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  1. Transit in Russia and the CIS Транзит в России и странах СНГ - Tranzit v Rossii i stranakh SNG CIS = Commonwealth of Independent States (association of countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/18/kazakhstan-bus-fire-kills-people-uzbekistan
  2. Sorry I posted the wrong link. But good thinking, the TTC would have to split off the 12A/B "Brimley" branch as its own route "BRIMLEY SOUTH" to provide service to Bluffers Park during the periods mentioned above and St Clair/Barkdene Hills during other periods. They need to reroute the 12 KINGSTON ROAD from Brimley/St. Clair to Eglinton/Markham or somewhere. If they take route 20, the CLIFFSIDE bus would be renamed to 58 MIDLAND SOUTH to better describe the area it services since it uses Midland Ave. If not, they could stick to route 27.
  3. Bluffers Park bus service is coming soon: The bus service is set to be implemented in May. I wonder if the TTC could split off the 12 KINGSTON RD "Brimley" branch.