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  1. Mines going to be hard to have an anniversary for since last year was a leap year, I last used public transit on feb 29th, (I met up with a friend downtown to see a movie, haven’t seen her in person since then)
  2. Pre pandemic, even though the capacity is 1000, I doubt it hit any where near that? That’s a lot... I know that’s fire marshal limit thing
  3. I find it interesting and frustrating they are only doing this now....my last trip was March 2020 just as the pandemic was getting going... I expected this kind of stuff back then... back then they simply “hoped” you self isolated......
  4. Yeah That’s crazy..... when I had a buddy over in the summer we kept our distance in the backyard and didn’t wear masks except going to get food All things considered going on in my life , not bad, it’s still hard some days though
  5. Yeah what happened to the QR code thing, metrolinx started to install the new ones just before the pandemic.... gusss that has taken a back seat for now...
  6. Yeah that I don’t understand..... they complain about losses (valid) but then do wasteful things like that? Probably don’t want to be bothered to clean the menu everytime.... (the cutlery doesn’t even make sense, like did they suddenly forget there’s dishwashers?)
  7. It’s a QR code, it’s like a shortcut basically you scan with your phones camera , but yeah I agree with you they shouldn’t assume everyone has a smartphone
  8. When you realize two of your friends happen to have same names as fictional characters that have killed/eaten people (Jason and Audrey 2 )
  9. Yup I use my phone (an iPhone 6] a lot for photos, since i take it everywhere I go anyways might as well, it’s got its drawbacks though, but it’s so much easier.......
  10. Somehow and somewhere I lost 20 bucks I took out for karaoke (I’m par of a group that meets once a month and we rent a Karaoke room, it’s really cool we pitch im for the room) so that sucks, fortunately they take interac [for some reason I thought they didn’t, despair going before)
  11. when i realized the camera i took to montreal last week to film the remaining mr 63s doesn't shoot in HD, after the trip (the camera i usually use is busted and took my backup camera which is an older canon powershot sd1000) its unlikely ill go back to montreal anytime soon..... its better than nothing but still kind of sucks......
  12. yup been there.......(especially when the earbuds were your favorite) lost them somewhere in the national mall in washington dc...... though this would be a fml moment too...
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