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  1. I guess no service on Hullmar at all. But come to think of it, why not have the TTC split off the 108A via Grandravine and the 35B on Hullmar between Sheppard West and Pioneer Village stations to become the route of its own?
  2. Come to think of it, what about route shuffles when LINE 5 EGLINTON opens? My guess the affected routes involved or not involved would transfer garages but that would be a tough challenge. With the 34 EGLINTON losing bus service between Don Mills and Kennedy, there could be a possible way to pay this off but there could be divisional assignments for both the 2021 and 2022 Service Plans: - 13 AVENUE ROAD - Wilson - 18 CALEDONIA - Wilson - 19 BAY - Birchmount - 27 JANE SOUTH - Mount Dennis - 32/332 EGLINTON WEST - Mount Dennis - 34/334 EGLINTON - Wilson or Eglinton/Mount Dennis
  3. You want new buses delivered to Queensway? It’s already 30 years ago dude @Genius101
  4. Buses #7937, #7950 and the others buses you mentioned: 6 ES buses, 2 COVID buses and 4 EMS buses are still active in the TTC roster as non-revenue buses. Only 8 are retired from the roster.
  5. June/July Service Changes from the TTC Coupler: http://ttc.ca/Coupler/Editorial/News/00_new_story_3.jsp Among them will be the following renumbering of the routes in anticipation of Line 5 and Line 6 openings in the next two years: — 5 AVENUE ROAD -> 13 AVENUE ROAD (This was originally planned in September 2016) — 6 BAY -> 19 BAY
  6. It’s only the beginning. #1005 and #1047 are WiFi equipped and soon to be used in service on 35 JANE. #1137 has since been withdrawn before being fitted with WiFi.
  7. Looks like they were wrong. According to the VINs of DRT #8330-#8332, these buses are NOT WMATA rejects, but originally built for the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority. - #8330 - 2B1569P78V6033266 | Rockland Coaches #1016/NORTA #97351 - #8331 - 2B1569P71V6033450 | Gray Line (Houston) #4020/NORTA #974XX - #8332 - 2B1569P7XV6033267 | Rockland Coaches #1002/NORTA #97352
  8. All 15 buses in the RapidTO wrap have been removed.
  9. What @bus_7246 said to me is true. Both of them are now officially toast.* #1229 is also canned as well. * - EDIT: Disregard. See my next post.
  10. Service summary for the May period is out: https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary 2021-05.pdf As it was in the last board, there are a few errors that they need to address: - The 302 KINGSTON ROAD-McCOWAN BLUE NIGHT is now operated by Malvern Garage instead of Birchmount Garage because the majority of its runs have been originated from 102 MARKHAM ROAD with some from 21 BRIMLEY. Previously, they were originated from 24 VICTORIA PARK. - Also in the error list is the 312 ST. CLAIR-JUNCTION BLUE NIGHT. The route was switched to Wilson Garage as its runs come from ro
  11. What do you expect? You can have some of our 31-33xxs from McNicoll or Arrow Road. Queensway's last bus delivery was in 1991 when they had 35 Orion Vs. And @Genius101, we’ll take some or all of the Orion VIIs in return.
  12. I could be possibly considered either movement or preventative repairs but... MtD>Mal: #1082, #1088, #1203, #1325, #1353, #1361, #1415, #1417
  13. Shunsuke Kikuchi, the reowned composer of the popular Japanese manga and anime series, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, dead at the age of 89.
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