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  1. The former TTC 1965 TDH-5303 bus #3769 is seen on Commonwealth Ave. in Boston on the M2 LMA Shuttle operated by MASCO. This is one of the examples of TTC buses enjoying their careers after their retirement. Photo taken by Bob Hussey in January 1986.


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  2. The good, the bad, the ugly, the sanctions. Strabag, partly owned by a Russian billionaire, won a tunneling contract for Line 2 extension, is in hot water: 



    Tory asks for review of $144-million contract given to company partly owned by Russian oligarch now facing sanctions in Canada

    Mayor John Tory has asked city staff to review a $144-million contract awarded to a construction company partly owned by a Russian billionaire now facing sanctions in Canada.

    The Toronto Star first reported about Oleg Deripaska’s business interests in Ontario in an article published earlier this week, detailing approximately $1 billion in public sector contracts held by a company that he owns a minority stake in through a holding company.

    According to the newspaper, the Austrian-based construction company Strabag won a $750-million contract for tunneling the Scarborough subway extension in 2021.

    But its business interests in the region go beyond just that, having received a $144-million contract for excavation and tunneling work on a new pumping station at the Ashbridge’s Bay Treatment Plant from the City of Toronto back in 2019.

    At the time Deripaska was already facing sanctions in the U.S., though the Canadian government only recently added him to its list of Russian oligarchs and officials now facing sanctions domestically.

    In a statement provided to CP24 on Thursday, Mayor John Tory’s spokesperson Lawvin Hadisi noted that the contract was awarded “long before the attack on Ukraine and the imposition of the current Canadian sanctions.”

    However, Hadisi said that that Tory has asked city staff to review the matter.

    “The mayor would support taking any actions in response to the federal government's sanctions – up to and including cancelling the contract – if that is the advice of our city staff and recognizing that would likely be very challenging from a legal standpoint,” she said.

    The city received a total of four bids for the Ashbridge’s Bay contract and the submission from Strabag ended up carrying a price tag that was nearly $50 million lower than the next closest bidder.

    According to a staff report, about $90 million of the contract value has already been awarded with the remaining $53 million scheduled to be paid out between now and the end of 2023.

    In a statement given to CP24, city spokesperson Brad Ross noted that the city “completed a comprehensive review of the tender submission in accordance with all relevant policies” at the time the contract was awarded and was not aware of the sanctions Deripaska was facing in the U.S. at the time.

    “The City of Toronto is currently reviewing the details related to the sanctions imposed and the requirements of the current contract,” Ross said.

    Deripaska is among nearly 400 Russian officials, oligarchs and other figures who have been sanctioned by the Canadian government since the country invaded Ukraine last month.

    It should be noted that Strabag itself is not facing any sanctions that would prevent it from conducting business in Canada.


  3. On 6/1/2021 at 12:18 AM, OC Transpo/STO Fan said:

    Nitpick, but it actually can't be from 1993 because the TTC V has the newer CLRV livery instead of the older version with the grey paint. Considering this, it might have been taken in 1996ish at the earliest (not sure when the older Orion Vs first got repainted). The passenger side mirror also gives away the fact that it's a 1991 Orion V. 

    The 1991 Orion V buses were given a repaint in 1997. So it could be taken in 1998.

  4. Scott Hall, a professional wrestler also known as Razor Ramon, dead at the age of 63 after a series of heart attacks.

    Eric Mutter of WrestlingINC wrote this in full:


    Born on October 20, 1958, Scott Hall entered the wrestling business in 1984 after training with Japanese wrestler Hiro Matsuda. Initially brought into Championship Wrestling from Florida as an opponent for Dusty Rhodes, Hall later joined Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association (AWA) in 1985, where he worked for the next four years. Despite never winning the AWA World Heavyweight Championship, Hall was a top star during AWA’s latter days, and had one reign as AWA World Tag Team Champions with AWA top star Curt Hennig.

    After leaving AWA, Scott Hall briefly worked for WCW in 1989 before leaving the same year. He would work several promotions over the next few years, notably New Japan Pro Wrestling (where he also worked during his stay in AWA) and Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council before rejoining WCW in 1991 as the Diamond Studd. Managed by Diamond Dallas Page, Hall’s run as Diamond Studd largely kept him in the midcard until he left the promotion again in early 1992.

