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  1. Those buses in bold interlined with the 48 RATHBURN.
  2. TTC: #1322 (B), #1653 (B), #3500 (B) | 86 SCARBOROUGH #1663 (C), #3558 (C) | 116 MORNINGSIDE
  3. It’s the result of the 35 JANE gaining extra runs to promote social distancing.
  4. Will it be possible to train and send in the 7900s, the oldest buses in the fleet? (Mount Dennis had opened and sent the New Looks, 91 Vs – the older models – and the newer VII NG HEVs. Same case with Comstock when they got the older Fishbowls/Classics and the newer Vs and D40LFs) McNicoll is going to be a senior division from what I noticed. In the event they do not send in the older equipment, the garage will be likely be the first strictly with newer buses. Ontario has two official languages: English and French like Quebec and New Brunswick. Toronto is mostly a anglophone city and they can put in a Russian version for people living in Downsview (primarily Jewish) or Italian version targeting St. Clair residents.
  5. And no new NextBus data since midnight (Especially the 175 hasn’t shown up). Since the pandemic began, the TTC has not updated every single service summary up to March board. During the last board, I noticed there are a number of 86B and 116B branches tracking despite the latter not showing up.
  6. I have analyzed the projected numbers of how many buses will be used (Morning peak as an example) for all eight divisions based on the current numbers from the March board: Arrow: 255 (current), 199 (projected) Birchmount: 200 (current), 180 (projected) Comstock: 266 (current), 196 (projected) Malvern: 256 (current), 208 (projected) McNicoll: 217 (projected) - NEW Mt. Dennis: 241 (current), 188 (projected) Queensway: 156 (current), 159 (projected) Wilson: 249 (current), 206 (projected) Do you mean, some of the Arrow Road and Birchmount hand me downs (as well as their 89xxs and 92xxs). As you said about the Orion hybrids ruled out at McNicoll, I do not know it’s possible for them if they’re getting them as I saw many Orion hybrids training around Scarborough for the past couple of days. As for Malvern, you guys said you will keep 20-25 of the LFSAs, would it be possible for Wilson or MD hand me downs to replace them?
  7. Do you mean an all diesel fleet with the ones using the mechanical transmission and the others with the electric generator? Hybrid buses are already clean diesels though. More to go?
  8. Obico is used as an extra storage space since Queensway has no room to store buses not as training buses as mentioned below. It’s not considered a transfer from Queensway and “Obico Bus Garage”
  9. When Comstock/Eglinton and Malvern jointly operated the 54 LAWRENCE EAST, Comstock/Eglinton operated runs 03, 07, 08, 11-13, 15, 18A, 19, 21A, 81P, 22, 23, 24P, 25P, 54 and 56 while Malvern had possession of runs 02, 05, 06, 09, 10, 14, 16, 17, 20, 24A, and 25A with express runs 26-33. During its time, did Comstock/Eglinton operate the 54(B) solely while Malvern did most of the 54A and 54E(954) trips? It seems both did a few peak trips on the Orton Park (Mal) and Starspray (Egl) branches that I complied from Neil Jenkins old website.
  10. Just to give it into detail: https://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/toronto-will-have-to-close-subway-lines-fire-hundreds-of-cops-and-shutter-libraries-without-help-from-ottawa-queen-s-park-tory-1.4950878
  11. Was lazy to post yesterday TTC: #1207 (A), #3536 (A) | 24 VICTORIA PARK #8355 (A) | 34 EGLINTON EAST #8494, #8800 (A), #8834, #8861 | 39 FINCH EAST
  12. As the RAD buses have been roaming since the start of the board, were these buses from other divisions being used on other routes since the 900-series Express is still suspended? There have been a number of hybrids on 7, 24 and 25 this week. How long does the warranty last on the cards?
  13. I'm sure they are likely to get either LFS from Arw/Bir/Egl/Qsy, the 8100s from Wilson or 7900s from Queensway unless they are training them on any.
  14. From my notes: TTC: #1232 (A), #3566 (A) | 24 VICTORIA PARK #3149 (A), #9225 (A) | 42 CUMMER #3440 | 57 MIDLAND #3510 (C) | 116 MORNINGSIDE
  15. Changes that officially took effect is here: https://swanboatsteve.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/20200510servicechanges-2.pdf Notably, the 116B MORNINGSIDE (formerly the 34 to Kingston) was temporarily given the axe. Once the pandemic eases off, perhaps it should permanent?
  16. Safe to say bus #2001 arrived at Southwest yesterday. Bus numbers are #2001-#2028 and specs are L9/Voith.
  17. Dozens of deaths had recently happened over a span: * Japanese voice actor Seiyuu Keiji Fujiwara passed away last Sunday, April 12, after battling cancer. He was 55. Fujiwara was known for his roles as Maes Hughes in the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist” and Leorio in “Hunter x Hunter.” * WWE Hall of Famer and ring announcer Howard Finkel aka the Fink also passed away the age of 69 on April 16. * Former director Gene Deitch, of Tom and Jerry series, has died at the age of 95.
  18. As the 905 and 986 services have returned albeit operating local stops, per @leylandvictory2, most of the Express Network services (900/140) will remain suspended for the time being next board. The 116B MORNINGSIDE (Kingston/Eglinton, formerly the 34 EGLINTON EAST branch) is also given the temporary axe. No surprise if the 86B is canned next.
  19. Duncan as mentioned elsewhere in the board was closed due to one of its workers tested positive. Its likely bus movements would be frozen at least due to reduction of ridership.
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