizer or moderna got caught up, because i didn’t want az… too many countries were banning it…..
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