    It was soon after that Scott Hall’s career took off when he joined WWE later that year, finally reaching the promotion after two failed tryouts in 1987 and 1990. Creating a character modeled after Tony Montana and Manny Ribera from Brian DePalma’s film Scarface, Hall became Razor Ramon and quickly became one of WWE’s top stars over the next four years, winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship four times. His WWE run is best remembered for his feud with close friend 1-2-3 Kid (Sean Waltman), which served as Waltman’s big break, his ladder match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X in 1994 and the formation of the backstage group The Kliq, consisting of Hall, Waltman, Michaels, Triple H and Kevin Nash.

    Arguably however, Scott Hall’s biggest contribution to wrestling was when he and Nash left WWE for WCW in 1996. Appearing first on the May 26 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Hall, seemingly representing WWE, called out WCW in his famous “you want a war? You’re gonna get one” speech. The speech would kickstart an angle that would lead to the formation of the New World Order (nWo) at Bash at the Beach 1996, when Hulk Hogan betrayed WCW to join Hall and Nash, dubbed The Outsiders. The group would go on to become one of the greatest and most influential groups in wrestling history.

    Scott Hall remained a key member of the nWo throughout the rest of his WCW tenure, winning the WCW World Tag Team Championships 6 times with Nash and 1 time with The Giant (AEW’s Paul Wight). He would also win the WCW United States Championship 2 times and the WCW Television Championship 1 time.

    Scott Hall is also said to have been the one that suggested Sting take on his legendary Crow persona, and notably played a role in Bill Goldberg both winning and losing the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Goldberg was forced to defeat Hall on the July 6 episode of WCW Monday Nitro in order to face Hollywood Hogan later that night, and Hall later cost Goldberg the title at Starrcade 1998 when stunning the then WCW Champion with a taser, allowing Nash to defeat Goldberg and end the streak.

    After leaving WCW in 2000, Scott Hall briefly worked two nontelevised ECW events and wrestled for New Japan once more in 2001, where he wrestled and put over future top star Hiroshi Tanahashi. Hall was brought back to WWE in 2002 when WWE brought in the nWo, but he was released shortly after following his role in the infamous Plane Ride From Hell incident.

    Scott Hall would continue to work sporadically for the next several years, appearing in TNA, WWC and even one AAA show in 2007. He and Nash would win their final tag team championship together, the TNA World Tag Team Championships, in 2010, along with Eric Young. Shortly after Hall would leave the promotion and retire from in ring competition; his last match was on May 19, 2010, where he and Young defeated Matt Morgan in a handicap match.

    Throughout his career, Scott Hall dealt with alcohol and drug addiction that affected his career; at one point, his issues were even incorporated into a widely panned WCW angle in the fall of 1998. The effects of substance abuse eventually led to Hall being diagnosed with epilepsy, and he also dealt with numerous heart issues.

    Long time friend Nash later attributed Hall’s substance abuse issues to posttraumatic stress disorder, relating to an incident in 1983 where Hall killed a man in an altercation outside an Orlando night club. 2nd degree murder chargers were later dropped against Hall, who always claimed self defense, but the event had a profound effect on him. Hall would discuss the incident, along with his career, family and substance abuse issues, in great detail during an ESPN E:60 documentary released in October of 2011.

    In 2013, Scott Hall would move into the home of former manager Diamond Dallas Page, along with wrestling legend Jake Roberts, in an attempt to get sober. The move had a profound affect on Hall, and he would soon be welcomed back into WWE, making several appearances between 2014 and 2021. Hall would go on to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice, first as Razor Ramon in 2014 and again as part of the nWo in 2021. Hall also appeared on the 9th episode of AEW’s Road to Double or Nothing series in 2019, talking about Conrad Thompson’s Starrcast convention.

    Scott Hall is survived by his friends and family, including ex-wives Dana and Jessica, daughter Cassidy Lee Hall and son Cody Taylor Hall. Cody Hall is also a wrestler who trained with his father and would go on to work for New Japan, Pro Wrestling NOAH, DDT, Ring of Honor, Revolution Pro Wrestling and AAA. He has not wrestled a match since 2020.



