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  1. BYD

    Today's Special Sightings

    Correction, its set #582x on run 298.
  2. BYD

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Speaking of upstairs, did #2252/#8752 receive a 16x120 Horizon or a 16x160 standard sized one?? I wonder if they can fit the ODK4 panel since there may be no parts left for the ODK3 ones.
  3. BYD

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    With Wilson and Arrow Road overcapacity, can't they use Mount Dennis or Birchmount's dead yard for temporary storage as well as the dormant Danforth?
  4. BYD

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Back when I was like 6-7 years old with small transit knowledge, were these buses + #8058 good to be dispatched on any route such as 134 TAPSCOTT, 85G SHEPPARD EAST (STC), 95B/E YORK MILLS (Highland Creek). 57 MIDLAND, 131 NUGGET, 171 PROGRESS EAST, 21 BRIMLEY and so forth?
  5. BYD

    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    Bir>Wil: #8100 (on route 51) - though according to the newest allocation sheet, all of the 8100's are now purged from Birchmount. Because Wilson will be installing VISION on the 8100s, can some of the 8100s or 8300s move to Birchmount since they do not have VISION installed just yet?
  6. BYD

    Cancelled TTC bus orders

    If it holds true, the 135 Orion Vs (#7000-#7134) were enough to replace the 90 Orion IIIs due to their deteriorating frames. As with the older members in this board, TTC planned to purchased 50 MCI Classics in 1990 but the order eventually ended up with 79 New Flyer D40s instead. However, the orders for 2003 and 2004 were suggested to have 100 New Flyer D40is but those have carbon/stainless steel combination. Then it was also proposed for 100 D40LFs in 2003 and 120 D40is in 2004. The Commission eventually awarded Orion for 220 Orion VII low floor buses for the 2003 and 2004 orders. An additional order of 250 buses were delivered in 2005 but the 12 were delivered as bonus units due to liquidated damages as a result of late deliveries.
  7. Since I read about the Davenport Garage on Transit Toronto, can anyone (@Robert Lubinski, @smallspy and any transit historian here) explain the reason why did it close in detail on January 4, 1993? So far I complied the near-complete list of notable route assignments from Jan. 4 1993 IIRC.
  8. BYD

    TTC Service Changes

    Come to think of school specials, 102 (and perhaps the 902) still has two PM runs which its later morphed into the 86A/C. The St. John Paul II C.S.S. runs on Military Trail are still provided by the 95 and 116 (which anyone can correct if those runs become either the 38 or the 905). Perhaps its time to simplify/restructure the 86 branches into 86A/C and 986 using the "MEADOWVALE" name (the 86B can be eventually killed off) while the 86D can be its own route running either from Victoria Park (extend the 12 to it), Warden (reviving the old 114) or Kennedy (why not have it operating under "BEECHGROVE" route name).
  9. BYD

    TTC Junction Changes

    Speaking of lines, looking at the map, another issue is the 79 SCARLETT ROAD which can run all the way to Martin Grove by taking over the 52G LAWRENCE WEST branch. After all, service can be removed since it is already duplicated by the 32C, 35 and 52 as well. Another thing that the TTC should split is the 21 BRIMLEY by restoring the 128 BRIMLEY NORTH north of Scarborough Centre Stn. and the 11 BAYVIEW by splitting service at York Mills Stn. to Steeles (BAYVIEW NORTH) while the main 11 can run from Davisville to Bayview Stn.
  10. BYD

    TTC Service Changes

    Speaking of the 12D, which I rode #7883/#7666 as its last run yesterday at 7:07p, there were less than ten customers during these periods and some managed to take the 86 SCARBOROUGH or 102 MARKHAM ROAD instead rather than the 12D. Ridership is a bit fairly low.
  11. BYD

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Feast your eyes everyone, the first TTC LFS Hybrid #3411 is now complete with a BRT-like roofline. Photo courtesy of @anyfong.
  12. Looks like the party for October board has just getting started. Mal>MtD: #9100 (This bus i spotted was on the 985A this evening) Wil>MtD: #9031, #9043
  13. BYD

    Today's Special Sightings

    TTC´╗┐: #8443 | 21A BRIMLEY
  14. Although I read a Facebook group posts, can there be a possibility of having a bus service on Dundas east of Broadview Stn. running to Bingham Loop and/or Victoria Park Stn.? Though its close to the 501 and 506, that route can be useful whenever Line 2 is closed for work. Also in my head is the 33 FOREST HILL. If the route is extended east to Eglinton Stn. and south of St. Clair Ave. W. to Spadina Stn. via Spadina/Austin Ter/Walmer/Davenport/Spadina through Casa Loma, would the route become the 33 SPADINA? Everyone may ride the Spadina Bus again. The 33 mostly uses Spadina Rd.