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  1. 8021 is on the 411 this morning. That confirms that all 22 E500s are in service now.
  2. They have these cardboard E500s at Bethel. Definitely meant for kids but I could't resist. It's just a rectangle though and doesn't fold to the contours or even the tires. Surprisingly accurate and detailed but one, the phone number is missing on the side and two, the bike rack is shown the side but not the front. Anyway just thought i'd share in case anyone wants one. I'm still looking for 8021. I havn't been able to confirm if it's on site yet or not. I'll keep you posted.
  3. It's also worth mentioning that the new buses have different seat upholstery than the rest of the fleet.
  4. 8023 was on the 414 this morning
  5. 8022 was on the 413 this morning. I had no idea that SCT took delivery of new Enviro 500s, let alone had them in service. Sorry I wasn't able to get a photo. It was too late before I realized what I was looking at. Anyone know if they took delivery of any more or how many are coming in this batch? I suppose it's safe to assume that 8021 is out there or on its way. I'll keep you updated. I commute on SCT daily. I noticed something was strange yesterday when the 414 route I often take was a double when it normally isn't.
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