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  5. It seems #8525 has been saved from the scrappers torch a decade ago by a private owner but given a new plate as 160 3BH and has been used for the truck and driver training located outside of Kitchener (not my photo). It’s unclear if the owner scrapped the bus or hid it somewhere.



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  6. On 3/10/2007 at 10:42 PM, hl7534 said:



    I have another question.. Just before the 77 Spadina Bus route was axed in 1997, what buses were operating on the route? Which division operated it? I'm assuming it was mostly Fishbowls, but I'm wondering if it has seen any Orions or New Flyers..

    Pardon the bump on the 15-year-old thread.

    The division that the 77 SPADINA was allocated to Eglinton Garage on Yonge. Before that it was allocated to Lansdowne? and Davenport Garages.

    On 3/10/2007 at 8:57 PM, 2822 said:

    Does anyone have a allocation list for sometime in 1997 before the d800b's retired?

    Yes I do. It also includes the allocations attached below between February 18, 1996 and February 19, 1998, the time when the Utah Fishbowls invaded the TTC. (Attachments redacted by request)

    On 3/11/2007 at 11:02 PM, Neil said:

    As I recall, the issue was running time, not distance from the garage to the route.

    Eglinton operated solely the 85C (Sheppard Stn-Victoria Park) and 85G (Sheppard Stn-Scarborough Centre Stn) branches, while Malvern operated the others. The times on the Malvern branches were sufficiently tight (and the Eglinton branches sufficiently generous) to create some irregular headways. The fact that two separate divisions operated the route didn't help matters. It's for these kinds of reasons that the TTC has attempted to keep each route to one division (as witnessed by the recent change to Rosedale).

    I saw a video on YouTube by Ray Neilson that shows #6446 running on route 86A SCARBOROUGH in 1994 opposite at the #67xx V, which was a Malvern route as the 95 was split between Birchmount who did the 95B-Rouge Hill via Lawson and 95F-Kingston branches and Wilson which operated the 95A-Victoria Park branches.

    On 3/10/2007 at 9:33 PM, Curtis 7207 said:

    I think it was around December 2002 when they moved 7072-7086 (not 7079) to Malvern. Nothing else was moved until later in 2003 when the VIIs started to come. I'm not too sure why they moved, but it could be because when Eglinton was opened, 85 Sheppard East was split between Eglinton and Malvern, and it might be possible that they moved those buses when they moved all Sheppard East runs to Malvern.

    On 3/11/2007 at 1:42 AM, Orion V said:


    That's exactly the reason.

    They had problems when 85 was split, Eglinton buses would always arrive on time while Malvern buses were late. 85 went back entirely to Malvern around the same time Sheppard subway opened. 7072-86 were to cover those runs.




    Allocation_July_94.htm 11.52 kB · 64 downloads


    Only #7072-#7078 and #7080-#7087 were moved to Malvern as the last bus ran there in April 2002. When the new batch of the #74xx VIIs arrived in September 2003, #7000-#7071, #7079 were dumped to Malvern by April 2004 which finished off most of the 1990 D40s and some Fishbowls. By that August, the new batch of #75xx VIIs had been delivered to New Eglinton which sent the D40LFs and the 192 AIRPORT ROCKET to Queensway by November 2004 that sent 25 D901s packing to Arrow Road and Malvern.


    On 3/12/2007 at 12:10 AM, Neil said:

    Except the branches on the 54 are interlined.... meaning that Malvern and Eglinton buses can be found on all branches (except for the 54E... which currently is operated only by Malvern).

    It was the same arrangement for the 95 YORK MILLS after Mount Dennis opened up to 2018. Malvern operated the 95, 95B and 95E branches and Wilson operated the 95A branch, though three of its runs would wound up to start service on routes 60 or 78. Malvern operated the 9 school tripper that became the 199 and Eglinton similarly did so for the 102 before becoming the 86.


  7. 5 hours ago, lifty4ever said:

    They sort of did a triangle swap. 35 (Formerly Arrow) went to MtD. 52 (formerly Wilson) went to Arrow and 89 (formerly MtD went to Wilson. 

