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  1. Christopher Owen Ayres, the English voice actor for Dragon Ball character Frieza, passed away of COPD at the age of 56.
  2. Looks like the contract for the new buses will be awarded on Thursday, January 6, 2022 after the holiday break.
  3. You’d better off putting luggage racks on the new articulated hybrid buses. Mount Dennis would likely run the 900 if that happens which it isn’t.
  4. Hi @Erin Mishkin Jr.. Any of the breakdown sightings like this are generally posted in the Today’s Sightings thread. True.
  5. I agree. @Genius101 can have the 8400s from Birchmount. Wasn’t there a plan called for the 3400s to be transferred to Mount Dennis? Malvern hasn’t able to consolidate the rest of the NG HEVs since they’re being phased out next year.
  6. — The 116A MORNINGSIDE originated on May 14, 1990 when it serviced Conlins Road all the way to Sheppard. It was rerouted in June 1991 to Morrish Road to serve new Highland Creek residential developments in that area. The 116B/E (formerly 34D/E) operated as a two-way local-express branch to Scarborough College (now known as UTSC) back in the late 1980s. If you count short turns to Kingston, the 116B MORNINGSIDE was created to cut back the 34 EGLINTON EAST to Kennedy Stn. which is pointless to replace. — 112E WEST MALL and 48A RATHBURN usually services Michael Power-St. Joseph H.S., while the 95/116 serves St. John Paul II C.S.S., the temporary 32F EGLINTON WEST to Scarlett Heights and 12E via Victoria Park for Neil McNeil. The issue will render moot in 2023. Jack Miner Sr. P.S. is closing its doors with the feeders Poplar Road, Guildwood and Elizabeth Simcoe turned into K-8 schools. I actually saw bus #3750 deadhead directly to Starspray last month to start the 954, which is the only Comstock route east of the SRT line, because Malvern now has possession of routes servicing West Hill and Guildwood. Come to think of it, how come the TTC didn’t transfer the 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS to Malvern since it is an express counterpart of the 116? Birchmount Division does not have the 116 transfers or their own 905 transfers to begin with.
  7. Change my name to Kobayashi please.
  8. There is a new bus maker that has come to town! Enter Hometown Manufacturing of Crandon, WI. https://hometown-mfg.com Hometown has a Urban brand. Which is available in 29', 35' or 40' versions in CNG, Diesel, HEV or Electric options in this brochure: https://hometown-mfg.com/sites/default/files/2021-06/Blue Urban Brochure.pdf I guess Hometown will fill in the void Orion had since its demise a decade ago.
  9. Complete Service Changes for October 10, 2021: https://stevemunro.ca/2021/09/11/ttc-service-changes-october-10-2021/ BUS 943 KENNEDY EXPRESS and 968 WARDEN EXPRESS launches. Both routes will operate out of McNicoll Division. 95A YORK MILLS extended to Port Union/Ryland, removing service from the Kingston loop. 953 STEELES EAST EXPRESS buses divert westbound on Yonge. The 953A operates to 10pm weekdays and 7pm weekends replacing the local 53A. Weekend daytime service added on the 960D STEELES WEST EXPRESS Sunday service added on 929 DUFFERIN EXPRESS 69 WARDEN SOUTH will switch branches as branch 69A operates Birchmount-Warden and branch 69B operates Warden-Birchmount. Late evening service on 70A O'CONNOR is restored. The 121 FORT YORK-ESPLANADE is replaced by the new 121 ESPALANDE-RIVER service removing service west of Bay and to Ontario Place once again. Service on Cherry Street will be replaced by the proposed 172 CHERRY BEACH route in 2022 with no direct connection to Ontario Place unless the TTC will restore service there in the future. STREETCAR 501 QUEEN buses operate between Neville Park and Greenwood. Streetcars continue to operate due to the ongoing KQQR work. 503 KINGSTON ROAD continues to use trolley poles. The entire 301 QUEEN NIGHT route will now be serviced by buses.
  10. According to the TTC's Tender Responses page, the bid was closed on August 11, 2021 and the contract will be awarded on December 30, 2021. (retracted. See next post) Let’s see we’ll get either the LFS HEV/LFS Artic HEV or the XDE40/XDE60.
  11. #W289 is now sporting the new livery (spotted Sept. 5 on Brimley/Eglinton)
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