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  1. Yep and was running on the 85. The following buses are at Hillcrest: #8401-#8411, #8415, #8481, #8490, #8515
  2. The tracker is still online. I’m not sure if this bus parts are stripped or not but it was intact for a month but I can consider it stored/MIA unless parts are stripped.
  3. Not true, #9000 and #9007 are the last 2013 buses remaining at Malvern. Don’t get your hopes up just yet.
  4. Does anyone know when Birchmount will get any LFS HEVs? Per @Shemar, they are likely to get 75 of them from Malvern. Who knows when it will happen.
  5. Wil>Mal: #1210, #1211, #1222, #1223 So the other OG and NG buses from other garages are ruled out? I guess the 15xxs are likely swapped with either the LFS HEV and/or LFS Artic, which the latter may trade with. It’s possible the 34/35xx may move to Arrow or Mount Dennis but Arrow would need some 35xx to replace their 31/32xx which might either go to Birchmount or McNicoll.
  6. #2252 paid a visit to Birchmount today. They used it for the retirement of the operator who started in 1993.
  7. Not my picture but if anyone remembers the red Orion VII NG demo #1291 from 2007, it has been spotted in Fort Erie. A friend of mine snapped this shot. Joe C photo.
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