    There’s also instances of triangle swap as well. When Davenport closed, 81 moved from Eglinton to Danforth, which in turn had the 67 moved from Danforth to Birchmount and some of the 54 runs moved from Birchmount to Eglinton. A similar pattern continued in 2008 that had the 21 (NewEg) went to Malvern, 102 (Mal) went to Birchmount and 68 (Bir) went to New Eglinton when Mount Dennis opened.


  8. On 9/23/2011 at 8:09 PM, pc8556 said:

    Based on the same above allocation: (1996 12 31)


    GM T6H=5307N

    8143, 8353, 8841, 8958 & 8960 moved from Danforth to Arrow Rd

    8558-8561, 8680-8683 moved form Danforth to Birchmount

    8842-8843, 8955-8956, 8959, 8984 moved from Danforth to Wilson

    8656 moved from Danforth to Eglinton.

    25 units remained at Danforth (8304, 8311, 8313, 8361, 8363-8365, 8670-8679, 8722-8725)

    8638 & 8639 moved from Arrow Rd to Danforth

    8791 moved from Lansdowne to Danforth

    10 units were retired from Danforth this date

    8094-8096, 8140-8142, 8244, 8312, 8314, 8362

    Question: Does anybody have one of these disposition sheets for when DAVENPORT closed in 93???

    ie: where all the vehicles ended up?

    Sorry to bump a decade old post but yes. I do.

    According to the allocation sheets from January 4, 1993 in detail:

    Dav>Arw (21): #8633-#8639, #8883-#8895
    Dav>Dan (7): #6420-#6423, #8361, #8362, #8420
    Dav>Egl (41): #6424-#6434, #8306-#8308, #8332, #8338-#8344, #8651-#8669
    Dav>Lan (17): #8329, #8365-#8369, #8776-#8778, #8786-#8793
    Dav>Mal (33): #6715-#6745, #8359, #8360
    Dav>Wil (21): #8325-#8328, #8355-#8358, #8520-#8527, #8630-#8632, #8794, #8795

    TOTAL: 139

    This resulted an awkward changes to the route assignments after Davenport closed. Notably, there are weird route allocations as well (but some are not accurate, let me know the corrections).

    * 7 BATHURST - Davenport and Wilson > Wilson
    * 12 KINGSTON ROAD - Danforth > Birchmount
    * 19 CHURCH - Davenport > Eglinton
    * 20 CLIFFSIDE - Danforth > Birchmount
    * 32 EGLINTON WEST - Eglinton and Lansdowne > Eglinton and Queensway
    * 35 JANE - Arrow Road > Arrow Road and Lansdowne
    * 46 MARTIN GROVE - Queensway > Arrow Road
    * 52 LAWRENCE - Arrow Road and Queensway > Wilson
    * 54 LAWRENCE EAST  - Birchmount > Birchmount and Eglinton
    * 59 MAPLE LEAF - Arrow Road > Wilson
    * 65 PARLIAMENT - Davenport > Danforth
    * 67 PHARMACY - Danforth > Birchmount
    * 75 SHERBOURNE - Davenport > Eglinton
    * 77 SPADINA - Davenport > Lansdowne
    * 78 ST. ANDREWS - Eglinton > Wilson
    * 81 THORNCLIFFE PARK - Eglinton > Danforth
    * 82 ROSEDALE - Davenport > Eglinton
    * 86 SCARBOROUGH - Birchmount > Malvern
    * 88 SOUTH LEASIDE - Davenport > Eglinton
    * 94 WELLESLEY - Davenport > Danforth
    * 95 YORK MILLS - Malvern > Birchmount and Wilson
    * 96 WILSON - Wilson > Arrow Road
    * 100 FLEMINGDON PARK - Davenport > Danforth and Eglinton 
    * 102 MARKHAM ROAD - Malvern > Birchmount 
    * 106 YORK UNIVERSITY - Wilson > Arrow Road and Wilson
    * 108 DOWNSVIEW - Wilson > Arrow Road
    * 113 DANFORTH - Danforth > Birchmount
    * 115 SILVER HILLS - Eglinton > Wilson
    * 118 FINCH VIA ALLEN - Wilson > Arrow Road
    * 120 CALVINGTON - Wilson > Arrow Road
    * 121 FRONT-ESPLANADE - Davenport > Eglinton
    * 122 GRAYDON HALL - Eglinton > Wilson
    * 126 CHRISTIE - Davenport > Eglinton
    * 127 DAVENPORT - Davenport > Lansdowne 
    * 142 PREMIUM EXPRESS VIA AVENUE ROAD - Arrow Road and Eglinton > Eglinton
    * 165 WESTON ROAD NORTH - Wilson > Arrow Road
    * 305 EGLINTON EAST-LAWRENCE NIGHT - Birchmount > Eglinton
    * 319 WILSON NIGHT - Wilson > Arrow Road
    * 321 YORK MILLS NIGHT - Malvern > Birchmount


