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  1. jhernandez11322

    Paperbus Thread

    Oh. Will it be released or not? And are you planning to release the LFSA, XD40 and XE40 this weekend if you have time? Sorry for asking a lot of questions.
  2. jhernandez11322

    Paperbus Thread

    I was scrolling through the pages and got up to 270 and found an Orion V Ex Bee Roadeo Bus. Has the template been released? Cause I can't find it. I'm only asking.
  3. jhernandez11322

    Paperbus Thread

    Ok atsf Transit. BTW r142a_7795 do you take requests? If so I would like to request a MTA Proterra BE40
  4. jhernandez11322

    Paperbus Thread

    Will the XE40, New Flyer XD40 and LFSA Smartbus Templates be out soon r142a_7795