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  1. Amidst the second wave, #7953 has now been transformed into a fifth COVID-19 transport bus.
  2. Forgot to report this yesterday TTC: #8348 | 119 TORBARRIE
  3. Does anyone know about the 15/1600s moving to Malvern to replace the retiring 1200s? @bus_7246 @FabianColeyLOVESBUSES @Bus_Medic On that note, it seems two training buses, #1660 and #1661, are now permanently under Wilson’s control instead of Malvern.
  4. #1343 seems to bite the dust but yet to be confirmed along with #1392 and #1414. @FabianColeyLOVESBUSES
  5. With the new Kipling Terminal set to open in late 2020 which will see MiWay vacating Islington, as well as the recent realignment of Bloor-Dundas-Kipling, will it be possible for the TTC to reroute the 49 BLOOR WEST and/or the 927 HIGHWAY 27 EXPRESS to Islington Stn.? Bays 1 and 2 are no longer used but 5 & 6 will soon be vacant and put into good use. There is a petition online in regards to the stop removals but I don’t think that will work. The last petition called for the TTC to keep 12 CLRVs for tourist purposes is a modest pathetic joke. https://www.change.org/p/toronto-transit-commission-ttc-keep-payzac-and-overture-bus-stops-on-86-route?utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=custom_url&recruited_by_id=20d3a890-064e-11eb-83a6-858dddce76a2
  6. RapidTO - FULL #8764 | 86D SCARBOROUGH
  7. According to one of the Facebook posts with pictures, #2053 arrived on this week. The pic is not mine.
  8. #3750 and #3754 are doing actual revenue service on the 68 WARDEN
  9. RapidTO - FULL #8785 | 86A SCARBOROUGH (per @leylandvictory2)
  10. From the looks of it, there are 23 LFS Artic buses left with the CLRV livery: #9000, #9061, #9077-#9079, #9086, #9087, #9108, #9109, #9112-#9117, #9123, #9124, #9126-#9128, #9130, #9133, #9135 All of the Mount Dennis artics now have the Flexity livery. Which bus in that division was the last one to carry CLRV livery?
  11. As the RapidTO is implemented next October board, there could be an issue regarding the 86 SCARBOROUGH and the 116 MORNINGSIDE moving to Malvern since Comstock has their buses wrapped for it. If they were to remain at Comstock, will Malvern take over the 54 LAWRENCE EAST instead? It’s a scenario in the event Malvern may not have their buses (Orions and Novas) wrapped with RapidTO decals befor McNicoll opens in March 2021.
  12. October service changes: https://stevemunro.ca/2020/09/25/ttc-service-changes-effective-october-11-2020/ Other than the introduction of the RapidTO on Eglinton and the resumption of 905/986, there’s more: 38 weekday late evening 42 AM peak and weekday late evening 51 AM and PM peak 56B to Brentcliffe AM and PM peak service removed with partly offsetting improvements to 56A to Eglinton Station. 121 moves to a 30 minute headway all day on weekdays. 122 AM peak All off peak service will operate as 134D to Finch via Centennial College, and articulated buses assigned to some runs on this route will be replaced with standard sized buses. This ends the 134A branch. 900 early and late weekday evening 927 weekday midday 505S Shuttle from Lansdowne to Ossington In November, 902, 929, 935, 941, 945, 952, 954, and 996 will be relaunched. The rest including the 141, 142, 903, 939 and 985 will resume in a later date by early 2021. So the loss of service on Scarborough Golf Club Rd doesn't mean anything. Can’t they consider introducing a route running from Kennedy or Warden to Centenary Hospital loop via SCG Rd to prevent a service loss? Unless I spoken out, why not reinstate the old 34 to Kingston Rd branch which was replaced by the 116B back in 2014? Keep the 107 ST REGIS as is but eliminate the route after 10pm M-F and 7pm weekends. Consolidate the Chesswood routing with the 107 just like in 2016 except run it to Petrolia. Why not extend the 104 FAYWOOD to Finch West as the 104A, but reintroduce service on Overbrook as a two way service as the 104B. Reinstate the pre-2009 105 DUFFERIN NORTH routing running from Wilson Heights to Steeles, same with the 117 as well except extend it to Pioneer Village Stn. I think the Stanley Greene route should operate as the “96C WILSON to Keele via Stanley Greene”. The 121 Routing can stay but the Regent park service can run daily. Service west of Union should be cut back to 10pm weekdays and weekends.
  13. I’m sure this is nine years ago but... http://www.transitstop.net It used to be for some sort of an educational thing and now the domain has been expired. @Mike, I wonder you can reclaim that domain since your photos and information were cool back in the 2000s. Sucks your site was gone down the road forever. :(
  14. Whoa so the retirements of the 1200s are happening faster than a speeding bullet. If they keep this up, what’s wrong with their NG HEVs at Malvern? Mount Dennis and Wilson seem to do fine without moving their fleet around. Perhaps they have enough LFS HEVs to phase out the NG HEVs I suppose. Got any plan what happened?
  15. TTC: #8524 (A) | 86 SCARBOROUGH #8598 (C) | 116 MORNINGSIDE
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