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  1. Thanks to Andrew Stott for the heads-up this morning... 4108's in the Paterson morgue. She gone. Pour one out for 4108. *Taps*
  2. So, I got around to self-publishing a novel on Amazon. Called "Attacking Zone", it's a teen-centered action story in which the main character, who captains a fictional youth hockey team here in Edmonton, and his younger sister, end up becoming involved in trying to solve a bizarre crime spree in which every infraction involves the Edmonton Transit Service, all while the main character's team is also playing for the league championship. Worth noting that a couple of the things that I made happen in this story are near-impossible to make happen in real-life, so I do emphasize the fictional aspect of it, even if the setting is always real. Also worth noting that while the obvious title reference is to the "attacking zone" in hockey, otherwise known as the offensive zone, it's actually a double-entendre, as it alludes to how Edmonton bus stops used to be called "Transit Zones", and that every crime detailed in the novel involves the transit in question. I shall leave the link here, if anyone is really intrigued to see what my hyperactive mind came up with, in terms of what happens with ETS. If anyone does read it, I hope y'all enjoy it. P.S. Also please excuse the cover image, and my photoshopping of a bus onto LRT tracks... Obviously, I was trying too hard to be creative Attacking Zone https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0813BN9CY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_q83-DbJS7SWJA
  3. NOW it is likely safe to declare 4161 retired. Sitting in a deadbeat area at Westwood, chilling with 4191 and 4192 from the 2000 Series. 4108 is still frustrating. One appearance here, one appearance there, a run of consecutive appearances in relief of fellow Westwood `98 LF 4117, and now sitting with some inactive LFR's at Westwood. Tough to gauge it, honestly. 4113 yet to run in December. It was seeing heavy use on the 23 in the days leading up to its most recent run, so I'm not sure if those runs killed it, or if it just needs additional maintenance. 4105, 4115, 4117, and 4120 are the four 1998's remaining in service, otherwise. Active 1999's are 4128, 4129, 4132, 4143, 4144, 4145, 4150, 4151, 4155, 4156, 4158, 4159, 4162, 4165, 4166, 4168, 4169, 4170, 4171, 4172, and 4174.
  4. Scratch 4129 off of that. It has been pretty active today, and apparently snuck out yesterday under my nose.
  5. 4108 and 4129 only ran once each in September, after being MIA for lengthy stretches of time, and then each vanished after their one run. Possible that they are being used as last-resort buses.
  6. UPDATES: 4105 returned to service last week. Two all-day runs, with an AM peak run sandwiched in-between. It, and 4113, are the only two pre-millennium buses to be running out of Centennial currently. 4108 now MIA. Yet to run in September, as per T55. 4167 is sitting in the Paterson compound, retired.
  7. More "two days ago" than "today", but regardless... Some stuff from around the h̶o̶r̶n̶ GTA, on what was my last full day out there before returning home to Edmonton:
  8. Looks like I was out in Vaughan at the right time, then. Was not aware that 1905 was only three weeks into active service, but foamed it, and a few other YRT units nonetheless. Happy to see York region still runs D40LF's. Reminds me of home.
  9. Saw a 406x unit, and 4098, on the 506 Carlton back on Tuesday.
  10. Can confirm riding 7956 on the 73 Royal York back on Sunday.
  11. I have returned. 😏 Overall, a decent list, but I will throw some edits on there. 4105 is outside Centennial currently, but, on my mini-tour of Centennial earlier this month, the garage official confirmed that it is not retired. She will likely return to service when the school specials hit the roads again in September. 4161 and 4171 are currently active as we speak. 4167 did see service for a brief period at the beginning of June, and has been MIA for as long as 4105. If 4105 is being stored, then I wouldn't write 4167 off yet, either. With MIA's, we'll get a better idea of what is retired and what isn't once September arrives. It is doubtful, barring any critical failures, that any of the remaining 90's units will be retired until the new electric buses arrive.
  12. Thinking of heading out to Ottawa next month. Any clue when STO Classics are usually out on the roads?
  13. Not sure if 4065 is still active or not, but... Here's my photo from 2016, after I had just taken a ride on it. I'll miss those streetcars, even if I've lived in Edmonton my whole life and only ever visited Toronto annually since 2016.
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