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  1. 6719 on the 14R (Note: The Headsign is Displaying 14L) (Taken 6/19/19)
  2. (Rare) 8921 on Route 7X (Taken 6/13/19)
  3. Golden Gate Transit 2019 Gillig Low Floor Hybrid 1912 is seen here leaving Downtown San Francisco on Route 56 to San Marin via Rowland Park & Ride in Marin County. These will replace the aging Orion V's that are in service.
  4. Golden Gate Transit 1901 on Route 4 (Taken 6/7/19), Apologies for the car in the Picture.
  5. (Rare) 5744 on Route 7 (Taken 6/2/2019)
  6. 8740 on Route 7 (Taken 5/31/19) (Rare) 8217 on Route 31 (Taken 5/25/19)
  7. SamTrans 502 on Route 281 (Taken 5/24/19)
  8. This is what the SFMTA gave to me in a Small Statement on Twitter:
  9. This is a First, 8945 had its Engine off and its Battery on for about a Mile. (Photo taken 5/23/19).
  10. 8316 on Route 2 (The headsign is incorrect, it should say "2 Sutter/Clement to Ferry Plaza") (Taken 5/21/19)
  11. 2027 on the J to 30th Street (5/18/19) (Rare) 6518 on the 5 (5/19/19)
  12. 2057 on the Shuttle to 23rd St (Taken 5/7/19) 6507 on the 1AX (Taken 5/10/19)
  13. The 30/45 will also be piloting the higher capacity battery power of our new trolley coaches to travel between Sutter and Townsend off wire. Due to the remaining Central Subway construction on 4th Street, the overhead wires that power these trolley coaches are not yet in place. Data is being collected from our coaches as they travel the new route to better understand the opportunities and limitations of this next-generation of battery technology. (SFMTA - 4/10/2019) Example:
  14. From Yesterday's (Friday's) Subway Service mess: https://sfist.com/2019/04/26/muni-has-familiar-full-on-rush-hour-meltdown-subway-service-a-mess/
  15. I think what happened with that woman clinging on to 2039 and then falling on to the track was horrible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some comments off of YouTube from the video obtained by the Examiner: "Even if this particular woman was in the wrong, you have to realize that on the old trains, the doors would re-open if there was an obstruction, they wouldn't just lock onto someone and trap them. furthermore, the train operator should have been notified by the train that the door was obstructed and not fully closed, but it did not let the train operator know, endangering someone's life. some operators close the doors very early, many times in my personal experience, operators try to close the doors while people are still entering or exiting a train. what if the doors had clamped down onto a woman with a stroller who just couldn't get through in time before the operator decided to close the doors, and the operator got no notification of this? if the doors systematically malfunction and don't recognize when there is an obstruction, nor trigger any alert to the train operator, this is a major problem and a public safety issue." (Person) " People wouldn't feel compelled to hold the doors if the trains ran on any kind of a regular schedule. But when it's rush hour and the next N is 30 minutes behind the one that's about to leave, I can see why people do it." (Another Person) 
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