  9. It’s time to add up some information regarding the 1996 Orion V diesel group expanded history thanks to @T3G's knowledge.

    #7000-#7134 were delivered in 1996 as replacements for the Orion IIIs at first. From the beginning, Malvern division had #7000, #7004, #7031, #7032, #7035, #7036, #7039, #7040, #7042, #7044-#7046, #7068-#7134 delivered while Arrow Road originally had #7001-#7003, #7005-#7030, #7033, #7034, #7037, #7038, #7041, #7043, #7047-#7067 delivered there. The first 11 buses from Malvern group were transferred to Arrow in September 1996 with #7000 joined Arrow Road in December 1996. Buses #7068-#7073 joined them later, in the spring of 1997, and #7074-#7076 at the end of that summer thus the allocations were as follows in March 1998:

    - #7000-#7076 at Arrow Road (77) - assigned to routes 36, 46, 60, 84*, 108
    - #7077-#7134 at Malvern (58) - assigned to routes 21, 39, 53, 57, 85*, 128
    * - Accessible services eliminated on September 6, 1998 from routes 84 SHEPPARD WEST and 85 SHEPPARD EAST east of Brimley during weekday periods.

    From April 1998, #7065-#7076 were transferred to Malvern to increase then later replace some of the retiring 1987 D40 and some Orion III buses and Arrow gained buses #7065-#7072 by January 2000. By 2001, buses #7000-#7087 were equipped with the UWE heating system for the preparation of the opening of New Eglinton Garage, which opened in April 2002 and 88 buses moved there. Starting in 2003, #7072-#7078, #7080-#7087 were transferred to Malvern (as of February 1, 2003) to replace the retiring 1990 D40s with the remainder of the batch from New Eglinton: #7000-#7071, #7079 moved there when the 2003 Orion VIIs arrived and thus consolidating the entire 135 Orion V batch at Malvern, where it remained until February 13, 2015.

    If anyone here like @Shemar or @Xtrazsteve can edit the wiki to include this information, that would be appreciated.

    Here in this photo taken in January 2013, #7042 a Malvern bus delivered there, operates on route 199 FINCH ROCKET:


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  10. On 2/6/2022 at 10:29 PM, bus_7246 said:

    8608 is now at Hillcrest. 8615 is the last one to go downtown (internal employee term). Neither unit has seen service this past week

    For correction error if anyone doesn’t mind: #8552 is actually the last LFS in the old livery since this bus wasn’t in service in November 2020 and not tracking onwards. There is a possibility it could be an accident or something.

  11. On 2/17/2022 at 3:00 PM, raptorjays said:

    I think a lot of buses Western countries have longer lifespan compared to those in Eastern Asia like Korea and Japan.

    I think Japan has bunch of older fleets and rolling stocks.. (I’ve never been there but depending on what I heard)

    but from my experience in Korea.. In Seoul, the maximum designated lifespan for buses was 11.5 years and they’ve mandated all the fleets to be zero-emission like NGV (Natural Gas), hybrid, and EV most recently. 

    Bus operation isn’t centralized unlike here in Toronto, and it is semi-public which the individual company is in charge of general admin while the city dictates service level, route changes of each routes. They have to get permission from the city to either increase or reduce service and changing to newer vehicles. 

