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  1. I do not know its suppose to work but can't they combine the existing 110A/B/C and 37B into a single route terminating at Pioneer Village Stn.? This move would become too impractical to do so unless the 118 THISTLE DOWN may take over the 37A branch via Rexdale as the "118B".
  2. I agree with @Shemar and @Articulated's point, though it is getting ridiculous, I even saw these buses tracking such as this one (#7837) attached below with my own two eyes all day long.
  3. It's because the proposed 123F serves mostly the industrial area. I think this branch should run peak periods and midday only. Come to think of it, there is also no service on Neilson Drive, Rickshaw Avenue, Neilson Drive, and Mill Road north of Markland since the 2A ANGLESLEY was eliminated in 1996 and no service on Renforth between Rathburn and Gentian. TTC would have to propose the new RENFORTH-MILL bus route running from Kipling Stn to Renforth terminal via north of Aukland, west on Dundas, north on Neilson Dr, west on Rickshaw Ave, north on Neilson Dr again, west on Bloor, north on Mill Rd, east on Rathburn, north on Renforth, and west on Eglinton looping towards the Mississauga Transitway. This route would have a proper connection to Michael Power/St. Joseph High School since the kids rely on the 112 most heavily. Added the map to see what it looks like.
  4. BYD

    TTC Service Changes

    If they want to renumber the whole Rocket routes, I complied the list: 185 DON MILLS ROCKET > 925 DON MILLS EXPRESS 186 WILSON ROCKET > 996 WILSON EXPRESS 188 KIPLING SOUTH ROCKET > 944 KIPLING SOUTH EXPRESS 190 SCARBOROUGH CENTRE ROCKET > 985 SHEPPARD EAST EXPRESS 191 HIGHWAY 27 ROCKET > 991 HIGHWAY 27 EXPRESS 192 AIRPORT ROCKET > 992 AIRPORT EXPRESS 193 EXHIBITION ROCKET > 993 EXHIBITION EXPRESS 195 JANE ROCKET > 935 JANE EXPRESS 198 UofT SCARBOROUGH ROCKET > 934 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS (might as well merge the 198 and 86E into a single route) 199 FINCH ROCKET > 939 FINCH EXPRESS But I'm getting the feeling TTC seems to retire the "Rocket" branding. But then again, I also compiled the list of routes what it will look like if most of the express routes are split off as its own routes: 24E VICTORIA PARK EXPRESS > 924 VICTORIA PARK EXPRESS 41E KEELE EXPRESS > 941 KEELE EXPRESS 45E KIPLING EXPRESS > 945 KIPLING EXPRESS 53E/F STEELES EAST EXPRESS > 953 STEELES EAST EXPRESS 54E LAWRENCE EAST EXPRESS > 954 LAWRENCE EAST EXPRESS 60E STEELES WEST EXPRESS > 960 STEELES WEST EXPRESS 84E SHEPPARD WEST EXPRESS > 984 SHEPPARD WEST EXPRESS 86E SCARBOROUGH EXPRESS > 934 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS (see above) 95E YORK MILLS EXPRESS > 995 YORK MILLS EXPRESS 131E NUGGET EXPRESS > 921 BRIMLEY EXPRESS (131 cuts back to Scarborough Centre at all times, but in doubt) IDK, will the new 985 retain the 190's existing hours? If so, the 985 should be like this: - 985A Don Mills Stn-Scarborough Centre Stn via Midland (all times until 1:00am) - 985B Don Mills Stn-Meadowvale (M-F peak periods only) In the event the 985 will operate during rush hours only with the discontinuation of the 190, the TTC may have to resurrect the former 85G SHEPPARD EAST (eastbound to Scarborough Centre Stn via Brimley) to make up the loss of connections between Fairview Mall and STC.
  5. BYD

    TTC Service Changes

    Precisely. Birchmount has to take the 102 back because its likely they are losing some CARLTON or DUNDAS runs to other divisions so they can free up buses. Disregard some lines, but from what the operator at Birchmount told me, the 502 DOWNTOWNER and 503 KINGSTON ROAD are temporarily suspended meaning the 22A COXWELL will be taking over the service peak periods and midday.
  6. BYD


    Rebuilt before June. Spotted it on Danforth two weeks ago.
  7. BYD

    TTC Service Changes

    The irony and irony... So I read on the Facebook group that there is some possible route changes coming by either September board or the next. - 21 BRIMLEY: Bir>Mal - 94 WELLESLEY: MtD>Bir - 102 MARKHAM RD: Mal>Bir (not possible, but they just expanded the yard earlier this year. @Bus_Medic will not be happy if he sees this.) Can anyone like @leylandvictory2 confirm or deny the changes?
  8. Any more of these pics like this my friend? Looks nice. I amended post #1 to include the Orion VII buses prior to rebuilt. Anyone has pictures of the pre-rebuilt VIIs are welcomed to post. This one is from August 2010 as #7519 operates on the 134 PROGRESS, interlined with the 43B KENNEDY (The interline was introduced in November 2008 and cancelled in May 2011 due to cuts). And more posts like no other:
  9. Then the oldest bus in the fleet would become #7883 if that happens.
  10. Just a thought When a bus garage is closed, do operators and mechanics transfer to other garages? I think I may gather several cases in theory: 1993: Davenport (Lansdowne, Old Eglinton, Wilson) 1996: Lansdowne (Queensway, Arrow Road, Wilson) 2002: Danforth (New Eglinton, Birchmount), Old Eglinton (Wilson) New Eglinton may be specific. When the garage opened, did any of the Danforth staff move to New Eglinton or Birchmount as well as the Old Eglinton employees transferred to Wilson?
  11. I remember such event back in 2009. Then two years later, #1671 got torched inside MtD causing chaos that day.
  12. BYD

    Celebrity Death Thread

    RIP Joseph Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, dead at 89.
  13. This badboy seem to join the party. In service on the 139E, June 2009.
  14. Even the #17xx as well... From @FabianColeyLOVESBUSES, the first LFS Hybrid shipments are expected to come in July.
  15. At this rate, more of the 1308 series Orion VII NG Hybrids may be axed if the new #31xx LFS enter service sooner, even the remaining 2005 Orions. Malvern and to the extent, Birchmount may face severe bus shortage if retirements continue at this rate.