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  1. One bus is delivered on property: #3529 has arrived at Arrow Road. Photo taken by Steven Jesse.
  2. Thanks though. When the #10xx Orion VII hybrids delivered at Arrow and #79xx came to Wilson, didn't these buses replace the D901s, and the GMs including the #26xx as well as the #92xx Orion VIs? Queensway (as mentioned above) got all the D40LFs to replace the D901s alongside with the younger '91 Vs. At Malvern, when #7000-#7087 moved from Eglinton, did any of the buses began to replace the D40-90s and Orion III Artics when the #74xxs arrive? In 2005 when the Classics began to quickly phased out, did Eglinton-Comstock buses #6210-#6249 and #6290-#6293 move to Birchmount to replace the Fishbowls and later 1991 Orion Vs (who were migrating to Queensway) when the #78xx Orion VIIs were being delivered and trained?
  3. BYD

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    In topic of this, Steve Munro's post confirms the T1s will last until 2033 at latest through the LEP. The S1 car overhaul will be completed in 2021 as well, though no mention of CCTV cameras. At the same time, the ATC on the TRs is delayed through 2021.
  4. BYD

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    Since trains on Lines 2 and 3 don't even possess most of the interior security cameras, this incident on early Saturday is a huge consequence. Would the TTC able to retrofit security cameras on all the T1s and the Mark I/S1 cars so incidents like this one won't happen again? Discuss.
  5. Five buses has entered service:  #3447 | 95B YORK MILLS #3458 | 95A YORK MILLS #3503 | 95C YORK MILLS #3507 | 95A YORK MILLS #3514 | 395 YORK MILLS NIGHT / 95 YORK MILLS
  6. According to the current service summary, the last 939B EXPRESS weekday trips heading westbound to Finch West Stn. is 10:09pm and eastbound to Scarborough Centre Stn. is at 10:24pm. In addition, the last 939B EXPRESS trips end at 6:50pm (EB) and 6:58pm (WB) on Saturdays and 6:55pm (WB) and 7:06pm (EB) on Sundays.
  7. BYD

    TTC Destination Sign Irregularities

    Sorry to bump a decade old thread, especially you @TransitFan88, I found the latest sign illregularites on the 900-series express buses as well as some local routes. The 43A KENNEDY and 343 KENNEDY southbound buses have read KENNEDY with no spaces. Since 2014, all 67 PHARMACY buses has letters now spaced out reading "P H A R M A C Y". 123F SHERWAY has the exposures on the front similar to the style used in 2007. 900 AIRPORT EXPRESS buses read 900 AIRPORT EXPRESS > TO KIPLING SUBWAY on the southbound exposures. 902 MARKHAM ROAD EXPRESS signs are spaced to the right except for the number. 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS buses on the side signs programmed to display: 905 EGLINTON > EAST > EXPRESS > TO U of T SCARBOROUGH Some routes like 23 DAWES and 40 JUNCTION have lacked the "TO" when they are terminating at subway stations.
  8. Seems to me the LFS Hybrid units are now in weekend service: #3407 (39B), #3426 (53A), #3440 (131), #3465 (134A), #3501 (39B)
  9. BYD

    Buses for sale

    Who wants a ex-HSR 2005 D40LF for $7 million? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-heavy-trucks/oshawa-durham-region/2005-new-flyer-d40lf-transit-bus/1418475651?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  10. Disregard that. It was sent back to Malvern after a few days at Wilson. Wil>Mal: #9014
  11. Just for the record, New Flyer has unveiled the Xcelsior® Charge H2™ bus. Can a designation of "XHE40" and "XHE60" be put into use? https://www.newflyer.com/buses/xcelsior-chargeh2/
  12. One of the most ridiculous but complex routes that has never given a letter designation for a long time: the 133 NEILSON. Since this route enters the Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital at all times, southbound AM buses and northbound PM buses usually skipped that stop. Due to its confusion, why not give the 133 the proper branch letters to make it easier: 133A Scarborough Centre Stn.-Morningside Heights via Centenary 133B Scarborough Centre Stn.-Morningside Heights
  13. BYD


    For the past few weeks, it appears there is a red info thing installed on Danforth Road and Savarin Street (both sides) meaning the 16 McCOWAN may have some stops designated as shared Wheel-Trans stops since I passed by it during construction on the watermain that happened since last month.
  14. BYD

    TTC Service Changes

    Service Changes for April-May 2019: Extension of the DUFFERIN local (29) and express (929) to Princes' Gates loop due to construction at the Roncesvalles Carhouse. Jane station roadway reconstruction: New schedules are released though Jane station will remain operational until construction begins in mid-May. 26 DUPONT and 55 WARREN PARK are extended to Old Mill Stn. while the JANE local (35) and express (935) will offload at westernmost bus bay and loading will take place at a northbound bus stop on Jane Street near the entrance. Service on the 335 JANE NIGHT remains unaffected. YORK MILLS may get a massive overhaul. 95B midday service to UTSC are heavily replaced by the new 995 Express and 95C "Ellesmere Stn" services.