    Even though the max is 11.5 year, not all companies fullfill those lifespan. Some companies change vehicles after 9 years.


    Cuba had a number of older bus models spanning 2-4 decades due to US trade embargo and its fleet were mostly Canadian and Soviet models and now recently, Chinese models. 

    Even North Korea's bus fleet is mostly Soviet and Czech trolley buses compared to South Korea's modernized aforementioned fleet thanks to Japanese/American financial backing.  

    On 2/17/2022 at 9:46 AM, T3G said:

    I think the TTC wants to move to a 12-14 year lifespan for their buses, but whether this will be possible is up in the air. Certainly, in a COVID economy, I don't think it's a wise use of funds to retire 12 year old buses if they can reasonably extract further value from them.

    Most of those have been out of circulation for a long time, though. They are not dropping like flies.

    Even the fishbowls lasted close to 30 years due to lack of purchases in the 1990s forcing massive rebuilds. They were going to retire in 2012 but emissions and lack of accessibility ended its use in 2011.

    On 2/16/2022 at 1:44 PM, raptorjays said:

    Many of the Diesel units on the TTC were alive for at least 16 years. 

    7000-7134 (ORION V, 1996) lasted about 17-19 years 

    9400-9449 (ORION V, 1996) lasted almost 18-19 years. 

    7200-7251 (NOVA RTS, 1998) lasted about 16-17 years 

    7300-7350 (NEW FLYERS, 1999) lasted 17 years 


    The first batch of the ORION Vll (7400-7883) was an odd one which most of them lasted 15 years or less (13-15 years) 

    So this means the remaining ORION Vll Diesel (7900-7979, 8000-8099) could last till 2025... and it is likely since the TTC doesn't have any immediate plan to bring new fleet of vehicles. 

    There’s more than that:

    #7560-#7569, #7965-#8004 (1974-75 FIL D800) lasted 15-17 years 
    #8010-#8117 (1975 GM Fishbowl) lasted 28-30 years
    #8140-#8158 (1976 GM Fishbowl) lasted 28 years
    #8160-#8204 (1977 GM Fishbowl) lasted 28-30 years
    #8210-#8223 (1977 FIL D800B) lasted 20-21 years
    #8230-#8260 (1978 FIL D800B) lasted 19-21 years 
    #8270-#8314 (1979 GM Fishbowl) lasted 25-27 years
    #8320-#8369 (1980 GM Fishbowl) lasted 23-26 years 
    #8380-#8476, #8477-#8486 (1981 FIL D901) lasted 16-18 years
    #8520-#8561 (1981 GM Fishbowl) lasted 22-28 years 
    #8570-#8729 (1981-82 GM Fishbowl) lasted 23-29 years
    #8740-#8985 (1982-83 GM Fishbowl) lasted 22-28 years
    #6000-#6122 (1985 FIL D901) lasted 19-22 years
    #6130-#6204 (1986 FIL D901A) lasted 18-21 years 
    #6210-#6293 (1987 GM/MCI Classic) lasted 18-22 years
    #6300-#6359 (1987 NFI D40) lasted 11-13 years
    #6360-#6419 (1987-87 Orion III) lasted 13-16 years 
    #6420-#6434 (1988 NFI D40) lasted 19-21 years 
    #6440-#6521 (1989 NFI D40) lasted 18-20 years
    #6530-#6559 (1989 Orion III) lasted 11-14 years 
    #9370-#9394 (1989-91 Orion V CNG) lasted 14-15 years
    #6560-#6638 (1990 NFI D40) lasted 11-14 years
    #6640-#6745 (1991-92 Orion V) lasted 16-19 years


  12. 4 hours ago, raptorjays said:

    Aha according to CPTDB wiki

    1002 1027 1033 1039 1040 1077 1092 1110 1124 1137 have been retired (that’s 10) 

    For diesel..

    7911 7929 7936 7939 8045 8058 8099 have been retired (that’s 7)

    7900 to 7908 has been reassigned to Police unit (7901 7904 7907 are officially retired) 

    7937 & 7950 has been reassigned to event support vehicle

    7953 & 7960 has been reassigned to COVID-19 transport vehicle

    7955-7958 has been reassigned to EMS transport bus

    So 10 retired for Hybrid

    10 retired for Diesel + 14 has been reassigned. 

