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  1. When the route list came out in 2019, the 189 STOCKYARDS didn’t exist just yet. Question is who will run the 312 ST. CLAIR-JUNCTION night bus next board? Markham and Eglinton may be the new spot for Malvern buses.
  2. Seems #3518 is currently on the 131 NUGGET. Not moved yet.
  3. Mal>Arw: #3531, #3535 Bir>McN: #3132, #3135, #3137, #3141
  4. Not my pic but XN60 #8109 is spotted in Toronto
  5. This is why they have ZERO Orions in the division leaving McNicoll solely Nova (any maybe New Flyer if they win any orders) despite Malvern had in the past and MD has currently maintains both 1100s and 1200s. All Orions have been cleaned out of Birchmount and Comstock in favor of the LFS. Can’t they take any MD or Wilson Orion VII Hybrid buses to balance it out at Malvern? It is the last division in Scarborough to hold Orion VIIs after the 8100s forced to leave Birchmount, 1100s left Malvern and all #7400-#7881 series retired too. Oh well. No 3100s for Queensway then. I doubt it. 8720s and 3100s are the same except for the cameras, seating and USB ports. They could send back Birchmount or Queensway 84/8500s to Arrow but won’t simply work out. Not even 2006 Orion VII diesels at McNicoll won’t make the budge at McNicoll because they don’t have any Orion parts there and approaching it’s end of service life. Question is why did McNicoll did go with Nova products instead of the Orion line? I know the parts are quickly getting expensive after Orion ceased operations years ago but the LFS are the likely the easiest buses to maintain.
  6. #W259 is sporting a LFLRV paint. Saw that on McCowan/Lawrence yesterday.
  7. Both buses are likely placed in storage not decommissioned. The wiki on the pages doesn’t even mentioned the storage portion on the units. Anyone from the maintenance dept would have to confirm if any of the two are off the roster since the trackers on #1242 and #1362 are still on despite the absence of #1206.
  8. Any reason what happened? It’s likely I heard the fleet numbers were removed.
  9. McN>Arw: #3129, #3176 (on route 996), #3180, #3181 (on route 165), #3182, #3183, #3189, #3190
  10. Over the past few days, I spotted over 3 Wheel-Trans SLF II vehicles sporting a new LFLRV livery: #W218, #W226, #W236
  11. TTC: #8349 | 86 SCARBOROUGH #3423 | 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS
  12. To make my assumption @Tunnelrat and @Young Wilson, Queensway and Mount Dennis are Orion majority divisions though Malvern has a fair share of the Orions. Many Wilson operators are leaving for McNicoll, Birchmount or Comstock/New Eglinton who are Nova majority divisions. Even some Arrow Road and Comstock operators are leaving for Wilson or Malvern respectively which have Orion VIIs. If McNicoll wanted any Orion VIIs, they have to undergo major equipment training and familiarization because the drivers and mechanics who are experienced on a Orion VII aren’t familiar with the new LFS diesels there. Parts would be a factor because none of the new mechanics at McNicoll won’t be familiar with the LFS but Orion VIIs would’ve been easier for their operators to drive and mechanics to maintain. I guess the LFS and LFS Artic are newer, simplified and easier to maintain than the VIIs. Unless the VIIs are easier to fix and maintain than the LFS.
  13. So that is why McNicoll isn’t capable to operate or maintain Orion VIIs. When MD opened in 2008, they gave them Vs and Fishbowls so mechanics can fix the buses easier than the newer, prone VII NG Hybrids. But with bus technology evolved in recent years I guess, perhaps McNicoll’s staff gave them LFS as opposed to VIIs (parts are getting quickly expensive) for the mechanics to simply maintain with.
  14. As mentioned above, the 13 streetcars will be delivered alongside with the 60 new ones after the 204 cars were late. Delivery to end no later than March 31, 2024. http://ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2021/February_10/Reports/3_Liquidated_Damages_for_the_Supply_of_Additional_Streetcars.pdf
  15. Looks like these buses will be earmarked. Cc.: @Bus_Medic
  16. I guess they’ll keep the higher 32xx and all the 33xx but I heard they’re getting the 88/89xx from Comstock. #3495-#3654 would be fine at Arrow. 40 artics and 200 LFS would be perfect. I doubt they’ll get the VIIs but not likely to happen anytime soon.
  17. Bir>McN: #3104, #3122 (en route via Birchmount Rd.)
  18. Arw>McN: #3188, #3189, #3191 (en route via Steeles Ave. W. towards Dufferin St.)
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