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  1. Those are direct replacements to the #77xx and #78xx. IDK if the rest of the #81/82xx may migrate to Wilson to replace the retired VIIs. New Eglinton should get enough buses by any means.
  2. It's still under warranty. It can be repaired by MTB or whatever.
  3. Same reason how #7955 caught fire years ago and later returned to service. I don't know about how long the warranty lasts, but given #8573 was built in 2016, that bus will be easily repaired and returned to service.
  4. You mean #1556? Both buses have been at Malvern for a while. On top of Malvern, if @Bus_Medic reads this, they may have to get a few more buses since Malvern is taking over all of the 95 next board (AM peak trips from Wilson, as the PM trips died off over the years).
  5. Big changes for April: https://swanboatsteve.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/20180401servicechanges_v6.pdf The routes, as mentioned above, will also add 95 YORK MILLS, which will see the entire route being operated by Malvern instead of Wilson since they lost some of the afternoon runs over the years. Also included is the cancellation of the late evening weekend service on the 169 HUNTINGWOOD. This may have to suck since the 10 VAN HORNE provided service on Van Horne Ave. the last time when the 169 was cut.
  6. #4186 is wrapped for Eminem (Tracks on Tracks).
  7. AFAIK for @Bus_Medic you guys had #1100-#1149 when Mt. Dennis opened 10 years ago. I think Mt. Dennis might consolidate the entire #1000-#1149 batch like how Arrow Road did in the first two years. Same with how #1075-#1099 wounded up from Wilson two years later. Back on topic, #1564 has joined Malvern's roster.
  8. So far, the plan is to get 80 buses from the #1500-#1689 batch to replace the 76 10/11xx units at Malvern? If that goes to plan, this leaves Birchmount the last division with the non-NG Orion VIIs. Unless Malvern will pick up Wilson's 1500s if that's the theoretical case.
  9. Could this be possible to see the #9200-#9239 batch move to Birchmount afterwards once the PDIs at New Eglinton are done? I think the next batch of the 325 bus order may be numbered #9240-#9564 if confirmed.
  10. Based on the posts @Shemar confirmed, all of the #8720-#8964 batch are in service. Enjoy and happy hunting.
  11. McNicoll Garage-related question: With McNicoll set to open in two years time, could it possible to pick up the routes surrounding it such as 42, 43, 53, 57 as is done with the 34, 67, 68, 70C around New Eglinton? Any other possible routes like the 24 or 167 being picked up? I wonder why Wilson never operated the 96 after Arrow Road opened.
  12. TTC fare inspector suspended after video shows teen detained, pinned to ground
  13. Reaffirming #8189, #8192 and #8196 are out on rts. 7, 29C and 42A respectively.
  14. @TransitfanJW Eliminate #1280 from the list. The bus was temporarily at Arrow for a week.
  15. The 102 wasn't new to Hybrids before, even though the last time when it was out of Malvern before the opening of Mt. Dennis in 2008 was dominantly New Looks, D901s, some Vs and occasional then-new Orion VII NG Hybrids. @Bus_Medic, didn't the 54E (and some 54 LAWRENCE EAST runs) experience the same thing with the NG Hybrids back they were brand new?
  16. Arrow Road has the following buses stationed there for the CAD/AVL installation: #1631, #1639, #1651, #1682, #8124, #8144, #8161
  17. Based on @Bus_Medic's information, I can affirm that Malvern's eastern complex should be ready by tomorrow. I visited the former truck shop (1810 Markham Rd.) yesterday to see how it looks.
  18. Welcome to the board. Common sighting. Training is done for east end operators on this route, 131 NUGGET while the west end ops are assigned on the 108 DRIFTWOOD.
  19. Couldn't they transfer the 10 and 169 to Malvern along with the remaining 95 rush hour runs too? I was surprise to see Arrow getting six JANE PM buses back from Mt. Dennis. I wonder what will Birchmount will get in return...
  20. Hmm... the Line 4 extension to Sheppard West (then Downsview) was discussed a while back. David Miller much? Transit City was close to a reality until Rob Ford killed it off. Then again, extension to Mississauga (i.e. Square One) would be a costly process. No wonder the 185, 195 and 198 existed since they are likely a precursor to those such lines. Even Glenn De Baermaeker proposed an Eglinton-Danforth stop on the extension alongside the Lawrence East one. When will the TTC ever extend a Relief Line to Pearson?
  21. Transit in Russia and the CIS Транзит в России и странах СНГ - Tranzit v Rossii i stranakh SNG CIS = Commonwealth of Independent States (association of countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/18/kazakhstan-bus-fire-kills-people-uzbekistan
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