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I'm Robert (but if you know me already please call me Rob) and I have been an avid fan of the San Francisco MUNI System since I was a kid. When I was 13 years old, I rode my first Xcelsior (which was an XDE40) numbered 8634 (which is based out of the Woods Division) and had a look at the brand name on a few other "Brand New back then" XDE40s and it said "New Flyer". So I did some research and they built other types of buses for other cities and I was amazed of all of the other designs on the Xcelsiors that New Flyer has built.

So this has lead lead me to what has happened to me today, I have been taking videos of transit since 2014 (14 Years Old) and Photographing buses and trains since 2015 (15 Years Old).

The other thing is I love MUNI and other transit agencies in the surrounding bay area, but also I'm wiling to Travel outside my City, State or Country to visit other transit systems around the world Like: Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), MTA New York City Transit, Chicago Transit Authority, Sound Transit / King County Metro, San Diego MTS and Transport for London (TfL), AC Transit and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (SCVTA),  I'm a huge advocate for Transit and will always be.

Favorite Buses:

Gillig Low Floor Hybrid 40'

Neoplan AN440, AN460 (Clean Diesel Only).

Orion VII (Old, Next and Third Gen) Hybrid and Clean Diesel.

New Flyer D60LF, (don't hate me) XD60, XDE40, XDE60, XT60, XN40, XE40


Favorite Light Rail/Trains:

Siemens S200

Siemens Class 444 

Siemens Class 700

Siemens Class 717

Bombardier Capitalstar Class 378 (London Overground)

Bombardier Aventra Class 345 (TfL Rail)

Stadler Variobahn

and Bombardier D-Series Cars.



Here is XDE40 8634 on route 7 (1 of 5 Home Routes), Taken: 10/18/2018


and XDE60 6504 on Route 8, This was my First bus photo. (Taken 8/6/2015). 









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