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  1. As reported on the retirements thread, #1662 has no bike rack. The other being #1500.
  2. September Board https://stevemunro.ca/2020/08/21/ttc-service-changes-effective-september-6-2020/ Quick notes: - 38 shifted to Bay 10, a bay occupied by the 16 and Wheel-Trans - 41 to terminate SB to High Park loop. - 61 improves service spacing. - 71/77 interline ends - 101 to operate continuously via Carl Hill Road. - 102/902 and 134/913 to operate in the new Centennial College Progress loop. - 505 cut short to College/Lansdowne - 506 diverted WB via Lansdowne, Bloor to Dundas West Stn. - 511 diverted via Dundas, Spadina and Queen for three weeks in late Sept. - 512 cars enter and leave service from Leslie Barns via Queen, Broadview, Dundas and Bathurst. - Eglinton West Stn. construction to continue for five more weeks to to the pandemic related delays. - 176, 508 and all express services sans 900, 913 and 927 remain suspended.
  3. With McNicoll planning to get the #31/32xx group, what will replace them as well as the artics at Arrow Rd.? It’s possible Malvern’s LFS HEV would replace them...
  4. It seems #8111, #8180, #8182 paid a visit to Malvern. What’s with Wilson buses popping up at Malvern in recent weeks? So the plan calls for the 1000s to be split or the entire fleet moved? It’s not possible for Mount Dennis to get 12m LFS diesel or hybrid at some point. What about Wilson VII NG diesel, Queensway, New Eglinton or Birchmount? Will they be unchanged for the opening of McNicoll or they have plans for them?
  5. Has anyone heard the news about the 1000s moving east again before McNicoll opens? It seems it is a possibility, but if so, get your pictures of the 1000s as much as possible in the west end before the end of the year. I’m no expert, but I have a buddy who works with the TTC. @Bus_Medic @bus_7246 @leylandvictory2
  6. TTC: #1309 | 54A LAWRENCE EAST (8/15) #1625 | 76A ROYAL YORK SOUTH #3217 | 105A DUFFERIN NORTH #3281 | 79A SCARLETT ROAD #3296 | 47A LANSDOWNE #3517 | 57 MIDLAND #8020 | 504 KING
  7. I see. Thanks. On top of that, I used up @502 Downtowner’s legacy color codes but I added an eighth color for McNicoll as shown below going forward: Arrow Road - Red Birchmount - Cyan Eglinton - Orange Malvern - Blue McNicoll - Gold Mount Dennis - Pink Queensway - Green Wilson - Purple
  8. Likely heading back, as it’s tracking on McCowan. #9092 is parked at McNicoll. Going forward, these will be the color codes: Arrow Road - Red Birchmount - Cyan Eglinton - Orange Malvern - Blue McNicoll - Gold Mount Dennis - Pink Queensway - Green Wilson - Purple
  9. #9096 is parked at McNicoll. Note the gold color for it.
  10. Did any of the buses built from 1981 received the yellow “PLEASE YIELD” stickers? If so, I believe these buses from #8520-#8561 and #8380-#8486 were the first to get one or it just the next order. When did the TTC start putting up the yield stickers on their buses?
  11. It was back in service since Saturday. I spotted the first two on Danforth Road deadheading to start the Line 2 subway shuttle services.
  12. Obico is actually an unofficial subdivision of Queensway. While not classified as such, Queensway maintains the buses stored at Obico Training Compound. Overall, ES buses and five COVID/Training buses will count as Queensway buses.
  13. It would been appear ex-TTC bus #73xx (#7313?) is in a location where #7237 was.
  14. Video shows rude customer, TTC bus driver in screaming match (WARNING: Strong language)
  15. Brad is not gonna be happy about it Another video contains a dozen stolen photos.
  16. Thanks. But I am getting the feeling that they may push back the opening date to 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic is going on. They don’t want to rush things quickly because they might open the new division in the middle of the health crisis. It’s like Mount Dennis that was supposed to open in September 2007 but a strike at Orion and budget shortfall delayed the opening to November 2008. I hope this will not be the case for McNicoll. If Comstock according to TTC documents said they were opening in late 2001, they opened the garage in March 2002 instead.
  17. A few questions that got into my chest, with McNicoll’s office space operation and the buses stored there recently, when is the actual target opening date (though the Coupler magazine calls for November)? Since @FlyerD901 released the proposed route list last year, is there an actual final list of routes that is different from the proposed ones? The 189 STOCKYARDS going to another garage remains unknown.
  18. Question on routes shared by two divisions: Since Mount Dennis opened, apart from the 35/95 and Blue Night/Streetcar shuttles, why did the TTC stopped from having two divisions from operating one route (e.g., 54) or branches of a route (e.g. 7/7G at Wilson, 7A/B at Davenport). How does the TTC run daytime bus routes that are shared between two divisions? For example, before 2008: 32 EGLINTON WEST/52 LAWRENCE WEST (Queensway/Wilson), 37 ISLINGTON/45 KIPLING (Arrow/Queensway), 54 LAWRENCE EAST (Comstock/Malvern), 60 STEELES WEST (Arrow/Wilson), 77 SWANSEA/79 SCARLETT ROAD (Arrow/Queensway) 110 ISLINGTON SOUTH (Arrow/Queensway) and 87 COSBURN/113 DANFORTH (Birchmount/Comstock). Even if McNicoll opens, will the post-2008 arrangement remain unchanged to have one route operate only in one division? Perhaps I do not see shared daytime routes are being reintroduced anytime soon.
  19. Photo from @BusFreak93: #3137, #1062 and #8042 training at Wilson Garage. Perhaps a possibility of McNicoll these vehicles, training drivers for the major movements when McNicoll opens or just regular training? Well never know.
  20. I have gathered the many of the Orion VII and some NovaBUS LFS buses in the Flexity paint that have the black rear destination signs as opposed to the red rear ones. #1084, #1223, #1236, #1251, #1323, #1337, #1559, #8121, #8355, #9008 If there are more, let me know.
  21. Almost a while but the colors of the corresponding buses (except #3400-#3454 at Malvern) are out of date and the colors of the arrows should corresponding with the current allocations (see the roster on the CPTDB wiki). Electric buses should be matching with their respective divisions. If you’re reading this @sammi, it would be much appreciated.
  22. This is only the beginning: TTC begins to launch bus only lanes on the Eglinton East corridor between Brimley and UTSC in the fall. https://globalnews.ca/news/7152337/ttc-bus-only-lanes-eglinton-avenue-east-toronto/amp/ https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5641808 Here is the list of routes that is fully serviced in the Eglinton East priority lane: - 12D KINGSTON ROAD - 86 SCARBOROUGH - 116 MORNINGSIDE - 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS - 986 SCARBOROUGH EXPRESS
  23. Those buses in bold interlined with the 48 RATHBURN.
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