    I am wondering those diesel unit which is reassigned for other purposes would ever come back to regular service. 

    15 have been scrapped, three including bus #1684 is now under the care of Sault Ste. Marie Transit. Other holdouts include #7029, #7325, #7423 and #1615 are still intact, not scrapped.

  13. Just to jack bump the thread: Doors Open Toronto 2022 is back after two years:

    Doors Open returns May 28 and 29, 2022

    Since its inception in 2000, Doors Open Toronto has attracted more than two million visits to nearly 700 unique locations. It is Canada's largest Doors Open event and one of the three largest in the world.

    I wonder if they will include McNicoll Garage this year? The last time the TTC did DOTO for a garage was at Mount Dennis in 2010 and New Eglinton in 2009. They never did Arrow Road since they have electrical charging stations now.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Gil said:

    If Smallspy's assessment is correct then having to make the transfer at Don Mills then at Sheppard was perceived to be too onerous than riding down to Warden and transferring at Yonge for those riding downtown.  Was it the TTC or YRT that pulled the plug on the 268 WARDEN NORTH? 

    Would running to Sheppard East be any better (possibly if the transfer traffic was headed to Agincourt instead of Don Mills/Fairview)?  The TTC seems set to keep the regional terminal at STC so I don't know exactly what they have planned at Sheppard East. 

    Another thing regarding the 91 BAYVIEW, awaiting the North Yonge extension, they can reroute their buses from Finch to Sheppard-Yonge via Bayview and Sheppard re-creating the old 26 BAYVIEW NORTH route. The 11 BAYVIEW cuts back to Sheppard/Bayview.

    It won’t be a bad idea if they extended the 99 YONGE bus to York Mills Station to avoid duplication of the 97 YONGE, recreating the old 59 NORTH YONGE bus. 

    Why not extend the 8 KENNEDY to Scarborough Centre via Kennedy, Progress, William Kitchen (NB only), Triton? People have been transferring from the 43 to the 8 to get to Markham. With the 8 extended, it could be like this until Sheppard East Station opens which will see the 8 rerouted to Sheppard to the station.

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  15. On 2/1/2022 at 6:24 PM, G.A said:

    It was on the 36 again today. Very nice wrap.


    You can also add #1006 and #8850 to the list.



    On 1/29/2022 at 3:10 PM, Articulated said:

    3437 is an extremely odd choice.

    TTC marks its first ever Lunar New Year celebration

    From the press release, the routes that the buses will be operating are based out of Eglinton (25), McNicoll (39, 53, 506 replacement buses), and Leslie (505) divisions. 3437 is a Malvern bus, that shouldn't be appearing on any of those...

    McNicoll has #3103, #3108 wrapped for those.

  16. On 1/27/2022 at 1:18 AM, Xtrazsteve said:

    I don't believe in that crap. The next board could have a budget problem and decide to just procure diesel buses to make up for the lack of funds. HEV and EVs are twice as expensive after all.

    Especially with the pandemic that had affected the economy. TTC would have to buy diesel buses in place of electric buses from New Flyer and NovaBUS in both rigid and articulated configurations due to the ongoing supply chain shortage.

  17. Synopsis for the February board:


    - 925 DON MILLS EXPRESS weekend service is restored due to temporary cutbacks in November. Rest will follow as time progresses.
    - Streetcar services on the 506 CARLTON is restored including for bus trippers from routes 23, 24 and 67.
    - Bus service on 504D KING is split between Wilson and Mount Dennis garages.
    - 42C CUMMER to Victoria Park branch is restored.
    - RAD crews reduced on weekdays while the crews increased on the weekends during subway shutdowns.

    Plus the 2022 ASP regarding Line 5 is finally set. I didn’t even get to share this months ago.


    - 34 EGLINTON will run the entire length of Line 5 between Mount Dennis and Kennedy.
    - 51B LESLIE is set to replace parts of the 56B LEASIDE and 162 LAWRENCE-DONWAY routes.
    - Rest of the lines remain unchanged.

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